Sherlock Holmes Reshoots Rumour Proves False

It seems we were had, and as at least one of our International Friends pointed out, the story rumaging through the news feeds yesterday about Sherlock Holmes facing reshoots was actually fabricated by a trash UK tabloid.

Yahoo confirms:

“It is not true that Warner Bros. has asked for any reshoots on ‘Sherlock Holmes,'” the studio said in a statement. “The inserts and pickup shots being completed next week, which have long been part of the schedule, do not involve any cast, and are a standard part of filmmaking.”

I am glad to hear that this was all just bupkis. I was conflicted on the news but hopeful that it meant the studio cared enough about the project to force reshoots instead of canning the reported crap.

I hope this means they are happy with the project so far if no unscheduled reshoots are taking place.

Now I can go back to anticipating Rachel McAdams in a period dress.

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