Buffy and Angel TV Movies?

Whedonites may have something more to look forward to.

According to ComingSoon.net, James Marsters, who played Spike on the insanely popular Buffy:The Vampire Slayer was heard saying on “Rove Live” that four telefilms might be in the works. He says Joss Whedon, creator of both series, wants him back.

“I said, ‘Joss, stop it. Three lines, fifty lines, lead role, whatever you want man, call me”, he says. “I’m there for you, because frankly, you’re one of the best writers I’ve worked with. And he said he wanted to do a Spike movie. TV movie. But it’s also contingent upon other characters. He wants to do four TV movies and one of them is Spike.”

With the absence of any Joss Whedon series on television anymore these TVMovies will have to do. Of course we still have Serenity, the Movie evolution of the short lived Firefly to look forward to.

There didnt seem to be enough fan support to keep Angel on the air (or there was and as usual the WB likes getting rid of good shows) but maybe the Buffyverse has enough following to get a few movies out of the networks.

On another note, Joss Whedon is now writing for the new X-Title comic Astonishing XMen. And yes, I am collecting it.

Uncut Shaolin Soccer Coming To Theaters In Toronto!

shaolin4.jpgYeah, this is a little more location sensitive than most of what we post here, but this is very, very good news for those of us in the Toronto region. The rest of you poor souls will just have to sit a home forlorn and dejected and wish that you lived here amongst the beautiful people.

We’ve been griping about the shoddy treatment Miramax heaped upon Shaolin Soccer for what seems like forever and it seems our prayers and complaints have been heard by the kung fu gods, for the original, uncut, undubbed, subtitled version of Shaolin Soccer is about to hit screens in Toronto. Break out your calendar and write these dates down.

July 9-15: The Royal Cinema
July 16-22: Paradise Cinema
July 23-25: Fox Cinema
July 28-29: The Bloor
July 30-Aug 1: The Music Hall

Only A Week Left to Enter Our Miike DVD Giveaway Contest!

miike.jpgYou read that right boys and girls. We’ve got copies of Artsmagic’s new DVD releases of Takashi Miike’s Full Metal Yakuza and Sabu to give away and you’ve only got a week left to enter. So get cracking! Get to it! DVD reviews and contest details are available here. Read ’em and get your contest entry sent in. Pronto.

Some Discouraging I, Robot News

irobotpaper.jpgOf course something like this comes in right after I post about how I’m planning on going to see the film. Now, this is rumor of the ‘friend of a friend’ variety but it’s credible and more than a little discouraging. Here’s an email I got this morning reporting that Alex Proyas has had creative control over I, Robot taken from him by the studio and how he’s less than pleased with the results:

Hey Bubba, rather than posting this in some long forgotten thread about the movie i thought i’d send this straight to you. I have a friend who is working with Fox this summer doing some sound mixing and he just finished working on I Robot. During the time he spent on that film he got to hang out with Alex Proyas a bit and he told me something that has discouraged me immensely. Proyas isn’t happy with the film, apparently Fox wanted to see some changes, so they made them happen and, as i said, Proyas is dissapointed with his film. Generally not a good sign when a director doesn’t like his own movie.


I wish I could say I didn’t believe this but the sad fact is that I do. Proyas has already been openly and vocally upset about the marketing for the film, disliking the studio’s trailer for the film so much that he cut his own version and made it available off of his own MysteryClock.com website so it’s certainly no stretch to say that his vision for the film and the studio’s vision are considerably different things. This makes me sad.

A few years back Day-vuhl and I ran a stupid little website called Things I Can Give the Finger in which we posted pictures of ourselves giving things the finger. Alex Proyas was our first celebrity participant and between that experience and lurking about on the MysteryClock forums, in which Proyas is constantly answering questions and just generally shooting the breeze with fans and wannabe film makers, I’ve become convinced that as well as being an enormously talented film maker Proyas is one of the genuinely good people in the film world. I’m convinced that if not for the Brandon Lee tragedy The Crow would have made Proyas a hugely sought after talent and there’s nothing I’d like more than to see this film make buckets of money so the man will be free to do his own projects his own way for a good long time but if there’s a behind-the-scenes power struggle going on here the chances of seeing the real Proyas on screen become remarkably smaller. Here’s hoping Fox didn’t mess with it too much.

