Matt Damon and Ben Affleck reuniting for Whitey Bulger

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck haven’t worked together on film since ‘Good Will Hunting’. Sure, the two share a production company and have shared success through that but a few of us have been wondering if we might ever see these two on screen again and today we finally get the answer.

Source: Deadline

The Boston guys are taking on the story of New England’s most notorious gangster, Whitey Bulger. Warner Bros will make the film, Affleck will direct, costar and produce with Damon, who’ll play Bulger. They’ll produce under their Pearl Street Films banner. Boardwalk Empire creator and writer Terence Winter is penning the script. Casey Affleck, who also starred in Good Will Hunting and Gone Baby Gone, will play a supporting role as well…
He, [Whitey], is the notorious South Boston crime boss who fled in 1994 and remained a fugitive for 16 years, 12 of them on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List. He was arrested in June in Santa Monica. The story will cover Bulger’s youth to his incarceration on Alcatraz, through his rise to become a mob boss while secretly serving as an FBI informant for decades.

I’m mildly interested. Truthfully Affleck’s involvement in The Last Stand has captured my “Affleck” affection but this movie has an intriguing premise and I’m somewhat interested in the idea of these guys making another “Boston” movie. Both are super talented actors and will surely be able to deliver compelling performances with this type of material so it’s somewhat on my ‘radar’, but as it stands it’s only a blip.

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  1. interesting that matt damon is going to be in this film, considering the fact that the whitey bulger story is remarkably similar to jack nicholson’s character in The Departed, what with the informant mob boss twist

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