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If the planet earth had to anoint one grand imperial “Alpha Male”, it wouldn’t be Chuck Norris, it wouldn’t be Mr. T, it wouldn’t be Bruce Campbell and it wouldn’t even be Batman. It would be Clint Eastwood. And let me tell you something, that old silverback will rip the throat out of any pretender who tries to challenge him for that place in the pack and then wipe is ass with it.

I still remember how much joy I felt when I first saw the poster for Gran Torino. A gruff and pissed off looking Clint Eastwood with a shotgun in his steel hands standing in front of his Gran Torino. I didn’t know a single detail about this movie… but I was already 100% sold. Some critics have already given their reviews of this film. Some saying it’s pure creative genius, some saying it’s one of the worst films of the year. In my opinion, the truth of Gran Torino lay somewhere in between.


The synopsis for Gran Torino reads something like this: “A racist Korean War veteran living in a crime-ridden Detroit neighborhood is forced to confront his own lingering prejudice when a troubled Hmong teen from his neighborhood attempts to steal his prized Gran Torino. Decades after the Korean War has ended, ageing veteran Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood) is still haunted by the horrors he witnessed on the battlefield. The two objects that matter most to Kowalski in life are the classic Gran Torino that represents his happier days working in a Ford assembly plant, and the M-1 rifle that saved his life countless times during combat. When Kowalski’s teenage neighbor (Bee Vang) attempts to steal his Gran Torino as part of a gang initiation rite, the old man manages to catch the aspiring thief at the business end of his well-maintained semi-automatic rifle. Later, due to the pride of the Asian group, the boy is forced to return to Kowalski’s house and perform an act of penance. Despite the fact that Kowalski wants nothing to do with the young troublemaker, he realizes that the quickest way out of the situation is to simply cooperate. In an effort to set the teen on the right path in life and toughen him up, the reluctant vet sets him up with an old crony who now works in construction. In the process, Kowalski discovers that the only way to lay his many painful memories to rest is to finally face his own blinding prejudice head-on.”


Look, I don’t want to sound like some Hollywood ass kisser who is obligated to proclaim anything Clint Eastwood does is “genius” or “brilliant” or “inspired”. But no one character (Walt, played by Eastwood) in the movies this year has been close to this one. Walt is a man you can’t help but love from the moment he comes on screen. The first shot we see of him is at his Wife’s funeral… and instead of looking sad he’s looking at his granddaughter wearing a bellybutton ring and he growls like the disapproving, hard ass, old school tough as nails alpha male he is. That one growl, that one visceral sound he grunted out immediately made you feel like you knew this character. You didn’t just know him, as an audience member you LOVED him (cause you don’t have to live with him, you can just watch him from a distance… kinda like your friend’s stupid baby). Walt is a man with many imperfections… racism being one of them… but deep down he’s a good man who just can’t understand how or way the world has become such a stupid and weak place (in his eyes). Without the slightest bit of exaggeration that every moment Walt was on screen were some of the most engaging and entertaining moments I’ve spent with any film this year. I LOVE this character and I love the way Eastwood portrayed him (really… it kind of is him I guess). Easily my favorite character of any film in 2008 hands down.

Walt has a strained relationship with his sons, but ultimately finds community in his neighborhood amongst the “gooks” (that’s the term Eastwood uses throughout the movie) he’s wanted to keep at arms distance most of his life. I really liked this expression of community the film portrays, even aside from the gang problem in the film. It reminded me of growing up in Hamilton Ontario where we knew all our neighbors, socialized with them, played street hockey with them, had BBQs with them. It was nice seeing that sense of a community coming together.

Sadly, really have nothing else to say in the “good” section.


All the performances, and I mean every single one of the in this film aside from Eastwood were TERRIBLE. I’ve been told that Eastwood worked with a cast of all first time actors. That isn’t really accurate, but it certainly felt like he did. The asian girl next door who helps to bring Walt out of his shell, Sue, was the worst. It felt like she was acting in a High School play. I feel bad for her because the character could have been something pretty special, but it came off with no heart, no soul, no depth. You can tell she tried, but it just didn’t work. But it wasn’t just her. It was everyone. It was all of them. It was the whole cast. Terrible. The best actors in the film were the grumpy old asian women who never spoke english in the film, and yet managed to have huge charm. Don’t even get me started about the guy playing the asian gang members or the guys playing Walt’s adult sons. Yikes.

