103 thoughts on “Ladies And Gentlemen – The Red Neck Tank Top

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  3. I gess all of yall are real young those came out in the earle 80s and sold for 28.99 that some one trying to bring them back they were HOT back then that’s all you saw when you went to the beach all the girls had then on but they were mad better

  4. I have to laugh at all the chicks leaving disparaging comments. Let a few starlets wear this and they’d all be wearing them. Only instead of getting them out of their husbands drawer, they’d pay $50.00 at the store because the crotch is professionally torn out.

  5. i might try it myself as well…
    this site has been picked by one of the famous japanese site… going international

  6. Maybe this was taken after a natural disaster, like Katrina. A fashion disaster is easily explainable by a natural disaster.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats all i have to say about that… i mean i know times are tough but jeeze you can find a shirt…

  8. for those of you who’ve never tried this before, the rear end of briefs give excellent support the the other place men need it.

    that’s just bs, what kind of idiot wears briefs as a shirt?

  9. Nothing weird, he just has a disease that his reproductive organs is in a different location then most…aka D*** Chest Man

  10. I remember my aunt wearing one of these about 20 years ago. She had sewn up the edges so it didn’t look all ragged around the neck hole. She stopped wearing it the day we snuck a hotdog into the fly and let her walk around a mall for an hour.

  11. Where’s the larger picture after the jump?

    Oh… there is no jump, you just meant right below…

    A jump is a link, people.

    1. NOT Photoshop. I’m sure you assume that the lunar landings were faked too. Stupid people do some very stupid things.

      The imagination runs wild over such things:
      So, if she wears this all day, what’s HE wearing?!

      Yep, big and hairy Roscoe, out prowling at the county fair, drinking beer, wearing:

      a) Granny Panties?
      b) Something with Hearts and Lace fringe?
      c) Crotchless Mesh Panties?
      d) A “one-sleeve” Thong?
      e) A Running Bra for a Jockstrap?

      Imagine the sunburn lines on that.

  12. Why bother saying the picture is “after the jump”? There is no “jump”, the picture is DIRECTLY below the last line of text. Web 2.0 bullshit phrases don’t project intelligence or competency.

    1. Because Joe…. you’re on the specific post page… the context of “after the jump” was for the front page of the site. Think a little… it makes life better.

  13. What’s that brown spot on your T-shirt?
    Observe it..stare….looks like sh1t.
    Touch it…scratch…feels like sh1t.
    Smell it….sniff…smells like sh1t.
    Taste it….lick….tastes like sh1t.
    Thank God we didn’t step in it…lol.

  14. So what did they do with the “wife beater” also none as a tee shirt? Are they wearing that as a diaper?

    Geez man you might be a redneck…No you wrote the book!!!!!

  15. So what did they do with the “wife beater” also none as a tee shirt? Are they wearing that as a diaper?

    Geez man you my be a redneck you think???

  16. Wow. Congrats on getting to the front page of Digg. This might not be your first but its the only time Ive noticed it. :o

  17. Remove a few seams, use cheaper elastic and cheaper cloth, mark up the garment’s price about a million percent and then it’ll officially be a women’s tank top.

    1. I have been fascinated with art and the art world (2 degrees in it, sigh) and I declare that this is cool.

      Took me a long time to grok it, took reading some comments. It’s underwear. – and I thought of an odd sports bra cut up. But it’s MEN’S underwear. Obviously men see this faster.
      What a joke.

      If she had only hemmed that seam then it would look even better. The looseness under the arms doesnt work either. Maybe it’s used underwear, heh. She clearly is wearing no-bra.

      I can just imagine the front view. Oh I love this. Thanks Redditor, I will upvote! (Girlname is not my reddit-handle. I am a cloak-n-dagger woman on reddit.)

      What would get me is the view from the front. I mean the back section of men’s underwear is

  18. After looking at this I can’t stop but have that old slogan “wait till we get our hanes on you” stuck on my head and go over and over again. Awesomeness all around.

  19. i wonder what it looks like from the front…

    & if megan fox started wearing this & guarantee other girls would follow

    1. Virginia is the south he lives in both, but he awkwardly singled one out and then added the other.

    2. As someone who lived in Virginia for years and then left, Virginia is most certainly the South. It actually was where the capital of the Confederacy was situated [for the most part]. Also, while I’ve never seen this particular fashion statement in Va, I would believe it. But I could also believe it in upstate NY; where there is poverty, there are trailers, snaggle teeth, and unfortunate choices.

    1. tighy-whitey’s won’t be able to conceal much especially if she started to sweet… i give her props for thinking in advance!!!

  20. This CAN BE sexy, but only if Megan Fox gets into it. Think abouts it.

    Think abouts it lots. Hoo Hee Haw Haw

    1. Be nice to Aaron, he can’t help it if he won the Captain Obvious Award today (which I’m sure will still be much more exciting than the MTV Movie Awards)

    1. It’s alright. Henna is a fairly generic name in Pakistan/India.

      Anyway, necessity is the mother of invention. Props to the needy inventor.

  21. That is sad, what else can you say. Just hope it doesnt spawn a new fashion trend at local county fairs.

    1. I live pretty rural…(proud to be hillbilly bumper stickers have replaced proud to be american). Absolutely not knockin’ it… my point is that as rural or hillbilly of an area I am in, I just can’t see, or pray never to, the little hanes sports bra being the “trend.” But hey the Madonna cone things had their day, who knows?!

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