RUMOR: The Avengers cast list may have inadvertently revealed the secret villain army

The Avengers

Shortly after Joss Whedon revealed that the Avengers villain army was neither the Skrulls or the Kree I could not stop thinking about his comments. While scouring the internet for more details on the movie I decided to review the cast list on IMDB and noticed a particular cast member named Darren Kendrick. Darren also appeared in Thor as a Frost Giant Sentry and according to IMDB he will be reprising the same role in The Avengers.

With Joss Whedon recently telling us who the army was NOT and claiming the army would not have a strong backstory, it makes the Frost Giants a strong possibility. Their story has already been told in Thor and their allegiance to Loki would make sense. Does Darren Kendrick’s role as a Frost Giant Sentry reveal the secret army to be the Frost Giants?

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11 thoughts on “RUMOR: The Avengers cast list may have inadvertently revealed the secret villain army

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  2. Would there be an allegiance since Loki tried to destroy them and their planet? I would not like to side with someone if they tried to annihilate me.

  3. But the new army is supposed to lead off the next series of movies (inhumans and the space characters). Frost Giants wouldn’t really lead to that. I think it might be a mixed army with frost giants with other races and organizations from the marvel universe.

    1. I’m still holding out hopes that marvel throws the internet community for a swerve and has Thanos as an enemy/appearance

  4. Good catch. I’m sure the Frost Giants will be in the film since Loki is the main villain… but with the three-toed aliens in the latest trailer I am pulling for the Alpha Centaurians.

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