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Could We See A Very Different Bond Going Forward?

Hopefully, this won’t be a spoiler by this point, but the unprecedented ending of Daniel Craig’s final movie in the shoes of James Bond left a lot of people stunned. Out of all the movies and different actors in the role, we’ve never had a Bond that actually died on screen and not just in fan theories. No one really believes that the character is gone forever, though, so what can we expect from the next 007?

The Core Of Bond

There are a few things that fans certainly won’t want to disappear as they form the core of the entire character. To start with, the spy’s high-flying lifestyle feels like something essential; fancy drinks, top-end cars and peak fashion have been hallmarks of the franchise from the start. As part of that, the casino aspect also needs to be included at least in some form.

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Between poker, roulette, and craps, not to mention several wagers, Bond needs that gambling element. It could be updated for modern technology and have the spy playing online slots or something like the virtual roulette games available at Betfair Casino, but 007 simply won’t be himself unless there is some gambling involved somewhere.

So if that style and luxury are set in stone, which parts of the character are up for adjustments?

The First Female Bond?

This has been easily the most discussed possibility since the end of Craig’s era. To date, there has never been a female version of Bond, even in the extended novels, and changing times seem to be happy to upend established character genders. The name James aside, there is little in established lore to say that the next 007 couldn’t be a female character.

Popular options so far have led with Naomie Harris’ incarnation of Moneypenny, assuming that the next film sticks with the same timeline and universe. Names like T’nia Miller and Lashana Lynch have also been thrown into the mix, and even Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones fame has been in the rumours. It’s a dramatic change of course but would certainly get people talking.

A Classic Spy Film?

Here’s something a bit different to think about. People often forget that Bond was originally a spy and not an action star, with the latter mainly coming in around the millennium with Pierce Brosnan’s version. Right through to Craig, we have had a very action-heavy Bond with huge blockbuster scenes of guns and explosions. Could a new Bond go back to being a classic spy of old?

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This one is, unfortunately, very unlikely. The tastes of the 2020s are very different from those in the ’60s and ’70s, and the slow-paced Bond of intrigue and high-level thought would likely not work as anything but a break between gunfights. If the rumours of a streaming TV continuation to the franchise come true, it may have a better chance though.

So far, the studios and all others involved in Bond are keeping their lips tightly sealed. We’re all in wait-and-see mode but we’re expecting something big sooner rather than later!

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