Why is Rob Liefeld still making money?

Spotted at Coming Soon.net
Spyglass has preemptively purchased a pitch based on the yet-to-be-published online comicstrip Spin, created by Rob Liefeld, reports Variety. Kara Holden is writing the film’s script.

The fantasy comedy in the vein of Bruce Almighty concerns a highly successful single woman whose life is uprooted when a curse is put on her.

Comic creator Liefeld is the co-founder of Image Comics, the third largest publisher in the genre after D.C. and Marvel.

Spin is Liefeld’s third sale in the past year. He sold his sci-fi action comedy Planet Terry to New Line, and The Mark to Paramount. Will Smith is attached to star in the latter.

Let me point out that although Leifeld was co-founder, they FIRED HIM nearly 10 years ago. He then started his own label of comics that were nothing but RIPOFFS of popular books that wouldnt hire him. He had a character that was EXACTLY like Capt America, shield and all… He calls him Fighting American. Apparently this FA was a silver age hero concept that failed and Capt America was a second stab at the concept. But why release the EXACT SAME character again once one is famous? Thats right. You have no talent. I dare any comic fanboy to name a Liefeld concept that isnt a ripoff.

This man has no talent. Why are people STILL giving him work? Do they not realize that EVERYTHING he does turns to poodoo?


The Passion of the Christ DVD Release Date.

Perhaps you’ve heard of this movie. A few have.

Anyway, I only mention it because I haven’t seen news anywhere else yet, and I’m sure people will be asking sooner or later – But the “Passion” DVD release date is currently sitting at August 31st, 2004. As it seems, you can Pre-Order it Here. (if you’re American)

The only “features” listed so far is the trailer. Which is unfortunate… However, I’d be more shocked if there was “Alternate Endings”.

A Thought For the Day.

If the PR people and the wealthy CEO’s of the Fast Food Industry would put half of the effort that they are putting into funding their own conclusions and writing articles that slam a small time film-maker, and put it into making their food not as heart-stoppingly fattening – maybe, just maybe, we’d hear a lot less griping.

Tim Burton Producing A New Animated Film!

corpsebride.jpgOkay, I confess that I knew nothing at all about this prior to spotting the article on AICN and I’m kicking myself, very hard, over that … Seems Tim Burton is working with Vinton Studios as producer on The Corpse Bride, a new stop motion animated film based on an old folk tale. Based on what I’ve read of the story here and the look of that design image this is looking to be vintage Burton. Making me even happier is that Vinton has just posted their most recent short – about a man and his new inflatable friend, available here – and it’s mighty good stuff. Making me happier still is the fact that Vinton has just hired Henry Selick – y’know the stop motion genius who directed Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach and has just finished work on Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic – as a supervising director. Hmmm …. great story, great producer and a company loaded on talent makes me think this’ll be a classic. The Corpse Bride is due to release for Halloween, 2005.

You Got Served Again? You Got Served 2? You Got Served 2 Much Crap?

Well, I’m not too sure where the original article came from but I was simply going to re-write everything and just link to the original source, but Bombadil has said it quite well… So I’m just going to post the article here. Good Job.

First, check out IMDB’s list of the 100 worst movies of all time and then read the below article:

MTV News reports that Omarion and Marques Houston revealed backstage at Saturday’s taping of the 2004 MTV Movie Awards that a sequel to their hit dancing drama, “You Got Served,” is in the works.

The low-budget Sony flick proved a surprisingly quick moderate hit for the studio when it debutted in the top spot in the last week of January despite higher profile competition and a critical drubbing.

Chris Stokes, who manages both singers, will again direct. He is currently discussing the script with the co-stars and plans to begin shooting in late summer for release next year.

