Video Blog: Twilight At Comic Con And Why I’m Not Going

The annual Comic Con festivities are set to kick into high gear down in San Diego. The event has gone from a comic book convention to the single biggest movie PR event of the year… and this year… you really might as well call it Twilight-Con as fans are getting in line more than 24 hours in advance to see the Twilight panel.

I however, am not going to Comic Con this year as I’ve decided to take a pass after attending the last two years. Today on my video blog I just talk about Twilight mania at the Con and why I decided not to go this year.

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77 thoughts on “Video Blog: Twilight At Comic Con And Why I’m Not Going

  1. haha this thread is funny as hell….and i agree with both of the people trolling…and john imo u troll your own sites with help of people u most likely never asked for help from….i mean i have been doing the internet thing since my high school days in the mid 90’s and im from san jose where most of the trolling started….me im a troll by definition but whats fucking stupid about that title is that once u disagree with any topic u are labled a troll which in my honest opinion is just fucking retarded… for comic con…..really there is no fucking comics anymore its just toys n movies…..ill pass cause getting a ticket to blizzcon seems way more funner…btw ill be at the ramada inn on the strip and i have a mini bar and a .lb of purp….good deals for all alliance members and a even special deal for dwarve tanks =)

  2. Twilight Movie was released around november(?) 2008, trueblood series in september 2008. Meyers twilight book came out in 2005, Charlaine Harris’s books came out sometime in 2000/01? so really, seriously, tell me. Which came first, the chicken or the egg.

  3. The panels rock! That’s the only reason I tune into Comic Con. John, your entitled to you opinion, man, but you find them boring? I love them. However the lines would suck, I’ve never gone so I wouldn’t know. John, I completely agree about the online thing. But I’d be in line for 20 hours just to go to a panel, I wouldn’t go to see the stars, well I would but..the movies are more important.

    Great vid John

  4. Ok I will. You just proved my point. You really like TADFF but you weren’t there for 99% of it. And I would guess the only reason you were at the one was because Uwe Boll was there for you to interview (the antithesis of your rant in the video blog above).

    No one is saying your not a film fan John. It’s clear you are. But to say you’re not into the whole PR aspect of it is disingenuous I think. Also, “proclamation I know nothing about?” I know more about it than you think I do.

    As for stopping by the site only to take shots. Guilty. Most of the topics don’t interest me here, but when something like this comes along that is simply baffling to me I have to speak up. These aren’t “personal” attacks. I’m just questioning things. I know that doesn’t always go so well around here.

    Back to the TAD thing, I have to admit it’s been sticking in my craw for some time. It always annoyed the shit out of me that the TMB was listed in their program as a “major supporter” yet you were never there, never wrote any reviews for it etc. Meanwhile I’m at every single screening and promoting the shit out of it – because it’s an awesome festival.

    Off to work now.
    As you were.

    1. @andrew james “As for stopping by the site only to take shots. Guilty. Most of the topics don’t interest me here” so you just admit that you’re nothing but a troll right? because that is the definition of a troll?

      @john LOL, i knew he had to run another website! let me guess, one that doesn’t get near your traffic and he thinks it’s 10x better than yours and can’t imagine why more people don’t recognize that, so he comes in here to remind people how bad you are. sad.

    2. No Andrew, you don’t know as much as you think you do.

      And yes Jarred, he is a troll by definition.

      Regarding TAD, I was in Los Angeles one year, and had major personal commitments another year. The first year I was there quite a bit, but there was nothing I could do about the other years. But by all means continue.

      And Jarred, Andrew does write for another site that actually isn’t half bad. I’ve listed it in the sites I recommend (I won’t say which one it is). I honestly don’t want to judge his motivations for being a troll on the site though, it’s his life and his time.

  5. So you’re not going to Comic Con (which it seems you’ve raved about about and were a part of in years past) because other people wait in line for shit you don’t want to see? Personally the whole things looks pretty boring anyway, but for someone who loves comic book type movies why would you care about a bunch of people waiting in line for a shitty vampire movie? Does that honestly take away from your experience there? Maybe it does. Maybe they’re in the way or whatever.

    It would be like me not going to TIFF because I don’t like some of the movies showing there and other people are excited about them. This rant really doesn’t make much sense to me. Again, especially considering you’ve raved about how much fun it is in the past and there is SO much to see and do. Yet a Twilight panel is keeping you from going. Weird.