I appreciate the fact that in Gran Tarino Eastwood was trying to make observations about racism and provide some moral lessons on the topic… but everything was so damn stereotypical that it left me with the impression that Eastwood really don’t know much about the topic or the themes and let Gran Torino come off enforcing negative or ridiculous stereotypes more than anything else. And the cliches and stereotypes didn’t just end with the racism issues… even Walt’s family were totally 1 dimensional and completely built on cliches. The family only wanted to talk to him when they wanted his car, his couch, his house, wanting to move Walt into a seniors home. It was all just so one directional that the family played out more like cartoon caricatures than characters.


I swear, if Gran Torino was just 90 minutes of Walt sitting around alone talking to his dog about how much the world sucks and things were different when he was younger, I would have loved every second. Everything else in this movie were nothing but frills as Eastwood, as Walt, drove it. An interesting story idea that got too bogged down in 1 dimensional characters, misused stereotypes and terrible performances to be considered anything more that average. I would still recommend seeing Gran Torino just for Walt, because he’s on screen the majority of the time and is my favorite character of the year. Overall I give Gran Torino a 7 out of 10.

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62 thoughts on “Gran Torino Review

  1. godawful piece of gobshite-
    (and I loves me some Clint Eastwood. he can still get my girl bits all riled up even though he’s an old codger.)
    I soooo wanted to love it, but this movie was a huge steaming turd. sorry.

  2. I was disappointed with this movie! I give it two thumbs down!!!It wasn’t even worth watching at all!
    The hmong actors were really bad! It was horrible watching them. I was really looking forward to this movie despite all the bad comments I had got from friends. I think the movie would’ve been a lot better if his crew of actors were more prepared and had better experience with acting.

  3. First off I want to say I enjoyed this film very much. However, I believe that this film portrays essentialism throughout the entire movie. The stereotypes that Clint Eastwood uses seem to become innate characteristics shared by all members of the particular group/gang he talks about. For example, the saying, “You poeple always…” is used overy often. Because Clint Eastwood’s character is the hero in the end, the film almost suggests that his attitude and racism is acceptable. It is a film like this that makes reacism seem unimportant in the world.

  4. I really don’t understand the critics points. Im not quite sure what he’s trying to say? I did however understand the movie and all the things that were trying to be said. Clint Eastwood again shows us the genius that he is. Any negative criticism of this movie is ignorant! The acting is genuine. The story very realistic and extremely positive! Of course this story is build around stereo types. Many are! If you give it an honest chance though you might see through them the way there meant to be seen through. I highly recomend this movie to anyone!

  5. This review is far short of the mark – the film is excellent. The young actors do a good enough job and their innocence helps get the pictures message across. There ain’t nothing wrong with the picture and all you folks saying the supporting cast were poor are just jumping on the bandwagon.

    11/10 – Clint rocks.

  6. I’m always thinking of that question “who would you like to have over for dinner”? Thanks Clint you just reminded me and thanks for the review because I couldn’t figure out whether it was great flick or a bit ordinary. Great because of Clint and some ordinary acting from the support cast so thats what the mixed feeling was. Nevertheless I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend someone to watch it.

  7. Gran Torino is one of my favorite movies of all time. The idea that there is only one star in the movie and the rest are no namers says it all. I hope there is a sequal called Walts ghost kicks that gangs ass again from behind the wall.

  8. I think there were specific scenes where the gang was told “hey, hassle the kid in a gang sort of way” that didn’t come across very well. Also, the white car with the whale tail as a symbol of “the gang is here” got sort of old. But overall, I think the acting was good by the Hmong characters.

    One thing that I think deserves more exploration is: did Walt change? Did he find a salvation? I mean, to the end, he is the same one-minded racist. After the ending (no spoiler here!), his “final words” to family and his neighbors indicate he harbors the same racist beliefs as he ever has. That’s the part I like about this movie, that there is a big question mark as to how much, if any, Walt has really changed, or learned, or found his salvation. It’s open to interpretation. Is he just acting out of rage, honor, a “protect women” philosophy, or simply enacting his lifelong mentality of engaging in combat? Or to those options, can we add, is he acting out of compassion, understanding, a newfound way of thinking about life? Like I said, I think the answer is up to each viewer.

