Venom Director Ruben Fleischer Tapped For Now You See Me 3

The Now You See Me franchise is going ahead with the director of Venom set to helm the project. Bringing to life the unexpected Venom character for its feature film debut, the same director will now be breathing new life back into this magic/heist film franchise. The first two films in the franchise were moderate successes, and with confirmation now of Ruben Fleischer directing Now You See Me 3, the show will apparently go on.

The Now You See Me movies is all about a group of illusionists planning elaborate heists under the guise of magic shows. The first film starred Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco & Mark Ruffalo in leading roles. The sequel added Daniel Radcliffe to the mix as well. The movies blended a bit of the con man/heist movie formula mixed in with amazing illusions and magic for a pretty interesting watch.

The exclusive report from Deadline confirms that Ruben Fleischer is directing Now You See Me 3, which is sure to infuse some new magic into the franchise. However, Fleischer’s directing career has gone pretty hit-and-miss. With his first feature film directorial in Zombieland, Fleischer impressed everyone with a different take on the zombie genre. But then was almost relegated to movie jail after the critically and commercially panned Gangster Squad. He came back with a surprise hit in Venom, a movie almost everyone was confused by at inception. But Fleischer made it a massive success. However, his last two outings with Uncharted and the sequel to Zombieland were less than impressive.  Especially, considering that Now You See Me 3 will reteam Fleischer with his Zombieland leads of Eisenberg and Harrelson.

Honestly speaking, I wasn’t sure who was asking for a second Now You See Me sequel in recent memory. The first two films were absolutely watchable, while not really making a lasting impression. They were entertaining movies that featured an okay story with serviceable performances. The cast had a great time making the movie, which came across on screen. Which in turn created a fun and enjoyable experience at the cinemas. I guess only time will tell what kind of a Now You See Me 3 we get with Fleischer on board. Although, Fleischer does seem very excited about it, so maybe will passion will create magic! Pun, very much intended.

No word yet on when Now You See Me 3 will release.

Source: Deadline.

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