    1. Andrew,

      Are you serious? I never once said I didn’t go BECAUSE of Twilight fans in line. Never once.

      I said I didn’t go because the only thing I go for are the parties, and I love the floor (but that the floor has gotten just too crazy to get around). For me the panels and press stuff hold no appeal.

      Talking about Twilighters in line was a totally separate issue that had zero to do with me going or not going. Try listening.

    2. is it just me, or does andrew james only ever comment here when he’s got something snarky to say or a shot he wants to take at john? let me guess, he runs another movie website?

    3. Hey Jarred,

      Yeah, basically Andrew now only comments here to take shots at me personally, I can’t remember the last time he just made a comment about a topic… everything basically is about me to him. I think he has a crush on me or something. jk.

      And actually, he does write for another site, although I’m not sure that has anything to do with anything.

    4. I can’t speak for Andrew but I also write for the same site and I will say that each of our writers has their own opinion on TheMovieBlog, on John (not me but John C.) and also on every other movie site, blogger out on the web. If any one of Andrew’s or my comments are negative or positive for that matter it does not reflect the overall opinion of RowThree. Also, I wouldn’t even say there really is an overall opinion on anything other than we all like movies, film and cinema.

    5. Well I’ll just jump in here as an outsider.

      The site andrew represents is

      no need to hide it. I just opened it for the first time and from just looking at it I could see that rowthree is a less professional site than TMB and I just think andrew is a bit jealous because of this. a quick google about site traffic and site visitors will tell you that TMB is much more popular than rowthree.
      It’s life Andrew, get over it.

      I don’t agree with everything John says, especially about the transformer 2 movie but his videoblogs are generally interesting and he knows how to talk.

      on the twilight issue, I agree with john when he says you need to be stupid (he doesn’t say that like this but we all know he is masking it) to go stand in a line to see your favourite stars from a mile away.

    6. Hey Tiglet,

      I wouldn’t say RowThree is unprofessional, or that TMB is professional. Different sites have different looks and flavors, something for everyone. I personally think they have a good site over there.

    7. Thanks John, we’ve worked hard on the design. It has glitches as we are always updating and changing stuff but I like to think that we’ve created a half decent site.

      I for one really don’t care who has more traffic. When we decided to create Row Three the whole purpose was to create a place where the 5 of us could discuss film and maybe every so often people would join in. We’ve achieved that so I’m happy.

      The internet is a very big play area and I’m glad that there are sites like TheMovieBlog as well as Row Three, Film Junk, Cinematical, Aint it cool, First Showing, Film Stalker, Obsessed with Fim and the 30+ other sites that I read through my RSS feed.

    8. Tiglet – you nailed it. I couldn’t care less about all of the hours of great cinema conversation and all of the friends I’ve made through that site. For me it’s all about Diggs and traffic numbers. Good call.

    9. Well Andrew, let’s not forget it’s also about tolling other websites you say you don’t like for no other purpose other than to leave disparaging remarks. That has to rank high on your list too right?

    10. but isn’t that the goal of your site?

      Unless you have a job beyond the site ofcourse, some people really make money of their website and the views they get, so having lots of visitors and people posting on their site is the main goal.

      but that’s another discussion.

    11. Hey Tiglet,

      You’re right and wrong. Yes, every web writer cares about traffic no matter what they say. If they don’t admit it, they’re lying. Otherwise, why have a public site?

      However, that doesn’t mean it’s the most important thing. Most web bloggers don’t make a living from blogging (but they’d all like to, even if they don’t admit it). For most it’s mainly about passion for writing about film.

      I did The Movie Blog for years as a hobby just because I loved doing it.

    12. Jesus. First of all – how is my original comment above trolling? I simply made an observation and asked for clarification. In the past John has raved about Comic-Con and I believe was even the HOST of one of those “boring” panels. So I don’t think it’s completely out of the blue to bring that up. It’s on topic, there was no name calling and generally fit every “rule” TMB has about commenting. There were no disparaging remarks whatsoever. Get off your high horse Tiglet.