    Walt (Eastwood) is somehow a lovable character to the end, even with the barage of racist slurs. I was a bit shocked, as were most audience members I believe, in the first 20 minutes or so of hearing these racially-motivated names. The funny thing is, I think the audience collectively came to accept that this was what Walt was after a while, and then laughter ensued when he would use a racial slur directly later in the movie. That was an interesting aspect of the movie as well, the way the audience all reacts and accepts together, over time, the constant and repeated use of racial taunts and name-calling.

    Overall, I’d recommend the film for sure. I want my 70+ year old Midwestern-raised Dad to see the film, if nothing else, to hear his interpretation of what he has seen. That it was filmed in 6 weeks explains a lot, and I didn’t know that until reading the comments in this review. Go see this movie to appreciate another great Eastwood film.

  9. just to set the record straight, the movie poster does not depict clint eastwood’s character with a “shotgun”. it is in fact an m1 garand, an infantry rifle used in wwII and in korea. the m1 garand was chambered for the .30-’06 cartridge, which is not a shotgun round.

  10. what’s the moral of this story?
    few relevancy to Hmong people, especially the rude grandma, a boy who looks up to a grumpy old american man, the machine guns of the gang members, etc… Eastwood must have limited knowledge of Hmong culture or those that advised him must be of the same!!!

    don’t even talk about the bad acting of the Hmong actors, start with the limited knowledge of the Hmong people first. It’s just another movie to make the white people look good and the other human beings look bad….

  11. I thought the movie was fantastic. It pulled me in from the beginning. My Dad and I laughed most of the whole movie because of Eastwood’s racial slurs and the moment in the barber shop.

    “Hey, sir, I would like a decent haircut, please…you fucking italian prick!”

  12. Did anyone else feel that among other things this movie was the perfect farewell to Eastwood”s acting career? It seemed that Walt’s death/suicide was also a metaphor for the riding off into the distance of his numerous hollywood tough guys. After a 10000 and 0 win loss record in shoot em up movies, Clint finally finds a different way to win. Even more fitting- he is shot down as an unarmed man-No way Clint was going out the loser in a gunfight. Even the way he is dying of lung cancer reminded me of the tuberculous bloodspitting outlaws of the past. At the end of the movie as Eastwood’s horse(the car) drives off, I was teary eyed not so much for Walt, or his golden lab, but more for a great actor who had just burried 50 years of tobacco spitting, horsebacked gunmanship. Bravo Mr Eastwood.

  13. Appreciate all the comments so far. agree with the aspect that this is a film that works on a number of levels – and a 2nd, 3rd or 4th viewing will still only scratch the surface. An excellent movie, imho, Mr Eastwood and cast

  14. grew up in Detroit , the nips would slaughter chicken,goats,etc in their garage that part of the the movie bring back memories , i lived in Detroit for 10 years .on one side was a ww11 vet, served in si pan-tinnian seen a lot of shit.the other side 24 yr det police officer ,catholic Church around the corner, hookers ,crack houses everywhere. and again the true thing was you project stregth, have a siege mentality know your neighbors have a few big mean dogs loaded guns in every room and no children in the house,and it;s not bad,but my wife got knocked up ,so we had to moved
    hated the ending !
    there wouldn,t be anyone there to arrest
    that’s if the cops even came at all,
    just another cold case file,

    Clint your the best hope your ok
    hope it;s not a John wyane thing like the shootist
    can,t bare to think this is your last work.
    o please don,t sing any more
    still have a copy of paint your wagon.
    take care

  15. As I recall – and I do recall those days first hand – John Wayne used to pull in some poor actors for their first performances. Look at Glen Campbell in True Grit or Ricky Nelson in Rio Lobo or Rio Bravo (they were almost the same movie…). Anyway, unlike some of you dummies that sit on a computer all day and rail about things that your too cheap to go see yourself, I just saw it. Good flick with a good message. The acting mostly sucks BUT it will be around for years to come and Clint’ll get another award of some kind for it.


  16. The Rev had it right. This movie has more depth than a casual observer may realize. And, the audience at the showing I attended “got it”. We may not like what this country has morphed into, but the stereotypes depicted represent where we are. That said I would caution the less mature to not become overwhelmed by superficial characterizations but examine the transformational journey that occurs within Walt. I believe Clint has personally plowed some new ground. A superb film!

