Star Trek Merchandising Coming

Star Trek isn’t even released yet and its already making money. How you ask? Well the wise and wonderful Yogurt once said the real power behind the movies is “Merchandising!!”

A massive ad campaign will be hitting off soon involving a number of big name brands all offering advertising that will tie into Star Trek.

Hollywood Reporter says:

Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger, Burger King’s ubiquitous King mascot and Esurance’s animated Erin will appear in custom-created “Trek”-themed advertising as part of an estimated $50 million worth of partner promotions for the J.J. Abrams version of the classic property

Tony the Tiger will illustrate the Vuclan “Live Long and Prosper” salute in a print ad as well as Trek related goodies buried in the bottom of the cereal boxes. Also Kellogs will be releasing a limited edition Star Trek cereal with Starfleet shaped marshmallows.

Verizon and Burger King will have commercials that will bank on familiar set pieces and crew members.

Nokia will tie in with Verizon to launch its Intrigue Multimedia Phone (Please say it looks like an old school communicator!!)

Burger King will also be selling off kids meals with Trek toys in it, as well as offering collectible glasses (The only reason I would go to Burper King)

There apparently is a Nokia logo somewhere in the movie, though it is said it will not be “product placement” as it is more cleverly hidden like an Easter Egg.

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5 thoughts on “Star Trek Merchandising Coming

  1. Guess what? I already seen them at my local Target store. I like the 3.75 in figures and I even seen a captain kirk figure with a yellow shirt. So uber fanboys can have a capt kirk in the yellow shirt to call their own. The playsets look cool but I think TNG ones were better. Dont like the villian, the phazers thou.

  2. All I want is a blow up doll of an Orion Slave Girl. Do you know if they’ll be selling one of those?

    No seriously…I’m buying the cereal for sure.

  3. Sounds interesting. I’ll probably nab the Trek cerial. I did the same with the STAR WARS EP III cerials too. If it’s anything like the SW cerial, it should be interesting. I can’t remember who made the STAR WARS, but it was a good cerial.

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