Trailer: Dredd

Everything looks better in slow motion. EVERYTHING. Judgement is comign and we finally have a new trailer for Judge Dredd to enjoy.

I like it. I want to love it. I like that they have a specific story that they look to tell rather than what we’ve received in the past with Rob Schneider. This looks specific. This looks concise. This looks radar worthy. I’ve been apprehensive about this film for a while due to the horror stories that made their way online and chocked it up as another sci-fi gone wrong but this might have potential to work. I’m intrigued but apprehensive but with the right marketing and promotion they still have a chance to change my mind.
Via: Film School Rejects

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5 thoughts on “Trailer: Dredd

  1. Meh…needs ABC robots or Mean Angel.
    Also an actor with a deep voice, and not some guy dong the lame Christian Bale super hero whisper.
    I actually liked the way the city looked in the lame Stallone version better than this.
    Not too impressed.

  2. Good call Lionsgate!! Make websites take down trailers for your film. Don’t wanna get fans excited about seeing your films! Its not like we enjoy seeing trailers on our favorite movie websites and discussing them with fellow film lovers! Good job, guys! Squash that publicity!

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