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This tragic news was unexpected to say the least. Comedian and actor Bernie Mac has passed away apparently from complications arising from pneumonia. CNN gives us this:

Comic actor Bernie Mac died early Saturday of complications from pneumonia, according to a family member and his publicist. He was 50. Bernie Mac Bernie Mac, 50, had been hospitalized in his hometown, Chicago, with pneumonia. He had been hospitalized in Chicago, Illinois, for more than a week with the lung infection.

Danica Smith, the comedian’s publicist, had said Thursday that Mac’s condition was “stable,” The Associated Press reported. “When I got the call this morning, it was just devastating news,” said Chicago Sun-Times columnist Stella Foster. “Let’s face it: Bernie Mac was one of a kind. He was the best of the best in terms of giving you a good laugh.” Smith previously said the pneumonia wasn’t related to sarcoidosis, a lung disease Mac had, which had been in remission since 2005, according to AP.

What a sad day. Mac was never my favorite comedian in the world, nor my favorite actor, but from all accounts he was a genuinely good human being who brought a lot of smiles and a lot of laughs to a lot of people throughout his career. To me he’ll always be the used car salesman who got punked by Bumblebee (come on… he was hilarious in Transformers!). Damn, I wasn’t even aware he was sick. Sad day.

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57 thoughts on “Bernie Mac Dies

  1. Quick question: his show, the Bernie Mac show, ended its run right? I’m just wondering how many seasons it went on the air, and when did it get canceled? His death is very sad because while he died relatively ‘young’, i.e. he could have been around longer than that, pneumonia is not easy to deal with.

  2. Probably one of my favorite roles he played was in Life, Jangle Leg. I thought he was hilarious, and he was hilarious in Transformers too. I have always like Bernie, and he will be missed. RIP Bernie Mac.

  3. Bernie Mac was a funny motherfucker. I loved it every time he was in a scene, large or small.
    I understand why people might not like his schtick, this almost incomprehensible jibber jabber that he did on stage but I loved it. His reaction comments to others were usually golden.
    You will be missed Mac.

  4. This is really sad, I enjoyed him in the Ocean’s series.

    To the person that commented about dying from pneumonia these days, it is VERY possible. I had an uncle at age 32 die of pneumonia. It is not something to be taken lightly.

  5. That’s really tragic.

    I didn’t always find him to be my kind of comedy, but like a lot of other people I thought he was hilarious in Transformers.

    The saddest part is what someone said above, that he was planning to retire and just enjoy life soon. A damn shame.

  6. This is a sad day. I thoroughly enjoyed Bernie Mac’s comedy from the first time i saw him. I also had the pleasure of playing golf with him, as he was a member of a golf club i used to work at as an asst. pro. He was just a regular guy who happened to be Bernie Mac. One of the most enjoyable experiences i’ve ever had, and sadly, never will be able to again.
    You will be missed, B-Mac!

  7. Umm, okay, for those who need it spelled right out: I was drawing a parallel between comic timing and the timing of a remark in general vis a vis its appropriateness.

  8. didnt really like his show but the small roles he had in movies were pretty funny. i liked him in transformers & bad santa.

    this news was shocking to hear….
    if someone said bernie mac died today. guess what happend to him?
    i would never had though that he died of natural causes, very sad…

  9. FinalJoe, I see a lot of people admitting they didn’t think that he was their favourite or even top10 comic… lots of people confessing that he didn’t impress them much, but at least they respected him.

    He had a unique style that you either found funny or you were indifferent. It is a rare quality that someone with such a bold style of comedy doesnt get more extreme reviews.

    I haven’t seen a lot of people saying they hated him. But lots of people respected him. I actually really liked him in Mr3000, and I thought he was perfect as the obnoxious car salesman in Transformers.

    Again, not my favourite, but certainly far from hated. It is a shame that this guy left us.

  10. I’m not trying to be funny. It’s a damn fact that most people found him to be an unfunny, annoying addition to most films.

