WATCH THIS! New Transformers 2 Footage

Ok, I admit that I am a Transformers geek of the highest level. I love the Transformers and despite it’s weaknesses I absolutely loves the first movie (not the animated one). Yes, I have my reservations about this second Transformers movie coming out… but Movie Blog reader Ty was just gracious enough to hook me up with the video showing new footage and a clip from the new movie that reminded me of why I love the Transformers so much.

Check it out:

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95 thoughts on “WATCH THIS! New Transformers 2 Footage

  1. WHY is Paramount removing it from the Internet? I went to Michael Bay’s site and couldn’t find it there, either! I keep sending my friend links to watch it and they are always dead by the time he gets to them. Paramount, what the hell are you doing? Are you trying to squash the hype for your OWN FUCKING MOVIE?!

  2. Epic :D

    I like how the montage doesn’t focus on the humans at all… I’m hoping it’s an indication of what we can expect to come in the movie… Less human, more robot character developement.

    So far it’s two thumbs up from me, and a mild erection.

    1. I hear what you guys are saying about more transformers and less humans. Every time a transformer is on scene it’s eye candy. It’s like the stuffing in the oreo. Maybe transformers 2 will be like double stuff oreos.

      But I don’t think the balance should be tipped too far towards transformer focus cause what works for 20 minute cartoons might not work for a 2 hours movie. There is too much of a good thing in movies. Too much oreo stuffing. you need the human element to stay grounded, even in an unbelievable fantasy. IMHO

  3. I see your point Hazmat lol.
    Schindler’s List made everyone cry lol, I cried at the end of Shawshank Redemption.

    Btw Devastator looks awesome

  4. Thank you so much for posting this John! >_<


    WOOOOOOOOOO, this is gonna be the best movie ride ever!!!!!!


  5. I thought the fact that Sam was leaving Bumblebee and making excuses, “I need a normal life, I don’t need a cool car like you, I need a normal car, they don’t allow cars at school, blah blah blah” were crap and made no sense.

    Yeah, you wanna go to college without a car like Bumblebee. Puleeze. I don’t buy it.

    1. I don’t get it either.
      1. He would probably be 1 in 3 guys to have the new 2010 Camaro (depending what college were talking about)
      2. He’d have the biggest, baddest personal bodyguard ever, NO ONE WOULD FUCK WITH HIM.
      3. He’d have a new Camaro that would turn into a giant metal bodyguard. (1 & 2 combined)
      AND 4! He would never have to drive himself anywhere (good for those late night bar hoppings)

    2. And I don’t know ANY college that expressly forbids freshman from taking their cars. It’s just more difficut for a freshie to score a permit than upperclassmen.

    3. Agreed, I don’t get all the stuff he was saying to Bumblebee either. I mean the comedy worked, but the lines just seemed badly written.

      Hopefully being just a clip it’s not the whole thing and we’re just missing something that they didn’t want to show us until the movie comes out.

      But all the stuff that came after the scene was freakin’ unbelievably amazing.


  6. I like how this is shaping up. It seems like the transformers themselves will be getting more dialogue and screentime and thats great. It also looks as if they are going to more than top themselves as far as action goes.

    Jetfire reminds me of Kup from the animated movie and I liked him in that very much. He provides a sense of history through his stories and grumblings, it could work well in this film.

    I absolutely cannot wait to see Devastator in action, he looks awesome.

  7. Not trying to make a personal attack on you Hazmat, you know I’m your friend, but Jaws and Jurassic Park overrated???!!!

    1. Lol thats cool, no personal attack

      Jurasic Park and Jaws were very fun but when people start putting up the words like “theres no denying the iconic and legendary place those films have” then I can kinda say “STOP” to that. You can say that about Shindlers List though, that movie was deep….as in…made me weep in my world history class when they showed it…but not about any other movie by the guy…E.T. is thought to be legendary and godlike to people…and I cant deny that…and THATS why I believe its overrated

      Sure people love the films and love to say the guys name in the trailers..and hes a godlike producer and all..but thats exactly why I think hes overrated (im not hating on the guy, his movies are [mostly] fun…but some people take it too far with the guy)

      Amistad and Shindlers list were the only 2 “HOLY SHIT THAT MOVIE CHANGED ME” movies that I can think of from him…the rest were good and fun….or, in Catch me if you Can’s case, horrible

    2. A lot of ppl think ET is overrated. I love it cuz I saw it when I was a KID and it had a very magical feel to it that I think one can only feel as a child. Now when I watch it, I am reminded of those childhood feelings.

      However, a few of my friends who are my same age thought ET was a scary ass lil alien and the movie freaked them out…haha sooooo….yea….

      And I think JP was so iconic was because of the special effects. Nobody had seen somethin that real on screen before. I mean it wasn’t CG but it was such a BIIIIG deal that they MADE these HUGE fuckin dinos. Everybody was in AWE about that. And knowing that these creatures had been created like that added to the film going experience and turned that movie into a classic. Otherwise, it’s just a fun movie.

