The Joker Wants His Oscar

Warner Bros has been putting the Oscar campaign for The Dark Knight into ultra high gear recently. One of the statues they want is Best Supporting Actor for Heath Ledger… and this little poster they put out is one of the best “for your consideration” ads I’ve ever seen (fan made or real).


Found via our friends over at Incontention.

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19 thoughts on “The Joker Wants His Oscar

  1. I didnt like the movie – the typical superhero lowgrade script and with an interplay between the people that reminds me of cowboy movies from 1940 with the core and violence bang bangs and bling bling to give it what some may consider a modern touch – the movie 3/10

    however Ledger did the best job i have ever seen an actor do – even with a sick script and a worse movie – he was the only good thing about that movie – and im not a fan of him as such – some of those movies i have seen him in sucked bad and he didnt do anything overly good – but here he ruled – give him the thing – even if he is dead

  2. Thank you Grave…johnny and brian need to go suck a tree….heath ledger’s performance i think is the best performance he has ever done in any of his movies that i’ve seen. He made his mark on that character and i think if they decide to make a sequel to this movie that no one should reprise this role unless they’re like……..heath’s long lost twin or something. I don’t think this is beatable…… AND HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE DEAD JOHNNY!!!!!!!!!! R TO THE E TO THE SPECT!!!!!!

  3. This is brilliant, totally agree with GRAVE. The marketing guys did an excellent job (even many guys do believe that WB didn’t exploited heath leadger in any way or format, especially before the release of the film). After the release of the film the fans did got a little overexcited (but that’s understandable). And if people are routing for HL for best supporting actor, then why not. Plus what stood out in the marketing campaign was “vandalism theme”. It has taken its own spectrum. People do sometime feel a bit “annoyed” or “bored” because the batman mania hasn’t stopped since the last 10 month. Do let me know what u guys think on this issue…

  4. This is sweetness. Although it might offend some white haired purists.

    The entire ad campaign should be nominated for an Oscar.

    Yes. I think they should nominate ad campaigns. Why not? They’re practically doing it already. Snap!

  5. @ Brian & Johnny

    Ok yea its the same vadlism theme used to promote the movie. But I think the wordplay was nice and creative into changing the lines on the poster to a line of the joker’s. What you expect? Its just a poster for the oscars and the oscars are boring anyway.

    I really dont think you know what exploitation means. Because this is not about Health Ledger’s death. This is about a memorable performance he did. If they were trying to exploit his death then they would have tried a more sedimental approch such as showing a collage of Ledgers performances in his career to tug at the academys heart strings in riminding us that he is dead. This is not the case. Its just reminding everyone that his role in the dark knight was nothing short of masterful and for that he should be nominated.

  6. this entire “Ledger for best supporting actor” is getting really annoying. the guy’s dead, stop exploiting him you fanbabies.

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