      Second. The point of my site is NOT to see how much traffic we can get. Of course we want traffic. John’s right on that. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. But that is not our goal. If you wanna start a site to make money, then yeah: put a bunch of adds all over the place, post as mainstream as possible stuff and you’ll eventually start getting more traffic and hits. I (as I assume all writers over there) do it for the love of cinema and to generate conversation about film and the cinematic experience. If I was doing this for money, I would have quit a LONG time ago.

    13. Oh Andrew,

      Did you yourself not just say “As for stopping by the site only to take shots. Guilty.” Yes, you’re a troll.

      I notice that you didn’t even apologize for your first shot at me about ONLY not going to Comic Con because of the Twilight lines. After I corrected you, I sort of expected a half “oh, sorry, you’re right, i should have paid attention to the thing I was taking shots at you about”. but nope… none.

      And once again if you paid attention to the video you would have heard me EXPLICITLY SAY that I only went to panels I was on. So, no revelation there.

      And once again, I’ve raved about the parties (which I love) and I’ve raved about the Floor (which I love). The other stuff is a waste to me.

      But why bother listening now? You’ve already admitted that your only purpose for being here is to troll.

    14. You seriously want me to apologize? I said my piece, you responded. Done. It wasn’t until these other nitwits joined in attacking me (first, by the way) that this conversation is even happening. I’m surprised they weren’t banned or deleted for going off topic.

      The one below about TAD is a different thing all together. So from now on when I ask for clarification about something and it is given, I’ll be sure to stop back and say, “aw geez. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend. You’re totally right dude. I’ll be more caring in the future before speaking my mind.” – I didn’t know everyone was so sensitive around here.

      So yeah John. I misinterpreted your video about going to Vegas. I’m really sorry I hurt your feelings by asking a simple question without being disparaging in the slightest.

    15. Look Andrew, you’ve already admitted the only reason you come here at all is to take shots and troll. You have no desire to contribute to the conversation or add anything. You come here explicitly to find something to take a swipe at me for. That’s your only reason for being here… so just move on and live a happier life.

      You were not “looking for clarification”, you were looking to troll. Mission accomplished troll… now move on.

    16. Right. I’m clearly a troll. I leave my mark all over the internet yet somehow over here it’s labelled trolling where everywhere else it seems to be just conversation.

      I guess I’d like to recant what I said about only coming here looking to take shots at you. A) because that isn’t what I meant and B) because I’d like to see example of when I have come in here ever and taken shots at you personally. Yes. I love to come here to disagree with you and keep you on your toes. No. I have never called you names or ripped on you as a person. As far as my definition goes, that is not trolling. That is simply disagreeing with you. Maybe it’s snarky at times, but so what? Again, is everyone around here that sensitive that they can’t handle a little sarcasm?

      So find me some examples where I’ve ever attacked you as a person and I’ll apologize as being out of line. But again, if you read my original comment above, it is NOT trolling.

      But I agree. I will move along. I suppose in retrospect I don’t even know why I care where you go for the weekend.

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to comic con but for comics and meeting artists and such. And I’ve seen how big it has gotten thanks to the movies and such. But I feel it takes a lot away from its true nature of comic con. Why don’t they set that apart and make a different convention for it. Also how does one get into those parties that John was talking about in his video? Just wondering if I should ever by the grace of god get to go to Comic Con in my life.

  7. I seem to remember that you posted about not going to TIFF also and when I was out for TADFF the one year you only came out to the movies you had interviews at. While I’m not a fan of the movies that are generally being discussed at comic con I would still go if I had the chance because I am a movie fan and I would have a blast but too each his own I guess.

    1. I love your subtle little passive aggressive underhanded suggestion that I’m not a film fan. Classy.

      Comic Con isn’t showing movies. Oh sure, there are a couple a little screenings, but nothing significant, nor worth the nightmare you have to go through just to see them.

      And no, I generally don’t like the atmosphere of film festivals, especially when I know I’m going to get a lot of opportunities to see the films another time. The circus that is the TIFF is especially one of them. I do however quite enjoy the TADFF.

    2. This wasn’t meant as a knock for whether I consider you a film fan or not. In truth I consider you a movie fan more than a film (or cinema) fan but that is just based on what I see here on the site. I also don’t see anything wrong with being a movie fan as opposed to film fan. Yes, I might be somewhat elitist at times but there are a lot of people who could rip on me for my music, food, games and every other taste that I have. We all like what we like and that is that.

