Wachowski Brothers NOT being Considered for Superman

There was a rumour going around last week that the Wachowski Brothers were being approached by WB to handle the Reboot of the Superman franchise. I didn’t run it, but not because I didn’t believe it, I just didn’t WANT to believe it. Well a great sigh of relief hit me when I discovered today its not happening. It was just rumour, and the Wachowskis have not even been considered.

FirstShowing says:

Remember that rumor we ran the other day about the Wachowski Brothers directing a Superman trilogy for Warner Brothers? It was both completely ridiculous and incredibly exciting at the same time, right? Well, sadly, it has been debunked. According to SlashFilm, it was all just a big hoax to begin with. “The Wachowski Brothers have definitely never had any talks with DC or Warner Bros to helm a Superman film. This is confirmed.

Wachowskis are very hit and miss with me, and a lot more miss than hit.

I loved the Matrix, and it seems for the most part they have been coasting on that rep for far too long. Granted I don’t hate them, but I just didn’t think they were a fit for Superman.

I liked Speed Racer a lot more than I really should have. Wachowskis are all about over stylizing things. In some franchises this works great. The Matrix style was awesome, and Speed Racer was the closest thing to a cartoon that live action should take and it paid off. But over stylizing is going to appeal to a very limited crowd. Much like Speed Racer or the Matrix sequels, people either loved them to death or hated them.

Superman is a classic American tale of Truth, Justice and the American way. I don’t want to see this over stylized, and I worried that the action we crave from a Superman film would turn into an over the top 45 minute combat sequence that carries on so long you stop caring who wins.

Maybe they would have blown my socks off. I am just not one of those people who think the Wachowskis can do no wrong (But I am looking forward to Ninja Assassin).

So if not the Wachowskis who would you think could take Superman to the same level of popularity as Batman has become in the last while??

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54 thoughts on “Wachowski Brothers NOT being Considered for Superman

  1. batman does it because his parents were killed and he feels like he needs to do something about it and wants to do them justice by helping Gotham like his father was and superman does it because he wants to help mankind because he doesn’t have a home so he makes earth his home

  2. Then what’s the point of helping people if they aren’t trying to follow his path. Jesus was a superhero to millions of people.

  3. superman and Batman are the same and as characters arseholes as they let people like joker and Lex live even though they know they will escape and kill again and millions, they let them live because they dont want to damn their own soles, its nothing about a fair trial batman know joker is evil, a real hero is someone who is willing to sacrife his own soul to hell for an eternity so that innocents may see heaven.

  4. Rodney the Golden Girls was on for many years, didn’t mean it had great writing. Comic books for the longest time had terrible writing, Superman is a perfect example. Sure now they’ve accounted for this but they still do the same bullshit where the Super man turns out to be the Wimp Man against a old, somewhat intelligent person. You can’t sidestep the issue, the FACT is superman allows tons of people to die instead of killing one man thus the deaths of these people rests on his shoulders. So he wont kill 1 person but he will kill millions..makes sense to me, pff.

    The latest Superman movie turnout showed that the general public doesn’t care about the man of steel anymore.

    1. no ,it just showed that singer didnt do the film as people wanted him to do, most were hoping for some badass action flick but what we got was a love story

  5. I Totally agree i hate that but i think who never makes this new superman should make him not so Saturday morning goody goody and make him a conflicted hero like batman in the frank miller comics

  6. i am not a big fan of superman because i think he is just too shallow hes not like a Megan fox or anything but hes not as complex as lets say batman for example if superman hates Lex Luther so much he want to kill him its most likely that he will probably do the right thing;But lets say batman feels the same way about the joker or Harvey dent its like a fifty fifty chance he will do the right thing. Also there’s not that many Villains or Heroes that can take superman because he is almost two powerful,plus he has like only one weakness which every one knows which makes it kind of difficult to not make his battles some what repetitive. does any one agree?

    1. i do agree that batman is more complex thats why hes my favorite superhero second is ironman (b/c that suit stark wears is soo fuckin badass), and it does get repetitive, but another weakness you could say is that he wont let innocent people get harmed(like every other superhero)remember when in superman 2 general zod(all hail) used that weakness against him in their fight in the city.

  7. Gigan this conversation is about Superman, not Batman.

    Rodney you’re just listing excuses for Superman to allow people to die and make any power he has mute thus defeating the purpose of him being such a badass. He is a joke of a superhero and the fact that he cant even handle a simple thing like a relationship shows terrible writing.

    Lex having more intelligence than the average person does not mean he is a genius. Also it isn’t that Lex is so smart, it’s the fact that Superman is so stupid.

    1. dude what superhero can handle a relaionship? and i know its about superman its called an example, i used batman as a great example.

    2. Superman and Batman both have a “no killing” code of honour. His Batman observations apply just as much as the Superman ones do.

      But since you know so much better how the character is built, why don’t you go to DC and tell them you are writing the Superman books now.

      Oh wait. They have been doing that with great success without you for 70 years. And Lex is still around.

      It is superb writing to face Superman off against challenges that are not physical. Physical challenges are the dumb storylines since they already have Supes as one of the most powerful characters in the DC Unverse (Capt Marvel is officially more powerful) Oh no! Superman is trapped under a mountain. Good thing he can lift a mountain. See you next issue.

      And I said his intelligence is beyond any mortal. He is repeatly ranked as supergenius in the books.

    3. dude its not that me and rodney are against ya man, we’re all friends here, just that if ur gonna argue it helps to make some sense.

