Interview: Saxon Sharbino talks about Trust Me and young Hollywood

MV5BMTUxNDI0NTU1N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzQ2NzY2MTE@._V1_SX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_The Clark Gregg written and directed film Trust Me is currently available everywhere on DVD and VOD. Saxon Sharbino stars as Lydia. A girl with raw talent that is on the verge of getting the break of a lifetime. I spoke to Saxon about the film and much more.



Jim: How did you get involved with the film?

Saxon: My agent sent me on a audition for Trust Me, I read for the casting directors and they called me in for a callback. I met with Clark and we went over the script and it was really intensive. I had put in a lot of effort into it. I was really nervous about it, but Clark offered it to me and it was great.


Jim: Was it intimidating to audition for Clark, and knowing that the cast was filled with big names. Did you learn anything from them on set, and how was the experience working with all those talented actors?


Saxon: Yeah, it was amazing working with all those actors. They all taught me something. Clark being the director taught me about everything that the director sees, the lighting, never saying the same line twice. It was very inspirational, I respected everyone a lot.


Jim: You have worked on some adult oriented projects. Intense films such as I Spit on Your Grave, a really good TV show that was Touch. You have avoided the typical stuff most actors your age partake in such as Disney and Nickelodeon projects. What attracts you to these more serious and adult oriented roles and films?


Saxon: Yeah, I’ve been very blessed to work on films that have characters that have depth. That’s what attracted me to Lydia, she has some great character development and there are sides of her that are very deep. That’s what really made me want to take up on a challenge like that.


Jim: Speaking of the character of Lydia, there are a lot of undertones and commentary on young Hollywood. What was your take on her, how did you go about that role? Did you do any research or preparation?


Saxon: For a role like Lydia, I did look up stories and I know of some stories of things that happen in young Hollywood. At first my parents were kinda iffy about me joining the industry, there are pretty awful things that happen if you are not around the right people and you don’t sense it. So I definitely knew about that and the things that happen, so I really didn’t need to do too much research for it. I was very aware, so to just prepare I tried to put myself in the shoes of a person like that. Nothing like that has ever happened to me as I have been very protective by my parents, my agents, my family. I’m just kinda saddened that they don’t have a strong supports system, that’s just not a good thing.


Jim: With all the fame and popularity there is also this sort of a dark side to all this that the film points out. That sometimes these actors aren’t treated as human being, but more like money making object. Is that what you were hoping the film would bring about?


Saxon: I think that actors should be aware of the dark side of this business. Young actors should know that Hollywood isn’t all fun and games, and that there just are non-good people in this industry. Everyone in this business should be aware of that and should have their walls up and have faith in people that protect and care for them. With Lydia I just wanted to share that she wasn’t a horrible person and she didn’t have people that protected her. This is how a child reacts to a particular situation. I wanted to bring light to Lydia that she’s not awful she’s just been in awful situations, and this is just how some people deal with it.


Jim: That brings me to the message of the film. The film is called Trust Me, it’s not about just trusting an agent, but real life trust in everyday life that all these characters have to deal with. Is that the message you were hoping would be noticed?


Saxon: Yeah, I think that is the message of Trust Me. If you happen to notice the depth of each character and you just don’t know what’s happening with people. Looks can be deceiving. Lydia looks like a girl that didn’t know much, then it turns out can you even trust her? I think there are a lot of messages in it.


Jim: Any projects you are excited about announcing to the fans of the film and readers of The Movie Blog?


Saxon: Yes, the movie I was in called the Poltergeist coming out next July, which I am very excited about and just got finished working on. 


Jim: Is this a remake of the original Poltergeist and who are you playing in the movie?


Saxon: Yes, it’s a remake. I’m playing Kendra.


Jim: Is horror a genre you are interested in? Is there anything specific that draws you in to certain roles or films?


Saxon:  I really like characters where I can show a lot of emotion and sides to people. That’s what drew me into Kendra and too Lydia. Just really showing the depth of people and the layers someone can have. And yeah, not particularly horror, movies like that kinda scare me, but I loved making Poltergeist it was a lot of fun.


Jim: You did an outstanding job and brought a lot of emotion and depth to your role so I definitely appreciated that.


Saxon: Thank you so much!


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