5 of the most iconic movie dance scenes

Who doesn’t love a good dance scene? Whether you’re a dancing connoisseur or not, the right dance scene can give viewers that instant feel good mood and often leave us blown away by our favourite actors fancy footwork. To spark your memory, here’s a guide to five of the best and most iconic dance scenes from the movies.


500 days of summer


Arguably one of the most smiley moments in the history of cinema, 500 Days Of Summer’s famous dance scene has earned a well deserved place on this list. The scene in which Joseph Gordon Levitt’s morning walk to work turns into a mini flash mob is sure to give anyone an instant mood boost. If only real life morning commutes were so cheerful!


Dirty Dancing


We all know the scene, we all know the song, and we’ve all attempted the iconic lift at some point in our lives. While the entire film gives us plenty of quality dance scenes, the final scene of Dirty Dancing continues to go down as one of the best in history.


Black Swan


For a film about ballet dancers, there’s no surprise that Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 psychological thriller contains its fair share of impressive dance moments. Although not all dances were performed by Natalie Portman herself, the vigorous training and dedication from Portman combined with professional dancer Sarah Lane’s talent paid off massively. The dramatic end scene in which Ballerina Nina dances the black swan is a cinematic masterpiece, and one that will be surely be loved for many years to come.


Pulp Fiction


It’s safe to say that John Travolta has certainly proved his skills on the dance floor throughout his acting career. The famous dance between Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega is a favourite moment from Tarantino’s cult classic Pulp Fiction. So much so that the dance routine is often recreated by newlyweds during their first dance!


Billy Elliot


The scene from the British hit Billy Elliot wherein Billy tap dances freely around the roofs and back gardens of his neighbourhood is a definite heartwarming movie moment. The Jam’s ‘A Town Called Malice’ makes the perfect soundtrack to Billy’s angry dance, while Jamie Bell’s passion shines right through to demonstrate one of the many ways one can express themselves through dance.



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