Houston says “We’re messing with the concept right now, trying to get it perfect, ’cause trying to top the first one is a big step. We don’t want to do something that’s too much like the first one, but not too far from it either. Sequels are tough”

*** Okay, okay..blahblahblah…
Okay, I realize that studios react to a profit the way I react to a real home cooked meal, but c’mon.. the voting scale is brutal on this one. (If you didn’t check the link, over 3000 people have voted this the worst movie ever made – and looking at the competition, that’s REALLY bad.) The average vote from teenagers, the film’s target audience, is LESS then 3 out of 10!! LESS! I’m baffled as who they think will watch this tripe. Well, besides 15 year old wanna-bes with a parking space in their pant’s crotch with a cigarette behind their ear. I wonder if they think that still looks “edgy”…

Husband Being an Idiot? Check Out Alexandra’s Project

Alexandra’s Project is a heavy, psychological piece of work spewed straight out of our favourite end of the earth, Australia. I’ll guess it was released there late last year and has taken a few months to work its way into my backyard. Going into the theatre, I knew nothing about this film. I had forgotten I had seen a trailer for it a few weeks earlier and thought that it looked quite good. And in many ways, it really is. In a few other ways, I had problems with it, but we’ll cover both, shall we?

Let’s skip the “development” and get right to it. A wife has reached the end of her rope with her husband’s ignorance and sexually selfish and insulting habits. -And while he blindly goes about his day assuming (and pretending) that everything is just fine, the wife is left at home to comtemplate.. and plan.. and organize…and plan some more. And what this wife has planned for her husband, besides being totally Wacked Out, is actually fairly simple: Wait till he leaves for work then pack, dismantle, move out and lock up the house leaving nothing but a working TV and an accompanying video tape (that she makes after he leaves) in the living room – which he essentially will have no option but to watch (because he’s locked in, you see – I realize it’s hard to get locked INTO a house, but this detail is covered, no worries. Get it? No Worries??? Australia?? Shutup…..) Anyway, once the video tape starts, the psychological torture begins.
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Only a Week Left In Hellboy Giveaway Contest!

Hey there boys and girls, just a reminder that there’s only a week left in our Hellboy giveaway contest. You’ve got until June 15th to get your submissions in and after that you’re out of luck … click here for all the rules and details …

Mel Gibson Suing Regal Entertainment

Well, Jesus never struck me as the litigious sort but Mel Gibson seems to be … Gibson’s Icon Productions is suing theater chain Regal Entertainment for upwards of forty million saying that Regal promised to pay out a “studio” share rather than an “indie” share of the boxoffice take. Basically what that means is that Regal paid out roughly 20% less than Icon says they were due. Anybody remember when the big question was whether The Passion would end up bankrupting Mel? Those days are long past …

Kevin Smith Opting out of The Green Hornet?

hornet.bmpIs Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet dead before it begins? Could be … Dark Horizons is reporting that Smith has opted out of directing duties for the film and will only be writing the script. Smith is apparently saying that his next film will be a low budget indie picture rather than the big action / genre project that would be the Green Hornet.

Viggo Mortensen to star in Cronenberg’s Next Film

historyViolence_cbm.jpgOoooh … now here’s a combination that’s got me feeling all tingly … Viggo Mortensen has just signed on to star in David Cronenberg’s adaptation of A History of Violence – a graphic novel from the same series as The Road to Perdition. Mortensen will play a small town man who kills a man in self defence and as a result of the publicity becomes targeted by a gang who believe he is one of their former members gone underground. I’ve always loved Mortensen in smaller, stranger films so I’m more than a little pleased to see him working with Cronenberg.

And speaking of Mortensen in small, strange films why the hell isn’t this available on DVD anywhere yet?

International Trailer for House of Flying Daggers Online!

daggers.jpgI’ll lay money that this isn’t the final trailer that Sony runs in North America but thanks to Monkey Peaches and Opus I’ve just come across what’s being billed as an international trailer for Zhang Yimou’s House of Flying Daggers. It’s available only in Real Player format and is narrated by a mildly irritating Mr. Movie Voice clone but it’s got some stunning visuals that I hadn’t seen anywhere yet … click here for the goodness.

