Javier Bardem as Khan In Star Trek 2?

The hype and anticipation for Star Trek is building and so discussion of a possible sequel are already building as well. That’s natural. I’m still not sure what to expect. Reactions from a couple of my friends who have seen it already have been mixed. Some loving it, some saying “meh”, and 1 hating it. I think it looks promising, but well have to wait and see.

With regards to a possible sequel, there is already talk about bringing possibly the most popular of all Star Trek characters back. KHAN!!!!!!!

In an interview with the writers, the concept was suggested to them that Khan should return and played by Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men). This was their reaction:

Kurtzman: Oh my God!

Orci: Did you know we’ve actually mentioned that out loud as a possibility? What a great idea.

Lindelof: Come on. That’s a no-brainer. That would be the most amazing thing ever. Who would even what to see these [new] guys then?

I’m not one to use the word “perfect” too often when discussing casting… but holy freak, Javier Bardem as Khan would indeed be PERFECT! Ricardo Montalban himself would smile down his blessing from heaven if this hapened. (source: Coming Soon)

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19 thoughts on “Javier Bardem as Khan In Star Trek 2?

  1. Why dont they just remake the orginal 10 movies while they are at it. Ben Kingsley for Captian Picard!

  2. First of all I like the concept of Bardem as Khan.

    But I think the new strength of the JJ Trekverse is the freshness and the ability to come up with new stories. I also think this appeal will show in the box office results.

    The tweens will now have their own Kirk, Spock and Bones.

  3. I still remember the podcast where John talked about wanting to suck Bardem’s cock.

    Anyway, being a non-fan of Star Trek, I don’t know anything about that character. But Bardem is a great actor. He was fantastic in the completely overrated No Country

  4. I saw an awesome fan-made poster for that on a Star Trek forum. I have to agree with John here. A Space Seed movie would rock!

  5. Oh, please. Give us something original. My biggest grip with Hollywood is that they keep redoing old stuff. Space Seed was a great Star Trek episode. The Wrath of Khan was a great movie. So give us something original. Leave Khan alone.

  6. So basically, it would be a film re-do version of the classic episode where they find Khan floating on the Botany Bay? Coolness. I can dig it.

  7. As long as Khan develops a weird affinity for a silenced cattle prod shotgun then I’m all for it. Seriously though that’s some pretty dead-on casting. Screw canon; they’ve already rebooted everything anyway. They should play on the strengths now ala waht John said.

  8. If this new Star Trek does revive the franchise and set the platform for new stories I think it’s possible to bring Kahn in and still tell a new story. Bardem playing Kahn? Yes, I would like to see that.

  9. I hope when they sequel Star Trek that it just keeps going with all new stories.

    No need to wander through the same stories with the younger cast. Tell something new.

    Leave Khan alone (Though Bardem would do a great job) We don’t need to see a remake of Khan.

    Maybe come up with a NEW story that will give the new breed of Trekites something to follow.

    1. I disagree Rod,

      I think you should play to your strengths… and Khan is one of the major strengths of Star Trek. We did the Joker again in Batman didn’t we?

      And remember… the past in star trek is getting changed… so even the old stories would be different and new now. Just a thought

    2. It wouldn’t be a remake of ‘Wrath of Khan’ don’t forget Rodney. If anything, it would be a big screen remake of the episode ‘Space Seed’ but on a much larger scale.

      Imagine Khan and his army of super beings being awoken from cryo-sleep and let loose on Earth to start the Eugenics Wars all over again with Javeri fuckin’ Bardem as Khan.

      I’m booking my ticket right now.

    3. John,

      The past is being changed, but it seems only the 23rd century forward, not Khan’s origin in the Eugenics war ten years ago.


      Since this timeline’s crew hasn’t found Khan yet, it would be more a remake of the original episode from the old series than the movie of his revenge for the events in that episode.

    4. kahn is not as important to star trek as the joker is to batman.

      i am with you for once rodney. come up with new ideas.

    5. I happen to side with Rodney here; I would also like to see a new adventure and without Khan (or even Mudd and his harem!) – although….

      Let’s say it is so. This would then:

      1) Tie in to Star Trek Enterprise and the Eugenics/Doctor Soong arc story line;

      2) Help with the retcon suggested in Deep Space Nine as they said Khan was from the 21st century, not the 20th.


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