Batman Begins Trailer to Run In Front of I, Robot

batman-begins.jpgItching to see some footage from Christopher Nolan’s new Batman flick? Well, you’ve got less than two weeks to go … Cinescape is reporting that the Batman trailer will be running in front of Alex Proyas’ I Robot starting July 16th. Now I was already planning on seeing Robot, purely because it’s a Proyas film and Alex hasn’t let me down yet, but this is definitely another reason to add that one to the viewing schedule ….

Because That Garfield Movie Was So Good …

heathcliff.jpgGood lord, what did we do to deserve this? Producer Gabriel Grunfeld, most recently responsible for that horrible Stepford Wives remake, is currently prepping a feature film based on the Heathcliff comic strip. Hello? Anybody? Somebody just tried the cartoon cat thing and it was brutal. Pay attention! We don’t want this. Nobody wants this. Stop wasting your life.

Ten Disc Matrix Box Announced in the UK

MATRIXBOX2.JPGWell, I think everybody knew that there would be a Matrix box set coming along sometime soon but I don’t think anybody expected it to be quite this good … Warner’s has announced a ten DVD box set that’s, frankly, far more exhaustive than I can imagine even the most rabid Matrix fan demanding. What do you get? A new transfer of the original film with a new audio commentary, a new cut of Reloaded which includes the footage shot for the Enter the Matrix video game, the theatrical cut of Revolutions with a new audio commentary, the Animatrix, behind the scenes and special feature discs dedicated to each of the individual films and more … I wouldn’t even think of upgrading to this set normally but it’s been priced shockingly low with HMV in the UK now taking pre-orders for a lowly forty five pounds. That’s surprisingly cheap for a set this size … you can check out detailed specs on the HMV website here. Specs for the American set haven’t been announced yet but everybody seems to think it’ll be identical to the UK version …

The Movie Blog on air today

Just a quick reminder to everyone. I’ll be on air from 2-3pm est talking movies and such on AM 900 CHML. If you’re not in the Hamilton Ontario area, you can listen live on the internet. Just go to www.900chml.com and click “Listen Live”. You can also call in to give your opinions or ask any question of my brilliant intelect. There will be some prize give aways too.

King Arthur Reviews

kingarthur.jpgFrom the first moment I saw the trailer for King Arthur, the word “LEMON” repeated itself in my head. I’ve yet to see a HOLLYWOODIFICATION of a classic story turn out to be any good, and it looks like Arthur isn’t going to buck that trend. Don’t get me wrong, when a classic story is told in the spirit of that story (ie. Lord of the Rings) then the film can (and often does) work. But when you take the story of Camelot, and say “hey! Let’s make Guenevere this hot little Xenna Warrior Princess in tight skimpy sheep skins” then I start to lose hope. So far, advanced reviews are not looking so good.

“Antoine Fuqua‚Äôs unremarkably competent direction never elevates the material above second-rate Braveheart schlock.”
— Nicholas Schager, SLANT MAGAZINE

“With every step King Arthur takes, it only unravels further.”

“By removing the romance and the magic from the story, the soul has been sucked out of it.”

Read other reviews for King Arthur over at Rotten Tomates

Website For New Jeunet Film Goes Live!

longengagement.jpgWith the exception of Alien: Resurrection – which I like to pretend never happened – I am a raving, gibbering fool for Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s films. This man is a flat out genius. If you’ve not yet seen Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children or Amelie then get yourself to a video store RIGHT NOW and check them out. That said, I’m more than a little pleased to report that the French website for his latest film – A Very Long Engagement – has gone online and it includes film stills, and a lengthy trailer made up of both behind the scenes footage and a long scene from the film. How good is this man? Good enough that his behind the scenes shots look better than most people’s finished work. This looks to be absolutely stunning visually, but then I’d expect no less from Jeunet. And yes, G, it stars Audrey Tatou. Yummy. Check it out here.

