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  1. What the Hell?
    It’s cool and interesting and craep like that, but it ain’t Max Payne. I just hope this is just a really bad trailer for the movie, else it will be a big /fail.

  2. JOHN…

    when this comes out theyll show the dragonball trailer…

    keep fingers crossed so it doesnt suck.

    please dont suck…

  3. I beat both games a hundred times and loved the story and game play its a very comic book trippy feel and that preview got it right now if you say it doesn’t feel like the game you probably didn’t beat it and you should judge this as a comic book movie kinda style not a art house film.

  4. OKAY. That looks bad ass. Now if it DOES turn out like Hitman then whoever is doing the trailers should get a fuckin OSCAR because Hitman didn’t even look good in the TRAILERS. This movie looks good. It could, however, end up being boring BUT as of right now, I’m muthafuckin THERE!

  5. I believe I’m one of the few who actually find this “angels/demons” thing interesting.
    People are complaining “where’s the film noir feeling”, well I think these creatures could really give you some of that. You can tell they’re trying to do Something different compared to the usual Hollywood shit

  6. OK, for all the doubters and nay-sayers, here are a few facty bits from Total Film’s recent feature on Max Payne:

    General plot: Max Payne is an undercover cop who sniffs out a conspiracy behind a designer drug called VALKYR, brewed up by the military to create super-soldiers. Unfortunately, some bastard has flooded the streets with it, and Payne thinks that this very bastard ordered his wife and baby daughter killed. Cue shootingness.
    Walhberg says: “The hallucinations [angels and demons] are a side effect of this drug that’s been leaked onto the streets… He has to take it to keep up with the fight.”
    No wires are used in the film; Wahlberg performs all his own stunts, including “all the jumping and firing and flipping and landing on my head… it’s for real.”
    Max Payne will not be a gore- or swear-fest. Wahlberg: “What are you trying to prove? Too much swearing would make it less – not more – adult. John [Moore] and I just made sure that Max has an arsenal of weapons and cool dialogue – which is far more powerful than just cussing all the time.”

    Quotes and info from Total Film #145, September 2008

    I reckon: Wahlberg will make a great Payne
    The action will be AWESOME
    Kunis might be a weak link
    The movie WON’T be grounded in spiritual claptrap
    This might finally be a decent video game movie.

  7. Ok, this looks terrible! It has nothing to do with the game, the music in the trailer was awefull (Marilyn Manson was decent a while back, now he is just plain terrible) and the whole angels and demons stuff is just silly.

    Also Mark Wahlberg is not a good Max Payne, they should have cast another actor in the first place.

    I predict major suckage.

  8. I actually kind of enjoy the Demon/Angel things(of course as long as they’re hallucinations and don’t go into some big musical production scene). The character looks good enough. Mark is okay I guess. Mila… it’ll take some getting used to. And for regular people who have no idea about the games, this trailer fails to do one simple thing that just about every action movie trailer does: establish a villain. This is on my list(providing the critics don’t annihilate it).

  9. If you didn’t know better this could easily be the trailer for Constantine 2, I don’t know if I’m going to like the level of hallucination-related symbolism in this movie…

  10. Agree w/Kevin C above, looks a helluva lot like Constantine.

    I played Max Payne 1 & 2 on PC and don’t remember any flying demons… just the sweet sweet feel of mowing down mob goons with the twin MAC-10’s… oh yes. Almost makes me want to reinstall the game…

  11. this movie looks awesome, & it’ll be interesting to see mila kunis in a serious role.

    btw, the first dragonball trailer is supposedly going to premier with this movie. what rating is max payne gonna have?

  12. The music is being composed by Marco Beltrami, and he has taken on projects that have established themes to them. He tends to rarely use them or he decides to incorporate them in different ways.

    He worked with John Moore on The Omen remake, and his score was somewhat different from what Jerry Goldsmith did with the original film. He used Goldsmith’s themes but he made them more subdued, and instead of having the Choir shout “Ave Satani” he had them whisper the famous words.

    Beltrami is a capable composer, and it’ll be interesting to see what he does with the film. There seems to be enough inspiration for the man.

  13. i have to agree with some of the posters that commented before, but it does feel very similar to constantine and sin city. i don’t know anything about max payne except that it’s a video game. i haven’t been to excited about anything that wahlberg has done but one day i just might but for now, i will wait until this is available for rental.