    When Charlie Angels 2 came out everyone said Bill Murray was the only thing worth watching in the first one and Bernie Mac sucked in the second. Everyone said the comic relief shit in TF was bollocks, when or not they specifically refered to Mac. And I didn’t hear much love for Mr 3000 or Guess Who either.

    As a human it is very sad that Mr. Mac has died so soon, but this hypocritical bullshit with everyone now saying they loved him in every movie when 24 hours ago they didn’t is total tripe!

    Same with Ledger.

  11. I never followed Bernie Mac, but everytime I see him in a movie or a show, he was just too hilarious and lovely actor,
    too bad he passed away…

  12. Man, Bernie Mac was an amazing comedian and actor, and will defintely be missed. Like alot of people have already stated, no he was not my favorite comedian, nor my favorite actor, but there is no doubt that he was a very funny and great man, and it is a true tragedy for him to go. R.I.P. Bernie Mac. Oh, and Final Joe, have some respect, or don’t state you’re idiotic opinions.

  13. I can’t believe we are loosing so many stars this year. I have loved most of the performances he has done but special mention goes out to the Ocean Films and Transformers ( I laughed so hard). I pass on my best wishes to Bernie Mac’s family and friends. He will be missed.

  14. I could be wrong — but didn’t everyone hate his comic relief bullshit in Transformers?

    I could have sworn Campea and Mr. Nagy displayed their dislike of it on the podcast too.

    Just because he died doesn’t make him any better folks.

  15. First Ledger, then the star trek guys, then Carlin, then Stan Winston, now Mac…, God must be making a helluva film. The Mac will be missed.

  16. Never on my “Top 10 comedians” list, but he’s given me a couple of good laughs during his career.
    Sad and suprising news.

  17. I’m really surprised. Didn’t think it was really possible for people his age to die from pneumonia these days.

    I didn’t see a lot of his stuff but what short clips I did see of him I found to be quite funny, he seemed to have a lot of talent. He was definitely an original talent.

  18. So at first I thought this post was a spoiler for Transformers 2 saying he was going to die in it. But as I read the post and realized it was for real him dying it sadden me. I agree with what people have been say about Mac “he wasn’t my favorite comedian or actor” but he was still good in some parts i.e Transformers.

    RIP Bernie Mac

  19. Dammit why does it have to be Bernie Mac and not Toby Keith, Rodney Carrington, or Larry the Cable Guy?

    J/K of course…


  20. Very sad news to wake up too. I knew he was in the hospital, but the last thing I knew he was getting better. Then today this bombshell.

    He wasn’t my favorite comedian or actor either, but he did have his moments that made me laugh. He was really great in Transfomers.

    RIP Bernie Mac

  21. I just woke up and went on yahoo and found this out……this is a sad day and very shocking. RIP Bernie Mac and God Bless your family and comfort them in this time!

  22. I’m going to miss you dude. I loved your tv show. You set the tone for me for Transformers. I knew we were going to be in for a great entertaining movie when you sold shia and his dad that car. You are a king of comedy. RIP bro.

  23. Rest In Peace Bernie. This is realy sad year for Hollywood, Brad Renfro, Heath Ledger, George Carlin and now Bernie Mac and i am probably forgetting someone

  24. he definitely stood out in the crowd of comedians, he had an in your face kind of style. He was never my favorite but any comedian that can make genuinely make people laugh has talent. He will be missed, god speed sir.

  25. What shitty news to have to wake up to…. today is already off to a bad start.

    R.I.P. Bernie… The Muppet man will miss ya’!

  26. His whole family is quite tragic. His mother died when he was just a teenager. His 2 brothers died, and now he’s passed away.

  27. Not even the hollywood elite can stop the randomness of illness and death. Live life to the fullest as whether you are extremenly blessed or average joe it can happen to any of us. R.I.P,


  28. That really sucks! I loved Bernie Mac! Especially the show! His brand of humor was real, funny and shocking all in one! I really felt at times he said what so many other people were afraid to say!

    He recently said that he was going to retire after 30 years of work. He would still produce and do occasional films but for the most part enjoy life. It’s too bad he never got that chance.

    He will be remembered! Rest in peace Bernie!

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