Ender’s Games has a cast

Ender’s game has steadily built traction since our last report on the project with director Gavin Hood working hard on the early stages of production for this film and managing to secure a pretty tight cast for the film.

Ender Wiggin: Asa Butterfield
Ender is, obviously, the most important role to fill and the crux of these films. He has to be portrayed as a bit of an introvert, outcast, and inspirational leader to his classmates/soldiers and Asa Butterfield is a very strong choice. Asa was most recently seen portraying ‘Hugo’ for Martin Scorcese in the film of the same name and Butterfield has even received author Orson Scott Card’s blessing in the role with the following:



I’m delighted that Asa Butterfield is so happy to be playing Ender Wiggin! I just saw his fine performance in Hugo – best thing in the movie! – and I look forward to seeing him bring Ender Wiggin to life on the screen.

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Stilson: Brenden Meyer
He’s young, canadian, and kinda has that ‘Bieber’ vibe. Brendan Meyer is a teen star primarily known for his work on television in ‘Mr. Young’, and being in the ‘Tooth Fairy’ with Dwayne Johnson, he’ll have the pleasure of portraying Ender’s ground schoolbully/classmate ‘Stilson’.
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Petra Arkanian: Hailee Steinfeld
A very talented up and coming young actress primarily known for her breakout performance in the film True Grit in which she was nominated for the Academy Award and BAFTA ‘Best Supporting Actress’ category.
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Ben Kingsley
He’s stated to play “A legendary war hero thought to be long dead”. He starred opposite Asa Butterfield in ‘Hugo’ and this film will reunite the two. He’s a Hollywood legend in his own right and provides a lot to look forward to with this film.
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Colonel Hyram Graff: Harrison Ford
A legend is going back into sci-fi outer-space. ’nuff said.








The film has also secured Aramis Knight (General Hospital, Psych), Moises Arias (Love Bites, Hannah Montana), Jimmy “Jax” Pinchak (Men of a Cerain Age), Suraj Parthasarathy, Conor Carroll (Away we Go), and Khylin Rhambo (Criminal Minds, Reed between the lines).

Ender’s Game is a story about a young boy drafted into a depleted Earth’s army to combat an interstellar threat known as the Formics.

This is a very interesting and exciting cast for what is shaping up to be a fairly big production for director Gavin Hood. I’m getting increasingly excited for this project with every casting but I’m still unsure about director Gavin Hood.  Aside from the possible miss with the director I still can’t wait for production to start early next year for the, undoubted, leaked set pictures and details to get an idea of the scope of this film.

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  1. I read the book and it was an interesting story it is deceiving as kids sci-fi book at first. This caused me to read it in fifth grade. then it is suddenly dark and violent. I believe Gavin Hood can do a great movie if he does something along the lines of his movie, Tsotsi.

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