The Rider

The second offering from Chloe Zhao is a confident portrayal of the lives of rodeo cowboys in the South Dakota Sioux. The movie centres around Brady, a young man working the rodeo circuit who has an accident that leaves him not able to ride – or express his feelings about … [Read More]


This teen angst vs parents worst fears movie was released to mostly positive review –and led us to change our minds about actually needing more John Cena movies in the world. Seems he can step out the ring and make his mark on-screen too. This debut movie by director Kay … [Read More]

Trailer: Oceans 8

  Oceans 8 due to release this summer June 8th in the US, is the latest reboot attempt with an all-female cast. Let’s hope this one can avoid the “controversy” surrounding a certain other movie  franchise that tried to go this route, you all know which one I’m talking about. … [Read More]