5 Gambling Movie Facts You Need to Know

The excitement of gambling can look great on the big screen. People love the thrill and excitement it can bring to the movies, therefore it has almost become a genre in itself. You can find lots of facts about gambling films at Casino Sites, and some of the best can be found below.

Gambling movies can give off a negative image

Some people may claim that gambling movies can give the impression that gamblers cheat and are portrayed as ‘suckers’. Some films like The Godfather even give the image that organised gangs can run the game.

Popular Gambling Locations

The most popular destination for gambling films has got to be Las Vegas, with 250 movies filmed there in the past 70 years. Due to the variety of venues and casinos, the city has the potential to be the backdrop to a range of big screen hits. The Hangover film, for example, was filmed in Las Vegas Boulevard South and the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, whereas Oceans’ 11 was filmed in Sahara, Sands, Desert Inn, the Flamingo Casinos and Riviera.

Gambling films can encourage people to gamble

Most respondents between the ages of 18-47 agreed that they would like to travel to Macau after watching some Hong Kong gambling movies. Although this is good for the gambling business, it may not be good for the individuals, as there is a good chance they will become addicted.

Movie Themed Slot Machines

Since the release of some of the biggest films, slot machines have been themed around films like Terminator 2, Rocky, Iron Man 2, and Game of Thrones.

Many of the actors that took part in these movies actually also gamble in real life. For example, in 2000 Ben Affleck who starred in Runner, Runner won $140,000 in a single sitting when playing with his friend and fellow actor Matt Damon.


Source: 99 Insanely interesting gambling movie facts you probably didn’t know

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