  8. Here is my shocking opinion. I’m not gonna watch the clip because I want to “save myself” for the movie. Although I almost relented when I read about Fox changing :)

  9. THE FALLEN IS AT 2:16.
    I know this because the Fallen appears out of thin air surrounded by flames in the comics. He’s also on the teaser trailer

  10. Looks pretty damn sweet! Action scenes and all (especially Megan changing clothes and, at some point I forget later on, running in slow mo). :-)

    But wait, didn’t Bumblebee talk at the end of the last movie? Didn’t he have an accent last time too?

    You can totally tell the Autobots are gonna have their asses handed to ’em! Hence, pave the way into the third movie.

    1. ive heard that in the prequel comics bumblebee gets his ass handed to him again by starscream or another decepticon and he loses his speech(again)

    1. But if the vows were coming from Peter Cullen, it would be watchable.

      “Do you promise to love, cherish and honour one another………till all are one?”

      “Congratulations, you may now ROOOOOOOOLLLLL OOOOOOOOOOUT”

  11. It’s my humble opinion that the crotchety robot with the cane is the Decepticon known as “The Doctor”. And I have to admit this trailer was amazing. More robots, more brawling, and more exotic scenery. I admit the first scene was a bit corny, but still funny. What was BB doing in there? Boy problems? Playing it up? >>
    All my doubts about this movie are temporarily suspended.

  12. Loved the first transformers!

    Not loving this exchange with Bumblebee- has some sequel stank to it. Hopefully will feel less out of place in the middle of the real movie.

    What I don’t want is a repeate of what happened to Pirates of the Caribbean. By trying to “up” the movie they basically just F’d it all UP. By having the transformer say “ass” is not Upping anything.

    1. Yea that’s EXACTLY what I was thinkin!! It has “some sequel stank to it”!! THAT’S what that scene was!! CLASSIC 90’s film number TWO syndrome!! I was relieved to see the action scenes that followed cuz that first scene put a bad feelin in my stomach.

  13. Can anybody tell me who the robot is at 2:00?

    I could have sworn I saw a transformer with a walking stick and a cockney accent complain about his rusty arse.

    1. well hes complaining saying saying “that im too old for this shit, my ass” or something like that probably when he defects to the autobots or when he decides to, just a thought

  14. I’m not a fan of Bumblebees childish reaction to Sam leaving. Isn’t Bumblebee a soldier and grown up…or is he 5 years old in robot years, because he sure is acting that way.

  15. That was a good scene when she changed, lol anyway man that was amazing! Look, Bay is cool, he’s a great director but come on i really do not like him cause he comes off as an ass sometimes but he can make a great movie, I’ll give him that. the best is still Spielberg followed by Nolan

    1. Okay, Nolan is Better then Bay…Thats a reasonable thing to say….but Bay is my favorite….its like being a Cubs fan but knowing the Yankees are better


      Spielberg is SO fucking overrated!!!

    2. Ummm… Hazmat… did you just say Steven Spielberg is overrated?

      Yeah… the guy who gave us:

      Amistad (his best movie in my opinion)
      Saving Private Ryan
      Schindler’s List
      Minority Report
      Catch Me If You Can
      Jurasic Park
      The Color Purple
      Raiders Of The Lost Ark
      Close Encourtners of the Third Kind

      This guy is overrated? OVERRATED? Dude, what the fuck are you talking about?!?!?!?!

    3. Sorry I dont think I made myself clear

      I dont LIKE the same things you like John, IN MY OPINION those movies were bad

      Out of those movies I only liked Schindler’s List and Raiders of the Lost Arc

      Just because the world likes them doesnt mean I have to like them. Catch me if you can was a piece of shit and I walked out of Munich

      My opinion, theres 6.5 billion people in the world and shockingly not all of them like chocolate

      So hop the fuck off

    4. Hazmat,

      No one is saying you have to like those movies, but there is no denying the iconic and legendary place those films have. They are all time classics.

      I didn’t like Blade Runner… but I won’t deny it’s place in Sci-Fi history or it’s status as an all time classic film. I won’t say it’s overrated just because I myself didn’t like it.

    5. wow he got really defensive there…lol, and just out of curiosity, what didnt u like about jurassic park.

    6. Right, its like i said…I dont like all of Nolans films but I can admit hes better then Bay…even though Bay is my favorite

      I dont like most of Spielbergs films but I accept the fact that people like them more and hes like..the Messiah of movies

      I can name a lot of films from Steven that I HATE but everyone else loves…thats why I think the guys overrated, but obviously hes successful and hes a good director but…I hated way too many of his movies to put him over Nolan

      I know, sorry, I just feel like it shouldnt be absurd to have my own opinion.
      Jurasic Park was good, but I never re watched it…I liked The Mask of Zorro and i cant say anythign bad about it but it was just FUN..nothing that would make me watch it again. Nothing special about them both (oh god, in My opinion) the theme song is catchy though….

      Shindlers list i DID watch a dozen times

    7. i feel u man. im different tho, i can watch jurassic park a bazillion times.

      i dont even say in my opinion anymore online, anything i say unless its a fact, is my opinion. no need to say it.

    8. @ Hazmat:
      Martin Campbell directed Mask of Zorro, and it’s sequel. Spielberg was only Executive Producer, however there’s no denying some Spielberg influence.