  14. The Valkyires in the film are meant to be hallucinations….I think Wahlberg has to take the aptly named ‘Valkyrie’ drug to fit in with the bad guys (and further sell his bad guy appearance)…It’s after that he starts seeing the demons etc…

  15. I have watched this thing like 6 times now (big fan). The more and more I watch it, the more details I notice (duh) and I can say the following with confidence:

    1. The characters don’t seem to notice the Valkyries
    2. Almost all of the set pieces can be traced back to some moment in the game
    3. There are DEFINITELY small points of bullet time (though they seem to be more dramatic slow motion than action sequences).

    I will be there opening night with a big bowl of popcorn and a hard on.

  16. I hope it’s rated R because I’d hate if those dark angels are used to filter out the gore. Still, the movie looks good…

  17. This trailer if anything worries me even more because these angels or whatever they’re called appear in way more scenes than the last trailer. Even if the angels turn out to be hallucinations these scenes just seem to be way too numerous for a film that should be more grounded in a gritty noir crime reality rather than the religious/occult.

    I just don’t know if Kunis can be believably dangerous wielding a gun.

  18. So this is just my take on the trailers so far,

    The angels or w/e they are are in fact representations of death, induced no doubt by the drugs from the first game. These demons seem to appear in every scene where someone is killed, and if you pay close enough attention several characters seem to not even notice their presence.

  19. Fox really needs to restaff their marketing team. They’re doing that thing again where they’re not selling the story and premise in the trailers. I’m convinced all the valkyries are drug-induced hallucinations, but they really just need to say it’s about a guy whose family is murdered and goes on the warpath against some drug dealers. They can even market it up as a better version of the Punisher. I don’t see that being worse box office poison than a Constantine clone.

    Unless he actually is fighting angels and demons. In which case, somebody’s screwed up on an epic scale.

  20. I didnt like the first trailer. It looked like a new Constantine movie then Max Payne movie. Now the second trailer while better looks like a 50/50 mix of Constantine and Max Payne. I also feel Kunis as well as Marky Mark was a bad choice. Kunis reminds me of Jacky from That 70s Show still or Meg from Family Guy. I should not expect a spot on treatment of the game to this film but, as a seprate film altogether I still dont have any need to see it. The film looks boring even with the action scenes. So Im gonna skip it.

  21. @Bishop
    That would be FANTASTIC! Although, I agree I am not sure Hollywood has that much smarts to do something like that.

    I understand what you mean. But in scenes like when he is in the skyscraper, the docks, and when the badguy opens the door and Payne is behind it. These all put me right back in the game, at very specific moments too.

  22. What i meant by my comment is that I don’t get the same vibe from the trailer that i got from the game. The trailer reminds me alot more of the movie constantine than the max payne video game.

  23. OK I think I can justify this in my head. IF it plays out like that (which in all reality is 97% unlikely).

    Deep breath aaaaaaaand go:

    [ This is an Action / Crime movie with a Spiritual tint, though not metaphysical. The Valkyries present play out as spiritual representations of what is playing out on screen and not as ACTUAL Valkyries / Angels / Demons. ]

    The cast is pretty solid and it is nice to see Jamie Hector again after a terrifying turn as Marlo Standfield in The Wire.

  24. Hey moviegab,

    There are TONS of set pieces that look identical to the first game in the trailer! And Mona looks spot on.

    My two main complains with this still are:

    1. Where is the god damn classic Film Noir Music that made the game so badass?

    2. What is with all of those angels? As was suggested before, if they are dream sequences, ok. Valkarines in the dreams would kind of make sense with the charater. But if they are supposed to be REAL, then FOX has gone way beyond the original plot.

    By the way, I am aware that my number 2 and my comments to Moivegab are somewhat contradictory. I just think that as of this moment, there are enough Payne elements to allow it a shot a Max Payne.

    In any case, people should also be paying attention to Payne and Redemption. Google it!!!

  25. Looks pretty bad ass.

    THOUGH first it started with a tampax commercial… but i could hear max talking underneath it while it was playing… lil glitch, but lets just say i was a tad confused.

  26. If the movie was called something else and not based on a game i’d be excited about it, but it is and it looks nothing like the game. I heard that the movie has no bullet time. How can they make a max payne movie and they don’t put bullet time.

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