Steven Spielberge’s “Robopocalypse” is actually happening

Steve Spielberg is returning to the Sci Fi genre in a big way as his upcoming project “Robopocalypse” has just confirmed financing between both Fox and Dreamworks for release by Disney on July 3rd 2013:

Source: Geeks of Doom

…both Fox and DreamWorks will be co-financing Spielberg’s upcoming sci-fi film, Robopocalypse. The film will be hitting theaters on July 3, 2013, and will be based on the novel penned by Daniel H. Wilson.

The story follows “the fate of the human race following a robot uprising,” and while the premise may sound cliche, the idea of Spielberg jumping back into the world of sci-fi action films really makes this one project to keep a huge eye on.

It’s amazing how films and technology are still playing “catch up” to a lot of the elements introduced in Spielberg’s previous sci films like Minority Report and A.I., but the notion of a dysotopian future ruled by machines directed by Spielberg? sounds cliche until you add the world Spielberg and then it’s all types of havoc for most respective ‘radars’. I’m on the fence at the moment, what do the rest of you guys think about Spielberg returning to the genre?

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