      @…well, just in general:
      I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Spielberg movie that I didn’t care for. The man has too many classics under his belt. No one has to like his movies, I have friends who don’t, but the dude is a wiz behind the camera. Well done, Steve-o! ;-)

    9. wow hazmat …how can u say those movies are bad…opinions are opinions…but with some of the bs story lines u like from comic books etc it makes me chuckle that u think any of those movies ( cept for minority report , that was retarded) are bad

  16. FUCK! If you stop at 2:20 you see the sector 7 guy again


    And whats up with Megan Fox changing clothes? With the flowers and white dress?
    Is she marrying Sam? Prom?

  17. That scene was horrible. Cringe worthy crap. I’m all for light and silly but, you know, good. This was shit.
    But as always the action looks fantastic.

  18. @HazMat
    the robot with the can was Jetfire, there are rumors that he and optimus will do the link up thing in the movie but i doubt thats true.

  19. i loved this footage, and lets not forget we get a new trailer attached to Wolverine, and john what did you think of Devastator, i just hope he doesnt walk on all fours through his entire screen time.

    1. He’s made of metal. When he got his ass kicked, it broke a piece of that metal off, and instead of having it clinkering around inside of him, he spit it out. How is that so bad?

      Jesus Christ, some people are just looking for reasons to hate on it.

  20. ….that 1st scene was awful, and did that robot have a robo cane….jeebus the non action will once again make me shake my head in disappointment. the action scenes in this vid did look good tho. and michael bay once again is recycling shots, using the shot of robot going through building. and now bumblebee cant talk anymore…smh

    im hoping for a bad boys 2 level of sequel awesomeness…

    1. Ok first of all, that first scene was terrific. It’s totally in the spirit of the original cartoon show. The Transformers is not supposed to be Batman, all dark and completely serious. It’s supposed to be light and a bit silly, with great action at it’s core.

      Same reason I loved that scene in the first movie where the Autobots are all hiding around Sam’s house. It’s PERFECT.

    2. opinions are opinions…im as big a transformers fan as u are, i too liked the scene when the hid from the parents. and who said anything being dark and serious, i just thought that scene wasnt good. the old cartoon was def silly but scenes like this and the fluid leak in pt.1 make me cringe…

    3. I agree with you John this movie doesnt need to be too serious or 100% realistic. I like the transformer with the cane. Gives more life and performace to the character. My only grip is that Im afraid the transformers will be once again over shadowed by the humans story. As far as im concerend all human’s in Transformers are expendable and should be filler of the story not the core.

    4. If this ends up being in the same level of Bad Boys 2 I will literally murder Michael Bay

      And I love how Sam and Bumblebee have that relationship! Its so cool!

      And I absolutely love how they made it “light and silly” like John said…but not stupid! They managed to do that, but not have it being retarded, but they made it…kinda special..I mean Bumblebee and Sams relationship as friends.

      It totally fits the character..its sorta adorable to see Bumblebee weep for Sam…
      See? Thats what I was talking about the other day….This movie is doing what Dragonball and Speedracer did horribly

      With the stupid humor and shitty lines and no originality (AND FLYING JEEPS!)…But this scene was so perfect!

      I dont know why but it sorta reminded me of how Wall-e went this exact same way instead of the Dreamworks way
      (Dreamworks animation..not Dreamworks)…all dreamworks does is fart jokes and burp jokes..Pixar has already made me cry 2ce in their movies (Wall-e and toy story in the girl cowboy scene)

      And…I cant emphasize how amazingly close they made Sam with the robots…”optimus!”

      And who tha fuck was that with the cane? (He looks awesome but ive never seen a dude with a cane in the show/comics)

    5. am i being understood? im not saying at all that the movie needs to be dark and brooding, all i said was that scene didnt do anything for me. to me theres a fine line between silly camp, and corny.

      and im used to the cane thing…shoot they had robo beards in the 80s cartoon. i was tryin to make a unsuccessful joke.

    6. and hazmat, compared to bad boy 1, bad boys 2 was batshit action incarnate. the freeway chase, the mexico chase through houses…cop cars crashing into boats. action wise bad boys 2 was 1 of my favorites, but the movie was ass.

      i just meant bay could up the action 1billion fold like bad boys 2

    7. I love every Michael Bay movie…hes my favorite and hes the best at what he does, ive said this a million times in this website
      And I love Bad Boys 1 and 2 but what im saying is…i have WAY higher expectations from this movie then Bad Boys

      And before everyone starts saying “But Nolans better!” “But Del Toro does all weird movies with the same weird characters!”:

      Its my opinion.

    8. “light and silly” is one thing, but the first movie degenerated into stupidity once too often, and past that threshold I was willing to forgive for a popcorn movie.

    9. I’m sorry but I gotta agree with Chris on this one. That first scene had me CRINGING like crazy. That was WAAAAAAAY cornier than the whole hiding in the backyard and pissing on that guy in pt 1.

      It sucks cuz I love Transformers so much that I can let that slide, but when my friends complain about that scene (and trust me they will, along with the majority of viewers) I won’t be able to defend it. damn….so sad…

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