Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl Trailer Online

If you are sensitive to gore, even fake cheesy not-even-trying-to-look-like-real-blood gore then DON’T watch this trailer. I was eating breakfast while watching this and it left me a little queasy.

Now that you have been warned, Yoshihiro Nishimura – Japanese makeup artist – has a trailer out for Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl. Its about as campy as that title sounds, but its not the acting or plot that will drive people to see this.

FilmJunk says:

With his work on such films as Meatball Machine, Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl, make-up guru Yoshihiro Nishimura is spearheading the recent Japanese gore movement. His latest, Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl, has just dropped its first trailer, and it appears to be a thoughtful dissertation on just how much blood the human body contains.

I have been wanting to catch Tokyo Gore Police since I missed the screening at last year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival but this one is going to get a big pass by me.

The draw seems to be all about the gore, and I like to have some substance to my films even if they are going to be bloody violent. But this is what happens when an effects artist makes a movie. Its just turns into a 90 minute resume.

I still want to see Tokyo Gore Police though.

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23 thoughts on “Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl Trailer Online

  1. Lol. I know this is from the director of Tokyo Gore Police, which is my favorite japanese movie. This seems like something that will be over the top gory. I’m going to watch it as soon as I find it.

  2. It looked cheap and crappy but I laughed at certain parts. THAT thing made you queasy? I found nothing gut wrenching about it…it looked totally fake and over the top…like Kill Bill was.

    Props to the music, I loved it.

  3. Rodney, you should definitely check out Tokyo Gore Police. It was one of my favourite movies from last year.

    Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl looks like a vapid retread of TGP. That trailer didn’t help either. It just gave us the gore but without any context of the story or characters

  4. it’s blatantly clear that a make-up guy is behind this movie, it seems all style and no substance. it doesn’t really look good, not even in a campy, it’s-Japanese-so-you-know-it’s-crazy sort of way. really doubt i’ll be watching it

  5. Im a big Troma fan and Peter Jacksons Braindead is one of my favourite ever films. A pure gorefest is great when it has the humour to match. Hard to tell with this one, seems the best money shots were all in the trailer. Wont go out of my way to see it but I reckon Id enjoy this if it came my way.

  6. looks batshit insane, not sure if that means good or not. but machine girl was stupid, violent fun. and gore police was like watching an old 80s demon anime done in live action. and weird, very, very weird…this director has problems.

    and lmao at the bloody skull popping through the head…damn

  7. this is off topic, but i love how in that picture it shows a “smile” on the female’s face and just got to thinking that would be nice to add to harley quinn if they ever introduced her into the batman films

  8. Jesus, what do you people do for entertainment??? This movie is supposed to be like this. It was made to look cheap and be cheesy as hell. Alot of people in Japan like this kind of stuff (I spent 3 years in Okinawa). You cant take it seriously, i mean the title is Vampire Girl VS Frankenstien Girl…what the fuck do you expect? Anyways, it is just for entertainment…nothing else.

  9. I feel like the whole Japanese ultra gore movies made a comeback and then got old really fast. They are certainly getting attention but it’s pretty much the same crap every movie. Just a different terrible plot and new stupid ways to kill people and spray blood.

    This isn’t a rant, more like a yawn.

  10. This is not typical of Japanese film production (watch “Ringu”, the much scarier movie that “The Ring” was based on). This looks like they shot it on poor quality video, without a real DP. This is just amateur crap.

    1. ringu is one of the movies i hate….just about all japanese horror films i dont get at all…not the language barrier (learned katakana , hiragana, kanji long time ago…though its not the best it works) they just dont scare me at all….let alone there concepts really lose substance in the american market..just my opinion…scary lighting with horrible sound editing dont make it scary.

  11. never been of much the japanese have to offer film wise….i understand people have a liking to japanese things..i mean ninja’s and samurai’s are cool and some anime is awesome…but there regular live action films are horrible..seriously its like they make there movies to just have shock factor.
    I know there are some good movvies out there but the ones people like i hate.

  12. Seriously, Japan has some issues. I’m not a gore fan and this movie is just ridiculous. Sorry, but I really have no itention of watching this at all. If it was an anime maybe, but live action….nope.

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