Is SuperSize Me a Con?

According to THIS website, the details laid out in the now popular film Supersize Me may not be accurate.

Is this a conspiracy theory of “valid testimonies” to discredit the now tubby film subject?? Consider also that Spurlock once ran a short lived TV series called “I Bet You Will,” which paid contestants money to performing disgusting culinary acts like eating live cockroaches.

An interesting article at Tech Central Station sure makes me wonder.

In a nutshell “He sends a terrible message to America: Obesity is not your responsibility. It’s the fault of greedy corporations….Spurlock believes that moviegoers are dumb enough to think that it’s McDonald’s that made him fat — rather than the amount of food he consumed and his slothful habits.”

Maybe its the “slothful habits” that were under attack by this documentary, not McDonald’s fatty foods.

Not saying this film is a total scam, but there is some controversy.

Early Spiderman 2 Review! And: It’s Good! Spider-Man Spoilers Even!

See, how come no one is sneaking us into hidden areas and showing us unreleased films, huh? Why this guy? Ugh. Some people. We get to sit here writing reviews for “released” films… Nyah, nyah..Boy, it’s a good thing I don’t care. Nope. Not a bit. Phooey.

Anyway.. One of the lucky punks over at aintitcool.com has already seen Spiderman 2. Spider-Man 2. With or without the hyphen. Whatever.

Either way, he seems doubled over with the film. He even went ahead and didn’t write the review for a few DAYS, just so he was certain he wasn’t writing a “giddy” review – movie people tend to get that way, you see. He’s got Tons of stuff in there… Wanna Read it? Do ya REALLY wanna read it?

If yes, Click this.
If no, enter our Hellboy Giveaway Contest. Cuz why not?

Fun with Irony. Say Cheese!

Okay, we’ve all seen those “Please don’t video tape this screen” or “Video Tape this and we’ll duct tape your ass” warnings in movie Theatres, right? If not, welcome to 2004 – they’re up there. Before anything starts, you’ve got a nice warning asking the audience to help catch anyone taking a picture or movie of the screen.

But what about taking a picture of the warning? Is there a warning about filming the warning? I don’t see a warning’s warning… I guess we’ll find out….

This Gallery is run by “monochrom” and “Cory Doctorow” (not too sure who they are) but they have recently started a global collection of snapshots of that exact warning in various movie theatres around the world. The only rule – use a flash. The more public the irony, the better.

THX 1138 Press Release and Cover Art

THX 1138 small.jpg
Its so nice to have people who care. I made a previous post about the release of THX1138: The Lucas Cut and a very nice lady at the agency is working with Warner Home Video and LucasFilm on the upcoming DVD release decided to send us the official Press release and Cover Art for it.
The Trailer can be found at the official website HERE

The Official Press Release
BURBANK, Calif. (May 24, 2004) – Director George Lucas’s widely influential first film, the prescient science-fiction adventure THX 1138, debuts on DVD September 14 from Warner Home Video in a Two-Disc Collector’s Edition that features The George Lucas Director’s Cut of the film. The Two-Disc Collector’s Edition DVD will sell for $26.99 SRP. THX 1138 will also be available in a single-disc version with limited special features and will sell for $19.97 SRP.

A theatrical release of the film will precede the DVD release and will begin on September 10 in 20 cities including Ann Arbor, Mich.; Austin, Texas; Boston; Chicago; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; New York; Philadelphia; San Francisco; Seattle, Portland and others.

THX 1138: The George Lucas Director’s Cut
$26.99 SRP (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition)
$19.97 SRP (Single-Disc)
Rating: R
Run Time: 88 minutes

Read on for more comments by the filmmakers and the DVD contents.
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Summer Movie Round up Part 1

shrek2post.jpgOk, this list may not accurately reflect the opinions of Day-Vuh or Bubba, but they are my opinions, and therefore the correct ones. Here’s my rankings of the summer flicks so far.