  17. FUCK that ancient has been clint eastwood. Obviously this movie enforces racist stereotypes in this country. It shows that the only people in violent gangs are asians, mexicans, and blacks. While the pure white folks are good law abiding citizens protecting themselves from the minorities. I haven’t even seen the movie and I can tell from the trailer that this is just trash.

  18. Very few comments I have read, including this review, see anything important about the moral depth of the old man’s struggle in this fine movie. I, for one, was expecting a “Dirty Harry” resolution to the whole gang situation, but the ending was totally consistent with the peace the old man finds. As a priest, I can tell you that when he finally confesses to the young priest, his confession is totally real. After war and violence, he carries around with him his failures as a father, while his typically racist caricatures of people seem totally natural to him and not part of the sin picture at all. Yet the peace that overtakes Walt is astounding, and sets up the beautiful ending. And I, for one, was not distracted by the young actors. I thought they blended well with Eastwood, and even the acting of the priest was good, because–unfortunately– there are a lot of superficial and “don’t get it” priests out there… but in this story, even the priest learns a lot. I give Eastwood and the movie a 9 out of 10.

  19. WOW you really missed the boat, man. Bad acting doesn’t even touch the a power of this film. In fact, while I didn’t notice it at the time, the clumsiness of the performances other than eastwood served the movie extremely well. The gansters weren’t supposed to be real to you – they were objectified deliberately. The kids only pupose were to symbolize the a man finding that death turns into life when one ends by saving another. If you weren’t distracted by bad acting you would have felt the power of the scene when the girl comes home tattered and beaten. You wouldn’t have experienced by emoting towards the girl though, but rather by the resonance you feel in the Walt character. The movie works beautifully and is the best piece of art I have seen in YEARS – and what I think it comes down to is a guy who started out as a talented director and simply never stopped learning. This movie has layers, and save Eastwoods performance, they are all peripheral to the rest of the cast. Did you notice the set design was practically nill? It doesn’t make me mad, but it makes me sad that this movie is getting mixed reviews. I HOPE it becomes vindicated later and becomes a true classic and goes down and the man’s masterpiece.

  20. I am sad to see that most movie-goers just paid majority of their attention to the acting, not to say that it was really great besides Eastwood, as oppose to the storyline. Besides that everyone knows that only Eastwood would be able to generate a greater audience towards the film because, truthfully, who would come to watch film with the majority of the cast being first time actors and “gooks”(incorrectly labelled CIA special operation recruits). This film is meant to be an introduction to many Americans who still do not know who the Hmong people are. The supporting casts are stereotypical because they accurately represent them, a racist grand mother, hard-noses gangbanger with no respect to authority, and immigratory teenagers stuck in-between old cultural tradition and westernization. I rate the accuracy of the film as a bull’s eye.

  21. Oh I almost forgot the old lady, was great she deserves an Oscar, or maybe an honorable mention but sometime. The movie could had just focused on her and Clint and been Great.

  22. I think Envy was right the Hmong actors were a little rough. I really liked the movie though, it was written excellently!!! There are a few rough patches but I’ll blame that on the acting. Clint is an legendary actor, a terrific director, overall one of the Great Film Makers of our Time, as a producer on this film I think that he was a little tight with the money. The film was good, could had been better if a little more time was spent developing the supporting cast mostly Sue there are a few really rough spots with her in the movie and Thong. Clint as an actor sometimes had to adjust because of it. Sue and Thong were good they just need more needed more development, but really this could be said for all the younger actors, except for the guy that Clint beat up, he was good. It’s not hard when you’re a 7 and everyone else is a 5 to look like a 10. I hope Clint act/directors at least one more film and this time don’t hold back. Get the very best supporting cast and crew like he did with Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby, don’t rush it and don’t produce it or at least just co-produce. Let the main focus be on the art and not the business. In a prefect world it would be another cowboy flick.

