Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer Online

Parnormal Activity was better than I thought it was going to be, but I didn’t like the second one as much as some did. But now a trailer for a third Paranormal Activity is online. Check it out:

Some creepy moments and some leap at you startle scares. Looks like this will be a lot of the same stuff we saw in the first two, but a lot of people liked the first two, so that’s probably not all that bad.


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2 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer Online

  1. The first one was good on first viewing but the second time you watch it, it totally falls apart.

    The biggest problem comes after the girl is pulled out of bed and down the hallway by the supernatural force, and afterward they don’t leave the house, they don’t even close the bedroom door. From that scene onward, the characters’ actions defy any logic or consistency.

  2. I have to admit, i liked the way the trailer ended with the two sisters saying Bloody Mary, and the silhouette. But like you said, more of the same.

    For those of us who have easily startled girlfriends, I suppose this series is a good thing. Scary scene, girlfriend gets scared, snuggles to boyfriend. :P

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