      I remember last year there were a bunch of people who bitched and moaned (it wasn’t here on this site) about the changes to TIFF and how it was ruining it for them. All I know is that I got to see 40 some movies in a couple of weeks and many of them I never would have had the chance to see or even hear about if it weren’t for the festival. Festivals for me are a chance to enjoy movies and the culture involved around the movies.

    3. While I agree with you John A that some films at fests are films that not everyone gets a chance to see- especially those on an art house/ultra low budget indie feel (that’s not a knock on such pictures, BTW) …and I personally like The Austin Film Festival (because it also covers a screenwriters conference) and have been there a few times…

      But I also understand where Gio is coming from. Some films at fests are up for release within a few months, and other festivals/cons get way too big and out of hand.

      Take that picture Gio put up in his related post. I’m sure not everyone in that line is for the Summit / Twilight panel/teasers. But for those who are lined up for another panel or booth? It’s still a madhouse.

      Also, film wise, as much as I hate to say this, aside from the Summit folks, the only main “draws” in my view are the Iron Man sequel and Thor happenings, Jonah Hex, Avatar…and apparently Elm Street and that’s it.

      Maybe there is a reason I never went to CC, and there’s many who don’t- that does not lessen film/comic geekness by any standard.

  8. Hang on, let me get this straight…you are not going because people queue up for hours to see a panel? HUH?? Usually, reasons for actions are based on personal impact/experience…

  9. Do you have a good chance of meeting the stars of the movie if you get into the panel? I guess that would be a good reason to camp out if you’re a huge fan. But if all you get is a small glimpse of them, then I agree. What’s the point?

  10. I suppose its very different if you go for the comics content.

    I wouldn’t want to miss artists’ alley for example. I like chatting to the creators etc, checking out new stuff from indi and small publshers, and all that stuff.

    But yeah, i always skip the panels. Its not worth lining up so long.

    1. John, the first Sookie Stackhouse novel was published in 2001! So yeah
      But I do believe the true blood series was approved by HBO after all the vampire craze Twilight started

    2. People people can we please get back to the matter at hand of seeing the girl from Twilight’s boobs? I mean sure we’ve seen her in her panties in said film, Into The Wild, and Adventureland and that’s nice and all but I will remain patiently waiting to see her boobs.

    3. Boys are just pissed because every girl has their perfect guy image in their head, which happens to be Edward Cullen. And unless your a vampire you can’t live up to it. It’s okay guys, girls will settle.

    4. “People people can we please get back to the matter at hand of seeing the girl from Twilight’s boobs? I mean sure we’ve seen her in her panties in said film, Into The Wild, and Adventureland and that’s nice and all but I will remain patiently waiting to see her boobs.”

      You’re kidding, right? You wanna see her boobs? Well, if you were her husband, that would be your prerogative. But you’re not, so quit being creepy.

      Besides, sensual nudity has little or no place in film anymore, unless said film is in fact porn. Is Twilight porn? Let me think…nope, I’m pretty sure Twilight isn’t porn. So why don’t you go watch your porn while we go and watch some real movies, okay?

    5. Well, just don’t come expecting your sick fantasies to come to life in a film that was developed in terms of a story, as opposed to one that is developed for the purpose of getting people to jerk off in their theater seats.

    6. Sorry John, True Blood and Twilight have a LOT of similarities. Some shifts in the roles, but yeah Twilight “borrowed” a lot of stuff STRAIGHT from True Blood.

      There are some role reversals but essentially you have a mortal who is in love with a vampire struggles with the mortality and a unique draw to each other while one has a mind reading ability and is relaxed because they cannot read their lover’s mind.

      Now there is a LOT of unique stuff too. Twilight has nontraditional vampires which is interesting, True Blood has vampires coming out of hiding and wanting the rights of regular citizens which is interesting.

      Both are very fun and both have completely different feel, but it would be hard to deny that there wasn’t SOME borrowed stuff that has NOTHING to do with hitching on to the vampire mythos.

  11. Why have Movies hi-jacked Comic Con? One year I saw “Good Luck Chuck” there and threw up in my mouth a little.

    I can see why movies like Iron man and possibly Twilight (because its a movie about vampires. Or so they say) But Good Luck Chuck? WTF

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