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First and foremost, Ryan Brown is a fan. He has been an avid fan of both the theater and cinema since an early age and his passion for both has been continually growing ever since. When dissecting a film, he focuses on all elements of film-making including some fan/cult factors. He believes that character development is the foundation of a good film and usually starts his analysis of a film from there moving forward. His writing style may be influenced by his background of narrative and argumentative studies in the subject, but he tends to enjoy a more conversational style to better interact with the readers, unlike some other pretentious and pompous writers.

2 thoughts on “Set photos of Javier Bardem in Skyfall have surfaced

  1. I’m a huge Bond fan and all I can think of when you mention blond villain is Christopher Walken. Creepy as all get out but not my favorite Bond baddie. I’m hoping this is just a disguise for Bardem.

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