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There is a pretty low-quality version of Rob Zombie’s H2 Trailer floating around the internet today. Low quality as in MS patient handycam – the trailer looks alright.

For those of you on the side of the fence that likes the new vision for the film, and also happen to like watching movies recorded like some NY City camcorder pirate, you can check it out here:

Now it looks like the movie will pick up literally as the credits rolled in the last film. I kind of like that. The terror is still fresh and its just going to get worse.

People are pretty bipolar when it comes to this remake -either you love it or hate it. Zombie seems to want to tell a side of the story that wasn’t fleshed out in full, and I would rather see that he try something new with the character instead of just remaking the movies and doing the same old thing.

This doesn’t “ruin” the franchise for me. To quote Stephen King when asked if the movies “ruined” his books, he points at his impressive bookshelf littered with his own name and says “The books are still there”

I am taking this reboot as something new, keeping it separate from the originals.

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19 thoughts on “Halloween 2 Trailer Online

  1. The trailer is over at Yahoo Movies, which is where I watched it and I think it looks pretty good. I enjoyed his last incarnation and I’m looking forward to this one. What did make me laughed is Sheri Moon Zombie dressed like Living Dead Girl, but not in a bad way, I just thought it was funny/cool.

  2. Looks interesting but I don’t know about the mother in his head egging him on. I know he is crazy, but I don’t see why Michael would have visions of his mother encouraging his killing spree.

    Michael was never disillusion, he just hated humanity as a whole and killed anyone who crossed his path. Except children because even mass murders draw lines… :3

  3. Iceberg, totally see where you are coming from, and I will watch it, but I think it’s better if we don’t know what made Myers tick, that way he comes off more terrifying. Just my two cents

  4. Looks like he’s taking some ques from the original sequel in this one, the hospital setting.
    I hated the remake, and I don’t like the original either but his version was so obnoxious.
    I will get this one purely for the making of which are always great with Zombie’s films.

  5. Halloween 2 was one of my favorite movies as a child. I loved the music and the suspence. And it had some chichis in it. If anything, this trailer made me want to see the original once more, hmm, maebe is not as good as I remember. Aunque that scene when he walks thru the glass is prety awsome. By the way, how many times can u play the bathroom’s mirror gag efectively, come on.

  6. I hated hated HATED the 2007 remake, this doesn’t look too much better. Some of it looks interesting, but I didn’t jump once, so I guess it just looks alright. The reason we don’t know why Myers kills, is the reason he is so terrifying. The worst they could do now, like the first remake where they revealed is childhood was messed up, is to go further and tell us more.

    BAAAAD MOVE. Alright trailer, might be better than the 2007 version but I doubt it. Thanks Rodney

    1. Aaron, Aaron…are you serious? The 1st Rob Zombie version was not as bad as you making it to be. It was way better then the last Saw movies… I enjoyed how Zombie painted a picture of Mike Myers the boy, a picture that made feel sorry for Mikey, I mean imagine how screwed up you’d be growing up in that environment. Not to knock the Original, but they made Myers out to be a pure killing machine (which he is), but never really touched on what really made homie snap.
      I mean think about it, wouldn’t you want to know what made Hitler Snap? I mean was some Jew bangin his girl? Or what was he banging in his Ipod, that made him just want to murder brothers and Jews…lol JK, but you get my drift.
      I like this movie, and you gota at least watch it for the Kill scenes.

    2. good point ice. I think the og and remake have their differences. The OG was scary becauese you did not know what drives him the unknowing is what scares people not blood and gore that just makes them cringe and look away or puke.

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