New Alice in Wonderland Trailer Online

Tim Burton’s new take on Alice in Wonderland is showing a different side as we get to see a new trailer for the film.

It seems that Alice has been to Wonderland before. This is more like a Return to Wonderland film and that makes me more interested than just seeing a straight up retelling of the classic storybook with fascinating visuals.

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16 thoughts on “New Alice in Wonderland Trailer Online

  1. Finally, an Alice trailer that doesn’t feel like another teaser. Looks really awesome and very funny too.

    I seems like a mix of classic Alice and American McGee’s Alice. How Alice has been to Wonderland before and the Queen has taken over Wonderland. She made it all dark and twisted and it’s up to Alice to make things all right again. But not as dark and twisted and American McGee’s version, among many other differences.

    So if this is the story of Alice going BACK to Wonderland, why is the title just Alice in Wonderland? What would the story before this of been called?

    I wonder if that flash of a huge dragon, at the end of the trailer, was suppose to be the Jabberwocky.

    Can’t wait to see this movie.

    1. I just watched the SciFi produced “Alice” which takes the same McGee’s approach.

      It was ok, but there were a lot of disconjointed things in it. Alice is refered to as “the alice of legend” but dodges the coincidence in name and its never revealed if she was ever in Wonderland before or not.

      I imagine if this is a return story, Through the Looking Glass could be the name of the unmade prequel.

  2. This feels a lot like the Wonderland comic that came out a couple of years ago by Disney/Slave Labor. Not exactly the same, but similar. I’m not sure how I feel about it, especially titled ‘Alice in Wonderland’…which is misleading to those expecting an adaptation of the original story. But we’ll see.

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