Skrulls and Hulk for The Avengers?

With all the Marvel films quietly gathering speed towards The Avengers film, fanboys are holding their breath waiting to see who the Avengers would face off against.

Well this is pure rumour, but says someone knows something. It will be the Skrulls and a hypnotized Hulk.

Marvel Freshman (who blogs over at Comic Book Movie) was tweeting last night that he’d heard from a fairly reliable tipster about which threat Marvel’s biggest super-team might be facing: a Skrull invasion. (And the Hulk gets brainwashed as well.)

Sounds a little bit too much like fanwank pandering. Fake rumour invented just to please the masses. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Skrulls on a film, but I just don’t know that they would fit in against the Avengers just yet. Maybe I have to see some mystical added into the soup to get my head out of the superscience of Iron Man first.

But they might have had me hoping if they didn’t say they were going to include a brainwashed Hulk too. Personally I think Avengers would be a great film to have them face off against the Hulk. One of their own goes out of control? The social implications as well as the guaranteed smashing combat is a formula made in Hollywood Heaven.

Skrulls can take a back seat. Maybe show a shapeshifter cameo to hint at them down the road.

Hulk Smash! Then get Norton to cameo for the 5 minutes we see the Hulk as Banner – just because he said it wont happen.

There’s your movie.

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15 thoughts on “Skrulls and Hulk for The Avengers?

    1. While I think a Civil War movie would be awesomely epic, I think it’s to soon to have Civil War added to the big screen just yet.

      We can’t just have them jump straight into that story arc, right after all their origin stories. They’ve know each other for years before all that happens.

      Than again they could just do a recap. than a “Five Years Later” In Bold Caps lol

  1. While I’m sure this is rumor, in order for a rumor to be successful, there has to be an element of truth to it. (See TMB post for 7/29/2009) So it won’t be the first time The Skrulls were namedropped.

    Personally, I think they may have dropped it by now.

    As for the Hulk being ‘brainwashed’? Well, duh.
    We expect the Hulk to be back; it is not a stretch to think that Loki would brainwash and/or trick Hulk into doing some sort of mayhem. That’s what pretty much happened in the first ish!

  2. And by author, I mean the rumor’s author, not Rodney.

    Just wanted to be clear, as I wish to avoid the stinging wrath of Rodney’s viscous verbal haymakers!

  3. Those two are the villains of the first two Ultimate story arcs. Either the Marvel Movie U is continuing to follow the Ultimate trend, or the author is just unoriginal.

  4. You’d think they would learn from Spider-Man 3 mistake. To many villains in one movie will make it to convoluted, and make it hard for them to focus on each of them. As well as the overall story in the movie.

  5. Not feelin’ the Skrulls at all, Baron Zemo was the main villan in the books 1-? and Hulk was the target, that’s what the Avengers should be. that or Kang!

    Those F’n Skrulls got boring after too many issues of the Silver Surfer’s 2nd series, it drove me crazy reading thru that stuff

    hope its a rumor

    1. Avengers #1 was the team coming together to fight the Hulk who was being controlled by Loki. Baron Zemo didn’t show up until after Cap was revived.

  6. thats not a bad idea. that thing of the social implications, that would grant some realism to the idea of “group of costumed heroes”

  7. I don’t think its such a bad idea either to include the Skrulls as long as its not a full scale invasion. They would certainly add to the drama of the film.

    I am for it in the right context.

  8. I like the sound of the Hulk being the adversary for the Avengers movie. Youre definitely right though Rodney, it would be too much to introduce the Skrulls as the main villains for the first films. Giving one of the best story lines first would not go well for Marvel and the franchise. My only hope is that if they go with the Hulk we will see the Inredible Hulk version of the green giant and not Ang Lees swollen disaster as pictured above.

    1. I’ve always felt, after seeing both versions of The Hulk, that Ang Lee’s looks more realistic.

      I wasn’t that impressed with the CG in “The Incredible Hulk”, the Abomination in particular, and Norton being such a prima donna just because he didn’t get his way with his idea’s of how the film should be edited.

      If they are going to have the Hulk then let’s start fresh, have a new actor (someone who isn’t a jerk) and then get the CG looking even more realistic.

      You could do far worse than Ang Lee’s version, and for my money they did with The Incredible Hulk.

  9. i’d rather tony messes up and his tech and skrull tech (in name only and saving space for their appearance in later movies) combine and formed ultron. then you can bring in the vision as a 4th or 5th member (if u bring back norton and hulk) since the vision comes from ultron.

  10. Yeah I think you are right on having the Skrulls take a backseat in this.I think it will take some time in showing us where they came from and why the take over earth. Just show me how the hulk got out of control in about a scene or two, then around the end we find out that the skrulls was behind it all then I know they got my $20. That if this is true this can just have The Avengers vs. Baron Zemo or the Red Skull, but let hope for the best.

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