#1 Shrek 2 ‚Äì This was a thoroughly entertaining movie. Overall I’d say the first one is a better film‚Ķ but the second one had me laughing a lot more. You have to see it more than once to catch all the little stuff they put in the film for you to see. Some of it is just side splitting.

#2 Van Helsing ‚Äì No, this was not a great film‚Ķ maybe not even a good one. However, the sheer volume of decent visual effects and good action sequences at least had me enjoying myself. A decent “Turn off your brain and just enjoy the eye candy” kind of summer film.

#3 Troy ‚Äì This film should have been so much better. I was disappointed to say the least. Eric Bana (The Hulk) completely steals the show from Brad Pitt (not an easy thing to do) and Orlando Bloom. This was easily Bana’s movie. The story of Troy is a compelling one‚Ķ but the movie is not.

#4 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ‚Äì I couldn’t agree more with Dayvuh’s review of this movie.

Next week I’ll update this ranking to include The Day After Tomorrow, Garfield, The Chronicles of Riddick and The Stepford Wives (they all look terrible, but who knows).

The Word Wars Trailer! The Scrabble Movie! Geeks Unite! Hey GREG!!

Okay, I realize that as an avid Internet blog poster, I can’t call other people geeks, but this one is really for “Greg the Roommate”. That’s his new name. I also didn’t plan on putting up so many trailer notices in the past day.. but I just got too many kicks outta this.

The Word Wars Trailer
Here it is folks: the newest edition in the rising popularity of documentaries comes “Word Wars“. The movie about Scrabble. Yeah. the crossword game – No really — the one your grandma plays – okay and Greg the Roommate. Apparently, it’s a really good game. Apparently, it requires skill and intelligence. Apparently, lots of other people like it. And Apparently, you can probably beat up every last one of them.

Okay, I’m sorry, I’m having too much fun with the stereotype – I apologize. I’m just pissed because I can’t read. But seriously though, it looks like it’s along the same vein as “Spellbound” – the Spelling Bee documentary – which is an Awesome film: Really big contest, lots of people to start with and we get narrowed down to the final few stud-monkeys who sweat it out over the word “Quartzy” and a Triple Word Score. Can YOU FEEL THE ENERGY!!!??? WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!

I’ll see this movie with Greg.

And your Grandma.

Trying to Locate Movie Trailer Music?

I posted about this a LONG time ago, but they have since moved servers (again), so why not?

I can admit that when a trailer comes out that I love, I’ll automatically love whatever music is playing behind it – I’m sure that’s a High Fidelity category, but who cares. And usually, typing in “[Movie-Name] Trailer Music”, into Google doesn’t do very much…

Well, the Soundtrax Trailer Forum is for you. It’s a bunch of people just like you, researching away and letting everyone else know the name of whatever song it is you’re trying to identify. If you’re simply DYING to Downlo…er….uhh.. BUY that song you have stuck in your head, but don’t know what it is, Go ask some people. Off you go.

You have ONE WEEK left to get your caption entered in our HELLBOY GIVEAWAY CONTEST

Spike Jonez to Direct Wild Things!

wildthings.jpgNot sure how long this has been in the works but while I was looking up links for that Palahniuk story I stumbled across one mighty intriguing listing over at the IMDB … according to them (and they have been known to be very, very wrong on occasion) Spike Jonez (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation) will be directing a live action version of Maurice Sendak’s children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. If any of the people involved in the Grinch or Cat in the Hat adaptations were involved with this I’d be moaning and curling up into the fetal position but Jonez is a pretty fascinating choice to do something like this. If anybody will understand the general sense of absurdity and menace in the book it’s Jonez. That plus the fact that Wild Things actually has a sustainable plot has me thinking that this should be a far cry better than those Suess adaptations were …