Boondock Saints 2 All Saints Day Redband Trailer Online

I have yet to see Boondock Saints, but I am aware of its cult following. Now after seeing the trailer for the sequel, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, I can honestly say I won’t be putting that off for very long.

Two words: Julie Benz.

That girl is sex personified. I am excited about seeing this film, and she just made it that much more interesting. Just sayin.


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41 thoughts on “Boondock Saints 2 All Saints Day Redband Trailer Online

  1. It doesn’t make my list of top 20 or perhaps even top 50 favorite films.

    But chalk me down for another reader who was shocked to hear you haven’t seen Boondock Saints. Having seen it, I can only say that this trailer for the sequel doesn’t even touch the surface of how awesome this will really be.

  2. I had heard about BDS for years but had no idea what it was until one drunken in the barracks…USMC Baby…a bunch of us got together and watched it. It was an immediate hit to all of us!!! I can’t tell you how long we ran around mimicking lines and acting like those guys in the movie!!! I really like the movie and am stocked about he second. I admit its not the masterpiece everbody makes it out to be, but if you like crazy over the top action then you’ll love this movie. I thought Dafoe was awesome and I really hope the woman taking his place doesn’t try to pull his role off or overdo him…that is the only thing I could see ruining this movie.

  3. Boondock Saints is only a classic in the eyes of those who THINK they are movie buffs.

    It’s just another example of over-hyped mediocrity that frat boys everywhere can pump their fists in the air to when someone says they are a fan.

  4. I feel the same as many people here, I did not really care for the first Saints at all and didn’t see the big deal.

    Like people have said before, there are cult films I love that everyone else hates and cult films everyone else loves that I hate, this being one of them.

    Case in point, a friend of mine at work thinks Kung Pow: Enter the Fist is one of the funniest movies ever made but Hates Kung Fu Hustle; I on the other hand think Kung Fu Hustle is one of my favorite films and put Kung Pow in my worst films of all time list. Go figure.

    Also there is another category in the middle: Films that i respected for how they were made and for their contribution to the filmmaking world but that i got NO entertainment from and didnt enjoy.

  5. You all need to see “overnight”. the doco about the director. it is hilarious and he is a complete douche.
    Its a better film then boondock saints.

  6. Haven’t seen Boondock Saints, but I must say that Willem Dafoe was AMAZING in “Shadow of the Vampire.” One of my all-time favorite little movies.

      1. American Psycho is underrated? I don’t know about that, I know it was low key in theaters, but over the years, its gained a big cult following. It even spawned a sequel too. Lots of people seem to love that movie.

  7. I loved the first Boondock Saints and when I saw the trailer for the second movie today I did a quick wikipedia on the original and was amazed it did so crap … it is a great movie and the sequel will be awesome too!!!!

  8. The decision or inability to land Defoe will cripple this movie. He is the main reason the first film was such a cult hit. Julie Benz have some big shoes to fill. I thought besides Defoe’s over the top performance the 1st film was very average and a bit cheesy.

    will wait for positive feedback before seeing the second one.

  9. Awesome trailer. I loved the first movie and so glad they made a 2nd. The cast is amazing and to me one of the best action movie casts EVER. Billy Connolly is the man! Looks like he has a bigger role this time too, makes me so happy.

    Can’t wait.

  10. As much as I love looking at julie benz, I’m bummed that she is dafoe’s replacement. I thought him and his character had great chemistry with the first film.

  11. a lot of people say its amazing others say its terrible. I love william defoe but it is pretty corny. Persoanlly love the movie but I love corny action movies like shootemup crank among others.

  12. The first was good not great and its really over rated by its fans but this sequel looks like shit. Why would you replace Defoe with a terrible actress who got hired because shes hot. This one has no spirit and is gong to be bland as an egg white omelet.

  13. I was also told how good this movie was and to watch it sooner than later…two years later i rented it and absolutely loved it. It was great. I’ll watch the second one because i trust the director to give us a good action movie, but my favorite thing from the first one is easily, Willem Dafoe. If you hear one line from that movie,hear his response to a question when he is in bed with his partner. i had to pause the movie because of how hard i was laughing.

  14. I concur with Sampson on I can’t believe how succesful this site is and you have yet to see one of the most interestingly wild and out there movies ever created. Violence factor 10+ with an amazing story to back it all up. Stop whatever you doing and watch this flick immediately!

    1. amazing story…hmmm, i cant agree with u there. the action was pretty good for its time, but other than that, didnt see anything special

      1. yea…ummmm Chris…..HATER! Keep it to yourself. haha the movie was great because of it’s simplicity. What?? A movie can only be great if it’s 100% original?? That’s dumb because even if a movie a masterpiece in everybody’s eyes and seen as the most original piece of movie art ever in a couple years it won’t be that anymore so…is it still great? Is the first Matrix still great? FUCK YEA IT IS!

      2. sigh…hater, damn i hate that word..its whatever tho, never did i say one of its faults was originality, it just wasnt anything special to me…and i dont think its fair to compare boondock saints to the matrix..matrix broke ground and changed the way hollywood made action flicks…saints, not somuch

  15. I think the original film is over hyped. I was told repeatedly I had to watch the movie and that I would love it. So I did with some friends who too have not seen it and a few never heard of it.

    I thought it was ok but far from the masterpiece a lot of people make it out to be and my friends thought the same.

    1. Before I get yelled at, I do plan to rewatch it at some point. Like I said, the film got built up to be this movie made of nothing but awesome when I saw it. I might change my views on it after a second showing.

      1. I hear ya. My buddy kept hounding me to watch Boondock Saints for years-he swears it’s a cinematic marvel! However, I wasn’t blown away by it. That’s not to say I didn’t like it, because I did, but it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.

      2. i have to agree, typical vigilante story with a stipid, fucked up sense of morality…never got what all the hype was about, dafoe did a great job (tho intentionally campy) but never understood what made it classic

    2. It’s alright. Cult Classics are rarely liked by everybody. I hated Rocky Horror Picture Show, but that has quite a following. Then I loved Donnie Darko, which many hate. Those that think these movies are masterpieces are those that made the movie a cult classic. There is an underground following that is pretty strong for them, and outsiders just don’t get it. It blew my mind when I found out that Rocky Horror Picture show is still shown in theaters and its a extravaganza where people from all over come dressed in drag and costumes to watch it.

      I think I will probably fall on your side of the fence when it comes to the first Boondock Saints movie, which is probably why I have never made it completely through the movie.

    3. I am so glad I wasn’t the only one. I thought I was going to get lynched for posting that. =)

      It is odd I didn’t care for the film like others do cause I do like a lot of cult classic films and a fan of similar movies.

      As for the trailer… again, not impressed. =\

      1. ummmm EVERYBODY ON HERE SHOULD BE AND I WOULD LIKE TO THINK IS A “FILM BUFF”! Fuckin DUUUH! So if you are truly a “film buff” how the HELL haven’t you SEEN this movie???!! Like…WHAT??

  16. Oddly I have only seen parts of the first one. Everybody that I have talked to that has seen it loved it. I have seen the cat getting shot scene in slow motions like ten times. I have seen the documentary on the guy that created/directed the first film. Yet despite all of this I have not seen the movie from start to finish for some ungodly reason. I blame alcohol, because I tend to be drinking every time I start watching it (which explains the viewing of the cat getting shot in slow motion). The documentary is pretty insane, and the director made pretty much zero money on the movie despite it becoming a cult classic. If he is directing the second one as well, hope he comes out better in the end that he did no the first.

  17. It is a very good movie that you should see Immediately. I personally am very excited for it and am happy that they got all of the original cast but Dafoe back for the sequel

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