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Red Hook Summer is the latest movie from Spike Lee grounded in Brooklyn. The movie made its debut earlier this year in the film festival circuit and has been somewhat labeled the unofficial sequel to “Do the Right Thing” based on director Spike Lee’s reprisal of his role as Mookie and has generated some internet interest based on that fact alone. I’ve been somewhat apprehensive about the film because as much as I like Spike, and I do, I don’t always like his films. I like hiw work ethic and I like his principles but I don’t always like his work. Documentaries about Kobe Bryant? Pass. Documentaries about the disaster in New Orleans and the effect it had after Hurricane Katrina? Interested. And of course there’s his early work like Do the Right Thing and School Dayz, Crookly, He Got Game, and Malcolm X… who doesn’t like that? I sure as hell do. So it’s with great expectation that I look forward to a film that’s a throwback of the early work of the director and look to this trailer to see if it implies that Lee is able to deliver the goods.



The movie certainly looks cute. It’s a little naive looking but that might be a good thing based on the, assumed, perspective of film from the view of the grandsons’ eyes. It’s a very quaint looking film and that aspect I like that it’s a bit more grounded and realistic looking. I love that aspect of Lee’s movies when they have that sense of authenticity. I’m not hyper anxious for the film but when it releases it looks to be a welcome contrast to the explosions and car chases that typically dominate the summer theaters. I am looking forward to this film and have high hopes at enjoyment.


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