  23. Dude! You hit a bulls eye with your “The Bad” part of the movie. But I have to disagree with “The Good” you wrote because I found NOTHING GOOD about this movie. It was horrible and it is being marketed as an Oscar Contender!! Get out’a here!!! ALL the acting did suck, except for the old lady. And come on, the fight scenes with an 80 yr old man!! You HAVE to be kidding!! I wanted this movie to be good because I thought eastwood did a good job with Changeling and I wanted him to follow it up strong. But it failed horribly in my opinion. I do think there was two things good about this movie:

    1. A largely minority cast. (too bad they sucked)
    2. The joke at the bar: A Mexican, a Jew and a black guy walk into a bar….( i won’t give it away)

    I’m not racist, but I’m not afraid of racial humor or stereotypes. They can be used to create some hilarious comedy or enlightening statements. This movie just USED them. It was a bad movie every way I look at it.

    Just my opinion.

  24. I simply love this film. It must be one of the better films this year and definitely worth watching.

    And at the end of it, I simply can’t forget it. It keeps playing in my head.

  25. I think this is a must see movie. It cannot help but perturb, challenge and annoy any or all belief systems one has. It is moving. Disturbing. And very important.

    Some surfaces need deeper scratching to find the human within.

    He really made my day!

  26. I have to say I think it was one of the best Film I have ever seen. Clint Eastwood was superb, and the actress that played Sue was so real.
    The scene where you knew she was raped; was so real since it was brushed over, that it made me angry and mad that one of those punks took her innocence! And the end just made me tear up, it was perfect.

    Thanks Mr. Eastwood!

  27. I actually liked the Hmong actors, especially the one who played Sue. She was very comfortable in her role as the person who draws Clint Eastwood’s character out of his shell. It is difficult to believe that she and the actor playing her brother Thao were first time actors. Their range of emotions was impressive and appropriate. The one scene that did seem amateurish was the one with the police officers trying to talk the priest into leaving the scene of a crime not yet committed. They all seemed to be just repeating memorized lines. I liked the story line, though, except for the relationship between Eastwood’s character and his family; I wanted more complexity, more depth. It was especially irritating that the granddaughter was only self-centered. No-one, not even a teenager, is that one-dimensional. I liked the scenery as I grew up in Detroit and my father actually was an auto worker–the main reason I saw the film. So, I am pleased that Eastwood pumped some money into Detroit’s dying economy. As no one has mentioned the rape, let me comment that it was realistically portrayed, and the reactions to the rape very realistic. This must have been especially difficult for an inexperienced 16 year old actor, and she played it well. All in all, the film avoided over-acting with the final scene very satisfying in its conclusion.

  28. How can you use a sentence like “An interesting story idea that got too bogged down in 1 dimensional characters, misused stereotypes and terrible performances to be considered anything more that average” and then give the movie 7 out of 10 stars. You also say that “All the performances, and I mean every single one of the in this film aside from Eastwood were TERRIBLE,” and yet it manages to be a 7 out of 10? Which is man, you liked it or you hated it? Personally, I thought it was horrendous and I totally agree about the acting. But thats why I give it a 2 out of 10.

  29. You will leave the movie talking like Eastwood with his deep raspy voice…This movie was great. Best movie I have seen in a while and a movie with a point. Shows how gangs are a cancer to society and and impediant to kids trying to go the right direction and do something with their lives. This movie stands for old-fashioned values and respect. Yeah. If Eastwood makes this his last starring role, he will go out on top. See it!

  30. This movie is great… despite the fact that the supporting cast isn’t strong this movie is woven together with Eastwoods great acting. I highly recommend this movie with its charm, humor and suspense.

  31. cmon now, you can’t talk about the asian actors, of how bad they were, it was there first time, i bet if it was your first time you’d be bad too! but at least HMONG ppl is up in the game!

  32. I could have cared less about the inexperienced actors. It almost gave the film more of an authenticity.

    Also, sometimes people in the real world ARE one-dimensional. I don’t think this mpovie had the time or the need to focus on anything other than how the family doesn’t respect Walt. What could them being more cordial and understanding have brought to the film? It’s pretty obvious that the family has a long history of strife and tension.

    I think it’s a wonderful film, much betetr than a 7/10, and I would put it in my Top 5 of this year.

  33. Looking forward to watching this. Clint Eastwood is a terrific actor, director, producer, I’ve seen almost all his work, and I am satisfied. Notable accomplishments are “Space Cowboys” “Heartbreak Ridge” “Letters from Iwo Jima” “Flags of our Fathers” “Firefox” “Million Dollar Girl” just to name a few, and I was entertained with all the movies mentioned, no reason why Gran Torino will not. Tapestry, uniquely captured and told in film…sounds like a winner to me.

