How to Enjoy Online Gambling Responsibly

There are many warnings for those who enjoy online gambling regarding how to gamble responsibly. Many people have heard horror stories about those who gamble online and have lost all of their wages before payday even ends. 

While these cases are not the norm, and there is help available for those who have an addiction to gambling, there are those who are concerned that a fun hobby is becoming too consuming. Recognizing that there is an issue is the first and often most important part of the process of getting help.

However, if you are just setting up a gambling account online for the first time and want to ensure that you do not spend too much, we have some tips for you below. 

Set Limits

gamblingMany websites will allow you to set deposit limits within your account so that you do not spend more than you can afford. If you work out at the beginning of each month what you are able to and willing to spend within your online gambling accounts, then ensure the limit is no higher than this amount.

You can use the limit to safely bet within the amount you can afford with that website. However, if you have multiple accounts with different betting sites, you should ensure that you have a cumulative limit across all of your accounts. 

If you have an account with The Slot Buzz in addition to another site, the total limit across both sites should not exceed your total available spend. Having multiple accounts can be helpful if you like different types of online betting, and you can also get joining bonuses from both sites.

Set Times

Another way to limit the amount you spend and reduce the risks of spending too much time on online gambling sites is to set time limits for how long you spend on a website. Time limits are helpful as they ensure that you do not spend mindless hours on the website. 

Spending too much time on an online gambling site increases the risk of you spending more than you can afford. The time limit should also always be considered as the maximum amount of time you would like to spend online rather than a set amount of time you must spend online. 

In addition to setting a time limit for the amount of time you want to spend online, it can be helpful to set times of the day or week that you want to spend online. Going online to place bets or play slot games when you first wake up can become a dangerous hobby. 

Similarly, waiting until the end of the day and betting when you are too tired just before bed can become a problem as you could exceed your limits or place incorrect bets if exhausted. It could be that you would prefer to place bets on a weekend or the day of a specific sporting event. 

Naturally, if you are only placing bets on specific sports or teams, you will be limited in both the amount of time and when you are likely to log into your account. With most sports games being held during the day or early evening, you will automatically be logging in at specific times.

It could be that you prefer to play slot games or online bingo and would prefer to play for a longer period of time just after payday. After depositing your monthly limit, you may choose to spend an hour or two playing different games before logging off. 

Do Not Log In With Extreme Emotions

If you are experiencing strong or extreme emotions, either good or bad, it is not a good idea to log into your online gambling account. The same advice applies if you are inebriated, as your judgment will be impaired.

If you are extremely happy, sad, inebriated, or depressed, you may find that you spend considerably more time and money on an online gambling site than you usually would. Anything that impairs your judgment could put you at risk of making incorrect decisions, spending too much, or placing bets that have no chance of winning. 

If you find yourself tempted to log in while experiencing extreme emotions or find that you are going through a difficult time, you can check if your account allows you to take a break. Some sites will allow you to pause your access to the site for a specific period of time which can be helpful under these circumstances. 

Do Not Chase a Loss or a Win

It can be tempting if you lose to continue to place bets to win back what you originally lost. It can also be tempting if you have had a large win to continue to play the same game in the hope of winning another similar amount. 

However, chasing either a win or a loss can mean that you stop paying attention to what you are spending and therefore betting more than you intended to. The best thing to do after a moderate or large win or loss is to take a break. 

Log out of your online account until the adrenaline rush of the outcome has dissipated; this could be a short or long period of time. Once your emotions have settled, you can log back in and play or bet again. 

It is still important to ensure that you do not start placing larger bets in the hopes of getting back what was lost or getting another large win. Ensure that you remain within your budget for the month. 

If at any time you feel that you need further support with your online gaming, gambling, or betting practices, there is help available. The help you can access may differ depending on where you live, an internet search will give you information regarding the help available in your area.

Gambling sites also have a responsibility to ensure that they encourage users to gamble responsibly, so they may have links or information regarding support available for those who need it. 


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