Resident Evil Afterlife Trailer Online

A new trailer has made its way online for the latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise.

Resident Evil Afterlife once again has Milla Jovovich returning to the role of Alice in what is left of the world after three movies of zombie inducing virus mayhem.

It does have a little bit of an I Am Legend feeling to it, but then we find out that there is a superclean and tidy organization that needs to be shot at, so it goes back to what Resident Evil is best known for.

Now I know that often in trailers we get a peek at a film not yet finished so the effects are not going to be perfect, but if they are going to brag that its “The Worlds Most Advanced 3D Technology” (and it is – they are using James Cameron’s Fusion Camera System) you would think the effects in the trailer would be more impressive.

Don’t get me wrong, it looks good and its the first time I have been even remotely interested in seeing a Resident Evil film (I am not mad at it – just not a big fan) and of course its not a stretch to make Milla look hot, but they do a great job at it in this trailer.

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42 thoughts on “Resident Evil Afterlife Trailer Online

  1. I’m soo sick of Alice in resident evil. I’ve read the books and played the games. Now tell me why they had to put a character that has nothing to do with the book and the game. The whole idea is suspense and thrill of actual human beings surviving blood sucking zombies! The movie doesn’t make any sense of the actual characters in the game and book. They basically threw Jill in the second movie with noo background of where she came from except shes a S.T.A.R.S member. She should of been in the first movie in the first place with Chris and Wesker; Jill in the second movie fighting more zombies in Caliban Cove and the third introducing Leon and Claire. Dumbass Hollywood producers.

    1. Because its an adaptation of the video game. Its not ACTUALLY the video game.

      Why do we have to have a movie that plays out the exact plot of the video game?

      Never fails. As soon as one person says “there is no creativity left in Hollywood” there is someone else thinking they can do the job better that those “dumbass hollywood producers” and their idea is to make everything the same.

  2. p.s. really people I know the window scene is very similar but how many times have we seen a scene like that? I bet you matrix ripped it from someone else and then everyone else has done since. Don’t base an entire movie (or even trailer) on a 10 sec. bit

  3. I have always loved Milla and played all the RE games, so I still have a connection with this fourth film. I believe that the first one is still the best, the 2nd brutal, the 3rd pretty bad but at least violent again. This movie I have to say does look very close to the 5th film as the zombies are the more improved zombies, you’ve got the big hammer swinging boss and the dude that’s in charge of umbrella (can’t remember his name), that is a zombie himself could be super kick ass. I believe this movie could excel to at least a 60% on RT, but knowing WS Anderson’s track record, that won’t happen. He has improved on his movies in recent memory, but really it’s a toss up between event horizon or death race for best (I know not quite a race lol). My hopes are high though (maybe he can get Cameron to help him show how to make a movie with his camera lol).

  4. Well this does rip off the scene from Matrix Reloaded with Alice falling outside the window and shooting her guns while falling. I think it’s a tad disappointing that they would so blatantly rip off another movie like that.

    Other than that, I see so many influences of other scifi movies. Ultraviolet, Underworld, Matrix, Equilibrium, Blade, etc.
    I wish the RE movies can find its own original stuff instead of taking things from other flicks.

  5. I must be a crap movie lover or I just like watching Milla doing action movies. Lets face it there is not that many female action stars. How hot would it be to see Milla and Kate Beckensdale in a action flick together? I bet it could be the dumbest movies ever but it would make money.

  6. I don’t think the RE franchise is a study on film its just a fun movie that people of my generation miss from the greats of the 80s and early 90s. These types of action movies are the great escape a way to just have a good time laugh and go yeah fn right. Go in laugh your face off jump up and down and watch shit die! Bring on RE AF I am ready

  7. I wanna be pumped for this movie but this doesnt really look or feel like a resident evil movie at all. The 3D addition will definitely be a plus but for now…..I need to see more. Also i agree with Bcreek, Claire is supposed to be just an average girl thrown into this situation and kind of teaches herself to kick ass. This trailer makes her look like shes gonna be all gentically altered or somethin. Oh and if theres scenes that are supposed to be adapted from res 5…..I havent played it yet :(

  8. It’s been awhile since I saw the last Resident Evil movie, so don’t flame me for not knowing this. Did Allie Larter have a big role in Apocolypse. All I can remember about her character is that she was just an average tough girl. This trailer makes her seem like she’s another genetically altered chick such as Alice. What do you guys think?

    1. ya ali larter was like the second in ass kicking i guess in part 3…when mila goes down to kill the “boss” at the end of the movie ali takes the chopper full of people to alaska

  9. Isn’t the guy from prison break playing Chris? Seems like that would be something to get fans of the game excited. I wonder why they didn’t make a point of that in the trailer. Maybe they are saving it.

  10. Wow, actually looks pretty awesome. As a strait up sci-fi action movie that is, not as a real Resident Evil movie. Glad they actually put more effort into this one to make it at least look good enough to come out in theaters. Last one was strait to DVD and for good reason. And the A Perfect Circle song is a great touch.