  8. So Rodney you find it perfectly reasonable that Superman puts millions of people in danger yearly because he refuses to destroy Lex? That doesn’t make sense that Superman would find it wrong to harm a bad person but allow millions to die and be in danger because he refuses to do anything about it. Superman is a moron and his abilities are mute since he is unable to handle a simple human like Lex. Lex isn’t a genius, he is a sleeze bag.

    1. if he killed lex then he would be no better than him. if u think it would be reasonable for superman to kill lex then you must also think its reasonable for batman to kill the joker just b/c he killed so many people including robin and become an executioner, which he swore he wouldnt do.

    2. Lex is a genius. The comics have always stated his intelligence is beyond that of any normal mortals. Try reading a comic sometime.

      Superman sees that Lex is brought to justice, and in Lex’s manipulative and genius ways, he always finds a way to escape or manipulate the law to free him.

      Superman acts within the law and will not kill because his most base instincts might tell him it is justifiable.

      Read some phylosophy papers on deconstructing Superman or Batman. They are very interesting reads.

  9. I still hope Singer returns and continues his story. While Returns lacked the big action sequence many were waiting for, I think he set up some pins that will be very fun to watch get knocked down in the sequel. And Brandon Routh not returning as the big blue boyscout would be a true shame.

    1. Singer will not be continuing his story. That chapter is done. I agree that he isn’t totally painted into a corner, but the only resolution and good stories to be told there would be built on a franchise that returned to a luke warm reaction. They should have made a clean slate with Returns, but now its too late.

      The next Superman film (whenever that happens) will be a reboot. Sorry.

  10. Everyone seems to overlook V for Vendetta from the Bros which is honestly still my personal favorite. That movie was brilliant. I don’t mind whoever directs as long as this time, the reboot isn’t a sappy melodrama that belongs on dawsons creek. Superman returns blows.

  11. As a good friend of mine would say, the Wachowski brothers have already done a Superman flick, it’s called The Matrix. I tend to agree with that sentiment and I hope whoever does agree to determine the fate of Kal-El, he/she should start the franchise with how Krypton reached its untimely fate.

  12. The wachowski’s are pretty damn good at wht they do. On the other hand, I want to see brian singer’s superman sequel( the khan of sequels). Superman is just 2 damn powerful. Forget the death of superman cartoon that was overly so boring and lets get to filming it or something along those lines.

  13. Superman is the weakest superhero anyways, I’m fine if another movie never sees the light of day again.

    “Hey look at me I’m superman, I have the most insane abilities yet I’m continuously fucked with by a bald nonathletic thug.

    1. You obviously don’t get the whole mind over matter concept. Lex is such a pain in Supermans side because the guy has such a genius mind.

    2. Andy, it is amazing that in 70 years of Superman Comics Lex Luthor is still his greatest enemy and just now you attempt to discredit the character?

      The brilliance of Superman is that he cannot be harmed, is stronger and faster than anyone on the planet, but he can still be outwitted.

      He also holds himself to a high moral standard, something that Lex has no qualms about discarding to achieve his needs.

      Despite the fact that Superman can get rid of Lex with one gentle backhand is just the point. Lex knows Superman cannot and will not bend his moral code to defeat him.

      Superman’s greatest weakness IS his greatest quality. He is a hero. He will not stop in his sworn duties to save the world and protect its people.

  14. I WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH IT AT ALL…..i mean not like the warchowski brothers have done a shit load of movies…i agree that i dont want to see a matrix superman .. but i really dont think thats what would have cam from them…….its a matter of opinion….like where as i think the godzillla movie with broderick was a ass of a movie.

  15. I really didn’t put much stock in it myself due to The Matrix. I actually would see the Wachowski’s prepping up a Matrix 4 (or Animatrix2), and Plastic Man long before they would even go near Man Of Steel. Reason being is The Matrix of course. In essence, they have already done a cybernetic ‘Superman’ w/ the character of Neo.


    Once again, I must comment on my utter distaste for Supey Rebooted,, and suggest that if someone wanted to be clever, they could simply follow Bryan Singer’s film.
    Look, as much as some folks hated the tot, that’s not a reason to wipe the slate clean. I’m sorry who disagrees with it, but it seems to me that we are starting to get jammed up in the same rut that we were leading up to the Singer film.

    Let’s make Supes darker/re-imagine Supes etc. etc yada yada yada, blah blah blah blah

    I don’t see Singer returning. I think it’s unfortunate, but fair to think that.

    Here’s my thought process.

    * If Terminator 4 goes well, it would not shock me if Joe McGinty (McG) were given an offer. He was previously connected to the Supe project before Singer and Ratner for that matter. In terms of restart (which I disprove of) this choice might fit in line with what WB (sadly) wants.

    FRANK MARSHALL would be by

    *Despite my un-love for his recent 10,0000 BC, Roland Emmerich would be my second personal selection, let’s face it, he is *the king of FX mother nature-disaster films.* and he can bring popcorn to the table.

    Other Seeler selections of choice include:

    * Kevin Reynolds (best known for Robin Hood & Count Of Monte Christo)

    * Stuart Baird (Star Trek Nemesis, Executive Decision)

    …and if you REALLY wanted to think about it, folks…and I never thought I’d confess to this…

    Joss Whedon.

    1. i wouldnt want roland emmerich anywhere near superman(IMO) b/c i dont want them ruining another film i would be looking forward (ala GODZILLA(even though its been over a year, but still the movie is that bad)). not on topic , but if u ask me what they should do is bring in doomsday for the villian.

    2. Gigan, the Emmerich Godzilla was outstanding last year… Oh you meant the DORITO’S COMMERCIAL lol! my bad!

      No, seriously, I feel that if Emmerich can make silly popcorn flicks like Stargate, ID4 and frost freeze The Day After 2Morrow…any “doomsday” scenerio would be right up his alley.


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