The First Teaser Poster For ‘The Super Mario’ Movie Dropped


The first teaser poster for the Super Mario Bros movie has dropped and shows us a bit of the world the movie will inhabit. The as yet untitled Super Mario Bros. movie is currently in the works for Nintendo and Illumination and will be released on April 7th, 2023. The film will feature the voice talents of Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen, and Kevin Michael Richardson. The film is being directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic with the screenplay being written by Matthew Fogel. We don’t know much about the project yet, but we do know the first trailer will be debuting at New York Comic-Con.

Our first look at the Super Mario Movie is here with the first teaser poster. The poster showcases a bit of the world as well as Mario and Toad. The scope of the world looks massive and this first look will surely get fans excited. Although we only see the back of Mario, he looks just like he always has. Nintendo and Illumination seemingly are sticking to the tried and true look of Mario and that’s a good thing. Since the key to this movie’s success is likely nostalgia, the more familiar imagery the better. You can see the full poster below as well as a teaser for the first trailer which will debut on Thursday at NYCC 22′:

This movie is going to succeed just based on nostalgia alone. I have a feeling it’s going to be much more than that but we’ll know more about the film once we see the trailer. I’m still blown away that they still haven’t released the official title for the film, but it’ll likely be Super Mario or The Super Mario Movie. Either one gets the point across and hopefully erases all memory of that god-awful 1993 live-action disaster, Super Mario Bros. The fact that this film is CGI already gives me hope it’ll be much better than its predecessor.

As far as the poster goes I think it looks good, but it really doesn’t show us much. Sure, we see Toad, the back of Mario, and a bit of the world, but it really doesn’t tell us anything about the film. It does however give us an idea of what the world will look like and it looks just as fans hoped like it’s straight out of a video game. If this movie can deliver a fun and intriguing storyline, Nintendo and Illumination might have a hit new franchise on their hands. You can catch the Super Mario Movie when it hits theaters on April 7th, 2023.

Source: Super Mario Movie via Twitter

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