Tom Arnold Says True Lies 2 Is Happening

Sometimes when you hear about a sequel to something you just roll your eyes. Not in this case my friends. One of my personal favorite comedies of all time, and my personal favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is the 1994 James Cameron film “True Lies“. The on screen chemistry between the Govonator and Tom Arnold was one of the best on screen comedic couplings I’ve seen in a very long time, and ever since I’ve been pining to see that team return to the screen again.

“You know what she probably stole the money for Harry? An abortion.” BRILLIANT!

Well, according to Tom Arnold, that little dream of mine may soon become a reality. The actor is reported as saying in the New York Times that both he and Scharzenegger are going to return with James Cameron to do a second “True Lies” film which would start shooting in 14 months… the day after Arnold finishes his term as the Governor of California.

Neither the Terminator nor Cameron have confirmed this yet and so you’ll have to mark this one down as “rumor” until it can be verified, but it seems like Tom Arnold is either engaged in purely wishful thinking, or telling us the truth in advance. We’ll have to wait to see which one it is.

33 thoughts on “Tom Arnold Says True Lies 2 Is Happening

  1. Arnold starting to shoot the day after his term ends. He better start working out all that muscle has turned to fat.

  2. For me Jamie Lee Curtis ruined the first one. She was just so aargh… unsexy is not the right word.
    Comparable to Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity in Matrix, you simply wanted to look away every time she was in black latex, urgh! Awful!

  3. I just saw this last night for the first time ever. It was a fun movie, over the top and not believable but very fun movie indeed.

  4. Tom Arnold is one of your personal favorite comedians? Yeah he was funny in that movie but that’s about it.

    I’m actually not going to feel better unless I say ‘Tom Arnold sucks’. There, phew, much better.

    1. ya wtf that movie he is in with DMX and stevan segal…was horrible but at the end him and the black comedian have a little freestyle comedy skit they do and it is so funny that i would recomend it to any one.

  5. Don’t ever go oh they cannot do a sequel there to old there is just no need.

    Were talking about James Camron not your average joe. This guy is the best living director other than Scoreses

  6. True Lies 2 has been talked about for a long time. I would love if Arnold Swhartzhenegger would return- to fill Charton Heston’s shoes- because thatt’s how I see the Governator appearing in the film. Nothing more than a brief part. Sorry. That’s it.

    I don’t think after Swhartzhenegger’s term is up he will continue acting in a full time capacity. I just don’t think so. I can see small or supporting roles…if not a return to directing.

    Tom Arnold, however, is a strong candidate for reprising his role. And he was GREAT in that film. I would crack up if they got Bill Paxton to reprise his role as the car salesman/wanna be spy as well.


    Eliza Dushku….should be back at all costs.
    Her character could take after dear dad in one way.
    Mother in another


    1. ya i agree…after the ending of the first with curtis doing the spy thing…i can see dushku going to do spy work afte she graduated college…she is one super sexxy lady …together it would be a good movie with them all returning.

  7. This movie is going to be off the chain! I loved ‘True Lies’. The most classic scene ever is when Arnold breaks Bill Paxton’s face during his fantasy while test driving the car. LOL! Halarious!

    1. haha omg i just watched it and when i seen that part i laughed my ass off…the best part is the transition from dream state to him actually driving and hearing paxton laugh hahaha loved it all.

    2. Another great scene was when Arnold is under the effects of the truth serum and explains how he is going to kill his captors and escape BEFORE he does it. “You know my handcuffs? I have picked the lock…”

      Not sure how the sequel will work. I would think Arnold would have to be the guy in charge of the agency (ala Charlton Heston in the original), who gets rooked back for one more mission.

      Shia Labeuf would likely need to be in it as Steven suggests! Or Maybe Elizia D. is the field agent and Arnold has to help her on a big mission.

    1. ..and i can see the story goes something like this. Under some freak occurence. Titanic arise from her grave and becoming a ghost ship, with Jack and Rose as her commander. After some serious investigation by no less than James Cameron itself (along with world reknown sea experts and scientists), it turn out that a race of sea dwelling alien is the main culprit for such event. All of it happen in Desember 2012…. how about that?

  8. filler break? ya right true lies is one of the best movies ever….i mean shit his daughter was so hot and she became hotter as she got older….and all i can say is i had my VCR on rewind when jamie lee curtis was stripping…shit i dont care that she pawns yogurt that makes u shit….cause when i think of her i think of those sweet titties! man tom arnold redeemed himself majorly in this movie…before that all i can say is he was that guy married to rosanne lol…cant wait james cameron is the man and a real pleasure to listen to speak about his love of films.

    1. I never said True Lies wasn’t awesome, but without a doubt requires a lot less work than a movie like Avatar and/or Battle Angel. Less work does not mean less good. I’ve seen a lot of independent films that required less work than went into a movie such as Transformers, but is a greater film and I loved Transformers.

  9. After being gone for so long, it’s good to see Cameron possibly filling up his billet for upcoming movies to direct. With the strong possibility of him doing a Battle Angel Alita adaptation, I think a sequel to True Lies would be a good filler/break between Avatar and Alita. If this comes to be I wish my dad was still alive to see it, he loved True Lies and it was a regular viewing for us back in the day.

  10. No, the best is when the main bad guy is hanging on the missile and Arnold tells him, “Yuhr Fyurd”, and shoots him into the helicopter with the other baddies.

  11. Too good to be true… but my husband and I were both just talking about how soon it would be before Arnold went back to movies once his term is over (All this while watching Collateral Damage on DVR) If this is true… then thats quick. YAYY!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I would’ve loved to see this…ten years ago.

    What could the plot be? Aren’t all the actors way too old now to be doing all the running and shooting stuff? They could always bring in Shia LaBeouf as Arnold’s protege or something.

    I just hope they don’t try to squeeze Jamie Lee Curtis into some lingerie for another striptease.

    I think it’s way too late to have a sequel for this movie (which I also loved).

    1. I agree. Arnold’s action career is over. I don’t want to see a 60 year old man running around playing secret agent. Indy 4 was bad enough, watching Harrison Ford try to make us think he’s not a geezer.

      Not that Arnold as a former bodybuilder, probably couldn’t get in decent shape, but he was showing his age in Terminator 3 even.

      Bruce Willis still looks and skews younger than he is, that’s why he could pull off Die Hard 4.

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