Mickey Rourke to Remove Front Teeth and Act Gay

No, I didnt just make that title up to entice curious and shocked readers, it is true! You may have recently heard that the actor had signed on to play openly gay and famously front-toothless Welsh rugby player, Gareth Thomas (who, according to Sports Illustrated is the world’s only current professional male athlete in a team sport who is openly gay, so fair play to him!). Now it seems Mickey is very very serious about the role, and might even remove his front two teeth, according to an interview with Thomas’ agent, Emanuele Palladino.
Inmovies reports

Thomas’ agent Emanuele Palladino told Wales on Sunday that Rourke wanted to be as faithful as possible. “Mickey wants to film everything in Wales, although it is early days.

‘He really wants to throw himself into Welsh and rugby and really learn as quickly as he can. He’ll learn Welsh I think, obviously where it is relevant as well.
He is going to get rid of his two front teeth and stuff – he will be taking them out. Mickey intends to get as close to the character as he can, as he thinks it is a great story.”

Now, I knew Mickey was serious about his acting.. but taking out your front two teeth?? I recently had a tooth extracted and it was an awful experience. It’ll be hard to remove your front teeth, and even HARDER to learn welsh! (Seriously, go look at some welsh words). But, if your dedicated to your art…
Seems interesting all the same, I’ll be following this movies development.
What would It take for any of you to remove your front teeth?

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16 thoughts on “Mickey Rourke to Remove Front Teeth and Act Gay

  1. Actually he doesn’t have his two front teeth. I believe he may have lost them when he was boxing during the mid nighties. He even mentions taking them out before he went to work on Animal Factory where he played a homosexual prisoner.

  2. Rourke has always been a little bit crazy, but in his old age he really seems to be getting serious about acting. While he might still turn in a few groan worthy performances, ever since The Wrestler though I’ve decided to give him a fair chance in any role he wants to take on.

  3. I wouldn’t willingly take my two front teeth out for $1,000,000 each. Self mutilation is just a line you shouldn’t cross.

  4. Rouke’s face is already a mess only Doctor Doom could love so him missing a couple of front teeth ain’t gonna make much difference either way. He loves being on the surgery table and he can always get implants.

  5. This brings up the question…

    If he’s taking the role that seriously, will he start taking it up the ass now too?

    This reminds me of tropic thunder lol

    ” what do you mean you people?”
    ” what do YOU mean you people?”

  6. What is he going to do about those 22 years he has on the guy? Even more than that if the story starts at the beginning of his career.

  7. Too far. Way too far. When Tom Hanks gained a bunch of weight in order to lose it in front of cameras for The Castaway or when Christian Bale lost all that weight for the Machinist…that was pushing it. But taking out your teeth, that cannot be regrown or coached back with doctor supervision and good diet or whatever…that’s just too far in my book. But still, I give him tons of credit for being brave enough and dedicated enough to go through with it all.

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