Maybe Webmasters Know Everything. Let’s experiment.

Here’s my advice to box office analysts and various marketing gurus who suck at their job:

Run a website – or make friends with people who do. Why? Well, let me tell you.

I sit here looking at stats of this webpage a lot and I also read what a lot of other websites are following – and y’know: Very few things are surprising. All I’ve been reading is people are “shocked” as to how well ‘The Passion of the Christ‘ did, and how well “Fahrenheit 9-11” is doing. And y’know, anyone running a movie website could’ve told anyone in the upper ranks that it would’ve been huge. — I could’ve told Michael Moore’s webmaster that his bandwidth would crash the first day the trailer came online because we were busy getting slammed with hits from people looking for it – before it even existed! And the day before and of its release, we nearly quadrupled our regular hit-count. Meanwhile stuffy people sit back not knowing how big this movie will be.

In fact, all of this stuff seemed so obvious in the first place, I’m shocked people are shocked.

I can already tell you that, although so far it sounds like it won’t deserve it, Alien vs. Predator will make a fair chunk of cash opening weekend. – Make billions of dollars? no. But it won’t tank out. Certainly not. “Hero” will make more money than ‘Donnie Darko’s Director’s Cut. And Napoleon Dynamite sill has a few sweet bucks it will be raking in. I’m not calling these concrete, but we’ve got public opinion pouring onto the page at 3-4000 people a day. They can’t all be wrong. And, granted we don’t have a recent post on the movie, but Catwoman is set to tank. Maybe I should make a post right below this just to test it out. Yes, that sounds wise. Here’s my proposal:
I’ll make a Catwoman post with many nice keywords in the title and report back in a couple of days what kind of response it’s getting. We’ll then see how well it does opening weekend and compare notes, sound good? Goody. And .. begin Test:

Hey, that Collateral – Tom Cruise with Grey Hair Thing? Yeah, here’s the Trailer.

So, you’ve probably heard about “the Tom Cruise with Grey Hair” movie – which, if I was Tom Cruise would make me kinda mad. — But I’d probably go count my millions to make myself feel better.

The Trailer

The movie’s actually got a name, Collateral, and it actually doesn’t look too bad. Nice Little tune behind it too. I’ll hafta look it up. Michael Mann sits behind the camera here, who’s done a fair amount of respectable work and was also one of the executive producers of “BADASSSSS!“, which I still haven’t done a write up for.

House of Flying Daggers Website Online!

daggers.jpgThe English website for the House of Flying Daggers has gone online. It still looks to be under construction – no functioning trailer on there yet – but there’s plenty to check out including a detailed synopsis, lengthy bios on the entire cast and crew and a healthy stack of high res wallpapers. Check it out here.

Is It Suitable for Children? Should they Watch it?

I’ve noticed in our stat hits that a few people have been looking for the content level of a lot of films and whether or not they are suitable for kids to watch.

Folks, if you’re looking for the questionable content of a film, you really need to go to:

Screenit.com’s content breakdown is so detailed it’s exhausting. These guys break films down to Alcohol/Drug Use, sex/nudity, Imitative Behavior, Blood/Gore, Disrespectful/Bad Attitude, Frightening Scenes, Guns/Weapons, Jump Scenes, language content, how many TIMES they use each “swear” — they even count the “hells” and “damn”s!!! — There’s about 8 more topics, but I’m not gonna go through them all. — Either way, it’s Intense.

I suspect Screenit will be the best source for movie content for quite some time simply because I doubt you CAN breakdown a film more than they do. Highly recommended. Even though they gave Napoleon Dynamite a 3 out of 10 and Bubba Ho-Tep a 3.5. – For Shame.

