Underworld 3 Pics: I Heart Rhona

We have a few new pics from Underworld 3 for you to check out today thanks to our friends at moviesonline. For the rest of the images please go to the source.




I thought the first Underwold was enjoyable enough, but it always seemed like a weak second fiddle to the glory of Blade. Underworld 3 is set to take place in the 1500’s however and this is the best setting in which to have this film (in my opinion). Crossbows and spikes are more exciting than gun-fighting among vampires.

I have said before that Rona Mitra is a strong, sultry warrior. Any film where she is wearing armor like this is a-ok with me. I hope that she becomes to armor what Kiera Knightly is to gowns.

I consider the above pictures to be pornography.

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23 thoughts on “Underworld 3 Pics: I Heart Rhona

  1. Trivia fact: Rhona Mitra was the very first Tomb Raider model. She stole my heart then and I continue as a fan today. She has a much more sultry look than Beckinsale IMO, and she is also much more athletic than Kate as well.

    Kate decided to quit the franchise and has stated that she will no longer do the female heroine roles such as Underworld and the like! I guess its easy to turn your back on your fans especially in the role that made you a household name.

  2. The Underworld movies suck but atleast they get rid of a huge factor in that formula by going Rhona Mitra and no Beckinsale who has to be one of the worst working actress’ ever. Also no way you compare Underworld to Blade in regards to the first two flicks anyway. Not even close with The Blade movies actually setting the standard for comic flicks after it.

  3. i demand more news on gwyneth paltrow!

    im also eagerly waiting for this weeks name that torso which is 4 days late lol

  4. Hot women with swords and armor ftw! My issue with Blade 3 was the attempt of the casting team to draw viewers in by just throwing a ton of big name subpar actors into the movie instead of having a semi- interesting story. I mean come on…who really took Triple H seriously as a badass vampire with his metallic metal teeth and that little shit vampire poodle he carried around with him. Not even gonna find what is best in life from him like we could atleast get from
    Governor Conan

  5. I didn’t like the first Underworld but thought 2 was great. Is it me or does Rhona (correct spelling) Mitra look like she could play Wonder Woman?

  6. But she is so damn hot. Those pictures really suck but if you’ve seen her in anything she’s done…boston legal, doomsday…she is gorgeous.

  7. i agree with the dude…..plus this girl is not that hot…sure i would have sex with her cause im a internet troll…but lets be honest she has the facial structure of dolph lundgren with black hair……

  8. @Broly,

    I believe Aaron was referring to the pictures in the post and not the movies! And Aaron I agree with you. It kinda looks like they photoshopped her face into the third pic…

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