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Fantastic Four Theory: Female Silver Surfer Spells Disaster

The upcoming Fantastic Four movie has fans talking, especially after the news that Julia Garner would be portraying the Silver Surfer! However, as many comic fans know, the Silver Surfer is typically portrayed as the male character, Norrin Radd. Despite only hearing of the casting news, some fans online were a little perturbed about the change. Maybe they worried it was a straight-up gender swap, or that we’d never see the classic Norrin Radd version. Also, to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see fan-favorite characters. However, the smell of sexism does begin to rise if a person’s only objection is the news of a female being cast in a role that no one knows the plot of yet.

For those who are unaware, having a female Silver Surfer is not a new concept from the Marvel comics. As a matter of fact, it was Norrin Radd’s own lover who became the Silver Surfer in a different timeline. Her name was Shalla-Bal and her character is the one Julia Garner is reportedly playing.

Julia Garner Silver Surfer Fantastic Four Comics.

Image via Marvel Comics.

Here’s where things get interesting. Remember that Deadpool and Wolverine trailer that hinted at a multiverse? In the trailer, the TVA appears to be tasking Wade Wilson with the mission to save the multiverse. According to Deadpool, he’s going to become the new Marvel Jesus and save the MCU. This mission sounds very reminiscent of the Deadpool 2 mission. In that film, Wade went through time to fix poorly received films from Fox and Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern movie. Well, if Deadpool goes on another multiversal mission, then that opens up some interesting possibilities for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Fantastic Four Fan Theory:

First, we get a female Silver Surfer, played by the Emmy award-winning, Julia Garner. It’s always a positive when you get a talented actor to play a role. Then there’s the possibility that this character and the Fantastic Four film takes place in another universe. The clues that lead many to believe this is found in Marvel’s promotional images. One image shows the family in their home. At a closer glance, Ben Grim reads a magazine from what appears to be the 1960s. (Coincidentally, around the time the characters debuted in the comics.)

fantastic four

Image via Marvel Studios.

In addition,  another poster from Marvel showcased something interesting. The city where the Fantastic Four may live appears to be a futuristic, Jetsons-like city.  But since it’s a different universe, the rules can change! This Silver Surfer could be a completely new character.

Fantastic Four Poster Marvel Studios

Anyone familiar with the Fantastic Four knows that when The Silver Surfer shows up, his master, Galactus, is not far behind. This cosmic villain poses a major threat whenever he arrives because Galactus is known for his terrifying appetite for entire planets.

The fan theory asks the terrifying question: What if Galactus attacks this alternate Earth and the Fantastic Four lose the battle? That might sound bad, but here’s the twist: this defeat could actually have a bright side. Based on the premise of Deadpool and Wolverine, we could see the Merc With A Mouth come in at the last moment and save the Fantastic Four team. Meaning, this iteration of the team could be brought into the main Sacred Timeline of the MCU.

So, instead of getting upset about a gender swap, what if this is a way to introduce a brand new Surfer and set the stage for a future battle with Galactus (and maybe even a classic male Silver Surfer)? In other words, let’s hold off on the judgment until we see how Deadpool and Wolverine and Fantastic Four turn out.  The multiverse opens up a ton of possibilities, and this could be a fantastic (pun intended) way to introduce the Fantastic Four to the MCU.

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