  34. As someone who has grown up (and older) watching Eastwood movies, I think that the casting of less experienced actors was done purposely. He developed that technique years ago. When Clint’s character is the center of attention, he uses relatively inexperienced talent to play against. When he isn’t carrying the movie, like in Million Dollar Baby or The Unforgiven, he uses the best actors that he can find. He cut his teeth on the old “spaghetti westerns”- and most of the cast couldn’t even speak English! In those movies, and in a lot of his earlier stuff, like Dirty Harry or Play Misty for Me, the rest of the cast was there to develop Eastwood’s character. He does the same thing in Gran Torino. Walt is The Man.

  35. I watched the movie. It was great. This review is stupid. Sure Clint Eastwood played his part really well but the performance of the Hmong people was also truly authentic. The only thing in the movie that bordered a bit on the unreal is Mr. Eastwood himself trying to pick a fight with young gangsters. Old men his age just don’t do that in the real world unless they are senile. It’s one of the best movies of the year.

  36. Well, the Hmong actors were a bit rough.
    I felt he should have taken more time choosing which person would fulfill the role best.
    Overall, I still perfered the quailty of the culture more than the level of performance coming from the hmong actors.
    I’m sure starring in this movie will provide the actors with more experience.

  37. i know this might be kinda off topic in a way

    but your synopsis (general idea) sections are usually right on the from the back of the dvd or something lol
    its just hilarious how it looks just as if you got it from the back of the dvd case lol

  38. I have to concur with John for the most part on this one, which is not often the case. During my review at, I talked about how horrible the cast was outside of Eastwood. That being said, I also thought there were a lot of other formulaic elements to the story and I was disappointed. Good deal and if you want to check out the review, please do! Take care.

  39. “I’ve been told that Eastwood worked with a cast of all first time actors. That isn’t really accurate, but it certainly felt like he did.”

    Most of the Hmongs (family members, gang members, Thao, Sue) were ALL first time actors. The only Hmong actor who was experienced was Doua Moua (Fong aka “Spider” in the film). Eastwood wanted authenticity rather than true actors. You also have to remember that Eastwood sometimes shoots only 2 takes of each scene.

    IMO, I liked the inexperience of the Hmong actors because it added to the spontaneity of their characters.

  40. A better character to watch than the Joker …. Wow, I must see this film .. Really John? … Really!?

    Can’t I just watch Eastwood in any other interview on youtube to see a pissed off old man bitching and moaning about the old times?

    The way you described it, sounds way too similar to the trainer he played in Million Dollar Baby, grumpy old bastard who doesn’t like women in boxing … Now he’s a grumpy old bastard who doesn’t like ‘gooks’ (no offense) in his neighbourhood.

  41. I agree. I think the supporting actors were a bit weak, but Clint did a great job of covering his ass. For being as old as Eastwood is, not only is he a great director, but he can still play the tough guy and not look like he’s going to break a hip.

    I Hyped Gran Torino on Everhype and gave it 97% which I think is fairly accurate.

    I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions on it . If you get on there, rate me a 5 & request friendship.

  42. You nailed it. Eastwood was fantastic. Damn lovable. His self talk got a little scripted at times, but the acting job that made me squirm every screen second was the Catholic preist. Hell even I could have done better than him and that’s not a kind thing to say.

    I’m torn about the scene where he’s getting his hair cut. I loved the banter and the barber was the lone, stand out decent actor, but you could tell the editor and Eastwood loved the scene too much and left it in despite the fact that it derailed the momentum of the story. Sad. But over all, I still liked the film.

  43. The only good thing according to your review is the Character played by Eastwood so I am a bit confused why would you give this movie a 7 whereas if weighted properly according to your review it should be a 5.

    Anyway a Nice review….

  44. the poster to me makes the story a little deceiving. when i first saw the poster i thought it was going to be an action/drama sort of movie. but after reading the review it seems more like a drama to me. i understand why clint is holding his semi automatic. it goes to show you what first impression does. i wasn’t going to watch it anyways or rent the dvd and it’s not because i don’t like clint, i’m just picky about what i watch.

    1. Yes that poster was decieving, at first I thought at 70 something years old.. I think Clint is a little over the hill to be still doing action films. This was a good role for him…. Then again after watching him I still think the old man can give the younger guys in hollywood a run for their money

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