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LaRoy, Texas (2024).

LaRoy Texas Review: A Talented Cast Shines

LaRoy, Texas, a crime thriller comedy that saunters into the limelight with a cocky smirk, can easily be described as a hidden gem among modern cinematic endeavors. Shane Atkinson, known for his keen eye for blending genres, presents us with a story that’s as unpredictably hilarious as it is compelling. Anchoring this chaotic whirlwind is John Magaro, who delivers a stunning performance as Ray, a downtrodden man who finds himself accidentally moonlighting as a hitman.

The Good:

At first glance, LaRoy, Texas might seem like your typical dark comedy, but Atkinson’s script ingeniously weaves together elements of a thriller with comedic moments that never feel forced or out of place. The narrative grabs you from the outset—Ray’s discovery of his wife’s infidelity and his subsequent brush with suicide immediately set the tone, laying a foundation that is both darkly comedic and heart-wrenchingly vulnerable. Magaro’s portrayal of Ray is nuanced; he perfectly encapsulates a man so lost in the despair of his own existence that he’s willing to embrace the absurdity of becoming a hitman on a whim. This drastic pivot in his life serves as the story’s linchpin, inviting viewers on a journey that’s both outrageously funny and introspectively bleak.

The supporting cast enhances this dynamic beautifully. Steve Zahn‘s Chip is the quintessential bad influence—charismatic, morally ambiguous, and absolutely hilarious. His chemistry with Magaro is palpable, adding layers to their interactions that are key to the film’s emotional and comedic rhythms. Megan Stevenson as Stacy-Lynn and Matthew Del Negro as Junior enrich the narrative with their performances, offering perspectives that not only heighten the tension but also provide a richer understanding of the bizarre world Ray finds himself in. Dylan Baker’s portrayal of Harry is a masterclass in subtlety. He perfectly embodies the idea of a villain who’s as terrifying as he is comically disillusioned.

The beauty of LaRoy, Texas lies in its ability to surprise. Just when you think the story is heading in a predictable direction, Atkinson throws in a curveball. It flips the narrative on its head. The blend of crime and comedy is handled with such finesse that it never feels jarring. Instead, the transitions from laughter to suspense are seamless, showcasing Atkinson’s deft storytelling and directional prowess. The dialogue is sharp, filled with witty exchanges and memorable one-liners that ensure the pace never falters.

Visually, the film is a treat. The cinematography highlights small-town Texas, emphasizing Ray’s isolation. The choice of color palette, with its washed-out hues interspersed with vibrant shots, mirrors the juxtaposition at the heart of the story. The soundtrack, a mix of country tunes and suspenseful scores, complements the visual storytelling. This adds another layer to the film’s unique atmosphere.

The Bad:

However, LaRoy, Texas is not without its flaws. There are moments where the narrative seems to lose its footing. Most particularly in the second act where the balance between the thriller elements and the comedy slightly tips. A few plot points feel underdeveloped. It leaves one wondering what a bit more screen time or a tighter script could have achieved. Despite this, the film manages to right itself, steering towards a climax that is both satisfying and thought-provoking.


What truly sets LaRoy, Texas apart is its unflinching examination of despair and redemption. It explores seeking a second chance at life in unorthodox ways. Ray’s journey is an absurd yet compelling metaphorical rollercoaster.

LaRoy, Texas is a true standout in the genre of crime thriller comedies. Its blend of sharp wit, suspense, and emotional depth creates a cinematic experience that’s both entertaining and meaningful. While it might stumble in places, the film ultimately stands as a testament to Shane Atkinson’s talent and vision. John Magaro and the rest of the cast deliver performances that are unforgettable. This ensures that LaRoy, Texas leaves a lasting impression.

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LaRoy Texas Review: A Talented Cast Shines Alongside a Sharp Script
  • Acting - 8/10
  • Cinematography/Visual Effects - 7.5/10
  • Plot/Screenplay - 7/10
  • Setting/Theme - 7/10
  • Watchability - 7.5/10
  • Rewatchability - 6/10
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