So Who Should Direct Ghostbusters 3?

Let me first of all say that I don’t really think this movie (Ghostbusters 3) will ever actually happen, but I’d love it if it did (under the right circumstances that is). With all that being said, there has been a lot of talk and discussion over the past years about attempts to either get another sequel made or a remake of some sorts with lots of names attached.

Matt over at Obsessed With Film wrote a post earlier about his thoughts on who might be best to direct a potential Ghostbusters 3. It’s an interesting topic. Matt’s choice for directors (in order) look like this:

I disagree with him on this. Oh I’d put Apatow in the running, but the fact of the matter is he’s only directed 2 films so far (both awesome with a thrid really good one “Funny People” on the way) and neither of them suggest to me his style would be a great fit for Ghostbusters. Still, an obvious choice that should be mentioned in the conversation.


Also an interesting choice, but not one I myself would go with. Raimi obviously knows how to make people laugh, and the style of humor in the Evil Dead franchise (especially Army of Darkness) fits a little more with Ghostbusters, but still not one I’d put high on my list for this particular project.

BRILLIANT! Hands down I believe this is the guy to direct Ghostbusters 3 (if it were to ever happen). Not only is he the son of the original director, but he is a first rate gifted director in his own right. Thank You For Smoking and Juno have shown he knows pace, character and style. To me the discussion of who should direct Ghostbusters 3 has to start with this guy hands down.

I disagree with this selection. Yes he did a first rate job with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but his comedy “Be Kind Rewind” was a disappointment in my opinion that felt clumbsy and quite frankly not funny. I just don’t see him as a fit for this.

Again, I totally disagree. I found Green’s “comedy” “Pineapple Express” to be an absolute snooze fest with maybe 1 or 2 giggles along the way. I wouldn’t want Ghostbusters in this guy’s hands.

The man who gave us the original. Why not? He’s a legend who is worthy of his reputation. He hasn’t done anything to knock our socks off in the last few years (I admit I kinda liked “Evolution”), but he is still “the man”.

Oh dear god no. Look, I thought Foot Fist Way was kinda cute and certainly had its moments, but it was nothing special or memorable. And Observe and Report is hands down the worst movie of 2009 so far. Please keep this person away from Ghostbusters at all costs.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. And not because he’s one of the original cast members either. Harold Ramis is a comedic genius. His new film “Year One” looks very promising, and he’s done some of the greatest comedies of all time. After Jason Reitman, I’d put Ramis as #2.

So I clearly don’t agree with all of Matt’s choices, but it’s a great article that’s terrific for starting a conversation.

What are some names you’d add to that list of possible Ghostbusters 3 directors?

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16 thoughts on “So Who Should Direct Ghostbusters 3?

  1. I feel like every movie needs 2 versions. The Original, and one directed by Steven Spielberg.

    So Lets have Scorsese direct the first Ghostbusters 3 and then have Spielberg do another Ghostbusters 3 shortly after.

    I like that Michael Mann idea from an earlier comment. lets get down right gritty and fast editing with this one.

    Honestly though… Ivan

  2. John,
    I like where you are going with JASON REITMAN, but only if you can’t get IVAN of course. However what does anyone think about DAVID O. RUSSELL? A stretch I know but I really think that he did for I Heart Huckabees what Jason Reitman did for Juno, plus the success of Three Kings shows you he can deal with a modest actioner.

  3. Paul Verhoeven :)

    Hardcore R rated Ghostbusters with people getting ripped to pieces ghosts and lady ghosts that have three breasts showing up for no reason.

  4. I would like to see Kevin Smith take a stab at it. He’s really good at writing witty and funny dialogue. However, he’s still growing as a director. Another choice would be Robert Zemeckis. He’s done Sci-fi comedy before, so why not? Also, I think I’m the only one that liked Observe and Report.

  5. Jason Reitman on GB3
    “I’m asked that a lot, oddly, will I direct a third Ghostbusters film, and no one would ever want to see my Ghostbusters; people will want it so damn badly out there, they’ll ask me. But my Ghostbusters would be no action, it’d be people talking about ghosts; so I think it’s probably better for the franchise that I not get involved. But it’s hard to imagine there being a third Ghostbusters, the series stands so complete. I’d like to one day do a movie like my father’s, but it won’t be a Ghostbusters.”

    My first pick would be to bring Ivan back, but if not him Ramis is the next logical choice.

  6. Well John, looks like I should have checked your front page story before sending my e-mail! Yes, Observe and Report was horrible–and since you’ve seen more movies than I have this year, you calling it the worst of 2009 thus far carries even more weight.

    Let’s hope our spirits are lifted this Friday, eh?

  7. I would really like to see Byran Singer take a stab at it. The way he handles action sequences are subtle and classy. I think back to X-2 and how he handled Nightcrawler; he takes a lot of care in presenting amazing visuals relevant to the story.

    When the Ghostbusters are smashing shit up and hunting down ghastly ghouls, Singers direction would give fans exactly what they would expect out of a Ghostbuster film.

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