Mission Impossible 3 news

TomCruise.jpgAccording to Variety, Mission Impossible 3 has set its release date for June 29th, 2005. I don’t think there was really any question about weather there would be another M.I. movie, they just make too much money not to. HOWEVER, I haven’t really been impressed with the franchise so far. The first one was ok, but the second one was just terrible.

Most of the main cast seem to be returning with the impressive addition of Kenneth Branagh (one of the best pure actors alive today). This is all good news except.

According to Counting Down, Thandie Newton is also returning. WHY? WHY?
WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? This woman (while stunningly beautiful) CAN NOT ACT! She’s terrible. She was easily the worst element of Mission Impossible 2. She was easily the worst element of The Chronicles of Riddick and I can not for the life of me imagine why any self respecting director would put her in a film. I don’t care if the script calls for the character to return GET ANOTHER ACTRESS!

Roger Christian of Battlefield Earth fame directing Mortal Kombat 3?

Roger Christian, back in the year of our Lord 2000 unleased unto the world a force. A force that made 20 somethings cry and also made terminal cancer seem not that bad. That force was called Battlefield Earth – a movie that people are still talking about for all the reasons that a film director wouldn’t want people talking about their movie 4 years later.

Now, I will give Roger some credit… Battlefield Earth was so monumentally bad, it couldn’t have all been his fault. I’m sure he’s capable of directing something I’d like, but I haven’t seen it yet. He was the Art director for “Monty Python’s Life of Brian” back in ’79 – that counts. However, Battlefield Earth is his only helmed commercial mainstream movie.

Now, this actually slips into the rumour drawer so take your grain of salt…
Harry over at ainitcool.com in a recent article, made a brief side note that Battlefield Earth director Roger Christian is going to be directing Mortal Kombat 3. Personally, I can’t see how this would be possible and why someone would bother giving him another “large” movie project without seeing a “redemption” project first is beyond my capacity for rational thought. And the movie they are handing him is bound to suck in the first place. Actually… maybe that’s why. In which case, that’s just mean.
– At the time of writing, I’ve no evidence to support this, but I’ve also no evidence discrediting it either.

Okay fella… you need a life.

I would like to show you the reason why many females think that men are incapable of thinking beyond their own crotch.

Apparently, at approximately 10:30 EST some lonely fellow who can’t be bothered to go see the movie logged on to google, keyed in the acedemic subject of his search and hit the “Google Search” button. And thanks to a comment left in the post’s thread, he linked to us. Meaning that he actually thought we’d be able to help him in his plight for knowledge and wisdom.

… Holy Crap, Here’s another guy! – You guys are sad.

Remember this name: James Franco

jamesfranco.jpgJames Franco, the young actor who plays Harry (Peter Parker’s best friend) in the Spider-Man films, is suddenly a very hot commodity in Hollywood, and deservedly so. Not only does he give first rate performances to this background character, but he has the “look” of a legitimate Hollywood leading man. I saw Spider-man 2 again tonight, and every time Franco was on the screen the female friend I was with just swooned‚Ķ as did many of the women in the crowd. According to the internet movie database, Franco has no less than FIVE films in the works to be released over the next 2 years! That a busy schedule.

Mark my words‚Ķ this kid is going to be a major star within the next 3 years. He appears to have all the tools, he’s got the looks, and most importantly it looks like he’s getting the breaks. All I’m missing is the breaks.

Download Spiderman 2 in Full.

Well, chances are you’ve been dying to see Spiderman 2 but you haven’t seen it yet. And you think Downloading it will be faster, yes?

Well, I’ll be honest. We don’t have it. That’s right. I lied.

I just thought we’d get lots of Google hits from people looking for it though. Sorry. Thanks for helping us in the process!

To compensate, I give you this picture of a mule:

(Although we are giving away free DVDs.. Be funny and you’ll win ’em. Rules in the last paragraph here)