Jessica Biel and Shartlo Copley to sign on to A-Team

I thought Shartlo Copley was already a done deal as Howling Mad Murdock in the upcoming A-Team, but they have yet to put pen to paper on that one, but we hear news that its as good as done. As well Jessica Biel may be signing on as an Army General and former girlfriend of Face.

Screen Crave says:

Copley and Biel are in final negotiations to join the film in their respective roles. If all goes well, Biel will play the former love of Faceman (Bradley Cooper), an Army general who is now pursuing the team. Once these two are officially on board the cast will be complete with Cooper, Liam Neeson as Hannibal, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as B.A. Baracus.

As much as I am not opposed to having Jessica Biel in anything at all just for pure eyecandy, I don’t know that I like her as the pursuing General.

I can’t remember the guy’s name, but I always liked the gruff and angry General from the TV show that was always a step behind the A-Team stalking them from city to city. Now that’s going to be Biel? And she’s going to have been a former girlfriend of the Faceman? This doesn’t settle well with me. But at least we will get to see Biel in a form fitting military outfit.

Personally I wished they had gone with Matt Frewer, who is still popping up in stuff. He could easily make for a great Murdock!

They had better hurry their asses up since filming has already reportedly started in Vancouver.

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14 thoughts on “Jessica Biel and Shartlo Copley to sign on to A-Team

  1. The news of Biel possibly joining cast makes me cringe. I can’t take her seriously in any role because she’s the same in every role. I hope this deal falls through or if it doesn’t she has a tiny role. The woman is terrible in action movies she needs to stay away from them.

  2. So excited for this movie. Think this flick will surprise a lot of people next summer. Main reason is Joe Carnahan. Been waiting for him to do a big Studio movie ever since I’ve seen Narc and the BMW short film The Ticker. Was dissappointed when he got fired off of Mission Impossible 3. He would have made that so badass instead of ALIAS the movie. And Jessica Beil thing as the General is probably a mistake. Probably misreported just like the Rambo story with him fighting Drug lords in Mexico.

  3. Could she be playing the part of Amanda Allen originated by Melinda Culea…or some other reporter who eventually helps out The A Team? I also will buy her as “a love interest” for a smooth talking Faceman.

    As for Army General? No. I could see her as an MP though.
    I’m not knocking the actress, her talent…but there’s over the top and then there’s inviting ridulcle.

  4. General? WTF? Most Generals are 42 to 50 some years old. There have been like 20 or 30 women Generals ever, and now some one too young and serving in a non-combat capacity is going to be pursuing a group of Special Forces types?

    With that kind of thinking, this movie will be at least as good as Stealth or Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the recent one). Way to go Hollywood.

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