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International Friend Darek-T tipped me off to a new Fanboys Trailer online. Fanboys has been on my radar so long I was starting to wonder if it was just a mark on the screen, but in all its glory Fanboys is here.

I am surprised that Kristen Bell wasn’t featured more in the trailer, but also that the Cancer storyline wasn’t even hinted at (which we are promised will be their motivation). They are really pitching this as the edited version and saving the heart of the story for those who actually see it.

This looked far funnier than I could have hoped. I couldn’t have imagined being more excited about a movie but this has me so hyped.

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38 thoughts on “New Fanboys Trailer Online

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  2. Really glad it finally got released, esp with its cancer sub-plot intact. reckon Weinsteins’ limited release, is still gonna damage its chances of getting much of an international release. I’m in the UK, so will just wait for it to come out on DVD, that’ll do the trick ;-) Always sounds to me like Harvey Weinstein is chewing some seriously sour grapes. Kind of like Fanboys, thought you might be interested, but a bit more serious (probably not a many lightsaber=penis jokes) is ‘The People vs George Lucas’. Trailer was released on Friday,a documentary about Fanboys, trailer here:

  3. The guy from Detroit Rock City is in this. I can’t remember his name, I think it’s Sam “something”. And Christopher George Marquette from Freddy Vs. Jason. But of Jason Mewes and Ray Park (Darth Maul, Toad, Snake Eyes, etc.) who kicks all kinds of ass. This might be worth something.

  4. I think it would be funny if they end the movie with them all getting together with the cancer guy to watch episode 1 and after it’s over everone’s disapointed and the cancer guy is dead.

  5. wonder why they didn’t feature kristen bell more??

    why would they?

    she’s from a cancelled show that struggled for ratings from day one. her first lead film bombed. even jessica marshall was hardly a blockbuster.

    she is hardly a draw.

    and i am sorry but this film has been delayed and chopped and cut so many times that only a true optimist could have any faith in this thing being any good.

    1. Alfie… Her show was canceled but they are making a feature film on it. Forgetting SARAH Marshall had a $30m budget and cleared $105m worldwide. That sounds like a blockbuster to me.

      Also, Bell had a predominate role on Heroes and narrates Gossip Girl for the CW on one of their highest rated shows.

      Bell is still as big a star as she ever was (not saying she is A-list, but give her credit)

      Her character is probably not that dominate in the film so she wasn’t featured in the trailer much.

      I have faith because word is out that the original edit is what will come out instead of all the re-edits that shook your faith.

    2. I just have to add, Veronica Mars though cancelled was an awesome awesome show. And Kristen Bell looks to have a bright career ahead of her. She has more big budgeted movies coming up this year alone.

  6. Before anyone gets too excited, it is opening up in very, very limited release next week. I hate to ever send someone to myspace, by the myspace page tells you exactly how many. I’m not sure the exact address, but I’m sure a google search will have the results. I know for Chicago, its like 3 theaters.

    1. Yeah, I just looked. It’s only opening in EIGHT cities. EIGHT. They are pretty much burying this thing. This isn’t the sort of prestige film that needs a slow rollout in limited release. Their best bet would be (unfortunately) to not release the film on the 6th. Make an actual marketing campaign for this thing and release it nationwide. If not for the internet, I wouldn’t even know that this film existed. I have not seen ANY print or TV ads. Films opening in limited release don’t hide, they ADVERTISE. I’ve seen plenty of ads for films that have yet to open in my area, so why is Fanboys hiding? Is it THAT bad? The Weinstein Company has basically given up on the thing. There’s no buzz on this thing, and I would venture a guess that most folks in those eight cities have never even heard of this film. I smell a BOMB.

  7. funny….but still not ino it…..the whole fanboy thing kinda creeps me out……makes me wonder what parts of these people lifes have beed damaged… from the skills of cleaning ones ass too the actual percentage of people who actually are happy with what they have done in there life… sure most would say there happy but i truely think they put on the image for the benefit of other fanboys.

    1. Fanboys are those who CAN enjoy something this much. You act like you are “better” than they are, but they are people too (there are people just like them in real life) and they find joy in things.

      I find it very negative to try and criticize them because they are enjoying their fandom. Nothing wrong with that.

      I am happy with what I have done in my life, so does that make me creepy and pathetic? You think that I am “damaged”?

      And I would hope that you have mastered cleaning your own ass by now. Its the step right after diapers.

      Glass is half full my friend.

    1. I was inspired to do that before the slave leia thing in this film. Its a cosplay standard for any star wars girl fan who isnt 300lbs.

      And even some who are… but we try not to talk about those and spend weeks scrubbing the vision from memory.

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