    Even though this series has pretty much sucked from the beginning, I’m glad to see they’re trying to go out with a bang for this last one. And since they are using Cameron’s Fusion Camera System, I hope they will take full advantage of the 3D. From the looks of it they are, but so few movies thus far have, even though every movie these days seem to be in 3D.

    After this they’re suppose to be rebooting this series and doing the story lines from the video games. which they should have done in the first place. Oh well, live and learn I guess. ;P

  11. Loved the Games back in the day (loved #3 nemesis game)
    The movies 1&2 were a tad dissapointing, never got to #3

    But this could rock, I mean with the proper equipment for 3-D and not just some quick conversion(Clash) this could be awesome in the sense that this would be the 1st Zombie(sorta)flick in 3-D! and Mila just gave me wood(again!)with the Tomb Raider hair.

    Some flaws are extreamly obvious but it’s early

  12. I was able to enjoy the first movie since there was still enough horror involved for it to seem like it was Resident Evil inspired. The second movie was harder to swallow but still had some good moments. I’d rather forget that the third movie ever happened since I feel it was almost as bad as the second Highlander movie. And now this… I know it’s just a trailer and I hate to rush to judgement, but it just looks a little too much like The Matrix with characters VERY loosely based on Resident Evil. I mean look at that falling out of the window scene and tell me that it isn’t reminiscent of The Matrix Reloaded.
    The redeeming things I see: Milla is hot as ever, and they re-used the remix of “The Outsider” by A Perfect Circle in the trailer. (Maynard James Keenan, the lead singer for APC, and Milla worked together on a song for his side project Puscifer which is amazing by the way)

    1. I got the matrix feeling too especially with the falling out of the window scene. seemed like a cross between Res evil, matrix, even a little equilibrium. But the scene where they fall out of the window seemed like a direct rip off of the matrix reloaded scene, except the reloaded scene was better IMO.

    2. I can agree that The Matrix Reloaded isn’t the only movie to ever do that whole falling out of the window shooting scene, but it is definitely the most well known. Also, it doesn’t help to dispel that association given what they’re wearing in the shot. That aside, I’m looking forward to this in a weird sort of way. I’ve allowed myself to look past the name and not expect anything like Resident Evil. Hopefully, it will be a nice little action flick. Also forgot to mention that Milla is indeed hot, and it only helps that Ali Larter is involved again. Two hot chicks, guns, zombies, explosions…. the only way it could sound better is if someone was in the movie attempting to surgically attach people to each other mouth to anus. :) I hear they’re going to run a trailer for it before showings of A Nightmare On Elm Street, so maybe there will be a little more to see then.

  13. I just don’t buy this as Resident Evil, and I never have. It’s too much of an action flick. It’s the same thing with the recent games. Too “one man vs everything”.

    1. All of the Resident Evil games are about “one man vs. everything” if you really think about it. RE 4 and 5 are just less survival horror and more shooter. Which I fucking love!!!! The movies can’t hold a candle near the games which they are adapted from. But I still watch them, and I will be looking out for AfterLife.

  14. The movies are horrible. I saw the first and didn’t like it, saw the second just because I wanted to see Nemesis in the movie, never even bothered seeing the third movie and I won’t bother watching the fourth. It looks like crap.

  15. I like the Resident Evil series, but a fourth movie that to much and it’s in 3D. I know that this movie don’t need to be in 3D.
    The franchise should end with Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 3 was a very disappointing movie. Milla is HOT!

    1. The Resident Evil franchise winning an Oscar?

      Pshaw, yeah, right…..

      But we can always hope! Milla’s insanely hot :-D

      I kinda like the trailer. Not drooling over it, but yeah, it’s good…..

  16. I saw the trailer with Clash of Titans in 3d and it looked awesome. A perfect movie for 3d. I’m stoked to see it. And NO it is not hard to make Milla Jonavich hot. She can be in a potato bag and still look smokin.

    1. And you can’t know that.

      You can state your anticipation, or even a guess, but you cannot absolutely say this movie IS crap because you haven’t seen it yet.

      And who knows, maybe you will see it and it will rock.

      Calling it crap is short sighted when you haven’t even seen it.

      1. That’s because its the popular thing to do – hate on the RE franchise. This movie looks almost like a direct adaptation of the Resident Evil 5 game. IMO it seems to be the movie that’s closest to the games yet. I can’t wait to see this. This trailer, mixed with some of the stuff Milla has posted on Twitter, mixed with Arrow-in-the-Head’s set visit report really has me anticipating this.

      2. Slushie, bare in mind that this will not obviously be a DIRECT adaptation, for obvious reasons. But I do know that a lot of things seem to be adapted from the RE5 game, and I think Oroboros is, as we talked about on MSN, involved in the plot. So I would expect some usage of that. We’ll probably see some of that in a later trailer as it gets closer to the release date.

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