Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie??

When Twilight was feeling its rise to popularity there were two comparisons that were thrown about. The literary popularity in young readers like Harry Potter fans, and the criticism that the romance was ripped from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And now Hollywood is rumoured to be alive with the buzz that Joss Whedon, creator of the aforementioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer is eyeing the success of Twilight with anxious hands gripping a feature film script he had prepared for the continuation of the show.

Moviehole Reports:

The monster success of girly vampire pic Twilight at the US Box office last weekend could kick open the door for a big-screen return of Joss Whedon’s much-loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Rumours are circulating in Hollywood that Whedon has a feature-film script based on his hit TV series ready to roll as soon as a studio is prepared to commit.

I could see this as prime picking for a return of the delectable Sarah Michelle Gellar and her Scooby Gang to return to the big screen. I have no doubt that Joss has a multitude of ideas stashed away for the Buffyverse in that treasure trove of a mind of his.

Maybe if Buffy gets a movie treatment in this high time of teen vampire romance, other spinoff possibilities could return to television as well. Faith the rebel slayer was rumoured to be getting her own show back in the day and even Spike was considered, but the one spinoff show I was looking more forward to seeing was Ripper. The story of Giles, the last remaining Watcher gathering and reforming what is left of the council (destroyed in the closing end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV). Anthony Stewart Head is currently staring as King Pendragon in the BBC’s Merlin.

David Boreanaz is enjoying great success on Bones (also a favourite of mine) but I am sure he too could leave some room for a feature film to return as Angel.

Joss has a cult following, which I am a member of so I am tainted in my opinion. But it might be high time for him to reign the TV waves again. Joss once swore to never do TV, but mid-season he has Dollhouse premiering with former Buffy Alum Eliza Dushku (which is getting mixed reviews and speculation on the Whedon TV Cancellation curse) and his outstanding success online with Doctor Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog are keeping him just shy of the spotlight.

But the rabid Whedonites have let him down in the past with Firefly. But while the market is hot for angsty vampire love, and Hollywood itching to make a movie out of every popular but ened TV show (Friends, Sex and the City, Arrested Development) we just might find all the planets are aligned for our best chance at seeing it happen.

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110 thoughts on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie??

  1. Watched Buffy then Angel and it would be nice to see Angel, Spike, and the gang meet up one last time in a final movie. Why didn’t Joss Whedon make a movie following his tv series? It wont be the same w/o the same or any of the actors from before. I would pick Buffy over Twilight any day!!!

  2. Hasn’t anyone considered they could set it back in one of the earlier seasons. Back when it was only Buffy who was the chosen one. Because I really don’t think it would have an impact if there was more than one slayer. I could easily write a belter based around season two. Maybe during the whole Angelus period. =] infact am off to write this.

  3. My life would be complete of they made a Buffy movie. No offence to Twilight or its fans but, if it were not for the two hunks in the movie, (Robert and Taylor) the movie would be dead. Buffy has enough the humor,gore and romance for both movies.

    P.S.- Kristen Stewarts whole “awkward girl who still manages to be sexy” thing is so mot working. Only bad actors/actresses feel the need to pull stupid roles like this.

    (please no one come to her defence its totally stupid and useless)

  4. How do producers get their job? Clearly they do not have an ability to analyze the success of a series in order to deliver it to the silver screen. It smaks of the workings of the lowest rung of producers: to make a buck on the branding. These producers do not care that the key to the success of Buffyverse rests in the genius of the writer. Joss supplies script twists with continual character development and frank inspection of the human dilemma. His episodes were superb in the last season. Two hours of that same quality on the big screen would be the hottest ticket of the season.

    1. This is old news. And SMG said she would never play Buffy again, so it doesn’t matter.

      Also, Kristy Swanson was Buffy first, and when the TV series came out they were pissed that this new girl was playing her. But that worked out.

      Who’s to say a new Buffy wouldn’t work out?

  5. There hasn’t been any good shows that got me interested as of late except doll house, but nothing like buffy and angel series. I totally agree with jared that it would be great to have another slayer come in the play maybe a new player from the army of buffy. I just can’t believe that this show didn’t get as much credits as it deserved. now i wish joss didn’t sell the rights of the show to those people they are going ruin the show and maybe lose alot of fans respect if they haven’t already by having joss whedon on bored. Hopefully they are reading this and taking this under consideration of the fans wants for this show.

  6. Big Buffy and Angel fan.
    At first I thought “could they really be bringing Buffy back, how cool!” Then I heard Joss isn’t attached so that was a bummer.
    I would rather see a new slayers path, maybe tie into Buffy’s army. (More of a Queen of the slayers take) I’d hate to see them just throw something together amd another highly anticipated movie get bad reviews. The TV show was about perfect and the comic book is doing well. I want more buffy but sometimes thats enough!!

  7. Ok, so now there is definitely a movie but without Joss Whedon??? What the he$%?? You can’t have Buffy and no Joss. That’s life saying “Hey, how about a Christmas with no Jesus….it’s His celebration, but let’s just kick him out cause we can do it better without him”….poo poo on the new Buffy movie without Joss. Poo Poo.

  8. Hi well i just want to know is there going to be a buffy movie if not why carnt there be a season ehight it can be set a few years after season seven i just really think buffy should never of ended i mean i dont watch newt elce i mean buffy is better than enything on now a days is just rubish do you know i am saying i mean when i was in 2004 when i watched the last season of buffy because i loved buffy so much i thought wonder what happens next and then oh year later no season 8 i mean i was only 11 i was very upset not crying i mean thats just stupied over tv program but i was not happy i say smg if she did quit should not have i mean buffy the vampire slayer made her what she is today yeh shes been in the grudge and scooby doo and over stuff but i want to see her back in buffy i mean come On i SAY WE GET BUFFY BACK ON TV AND SOON SMG DOES NOT LOOK A DAY OLDER THAN WHAT SHE DID DOES SHE SO SHE SHOULD I MEAN I KINOW IT WILL MAKE A LOT OF PEOPLE HAPPY INCLUDING ME. cya

    1. Hey i heard yesterday on the radio and on tv today that a new buffy movie was being made. has anyone else heard any more about it?? im not sure if sarah michelle gellar is even going to be in it thats what i heard from the tv i think anyway!!!

  9. hey its me i just would love to see buffy i was yung when i started to watch it i have all the seasons and if they do make the movie smg has to be int it oh and i am only like 15.

  10. omg i would love to see buffy back imean who wants to read about it we need to watch i want to know what happens next and why the hell did anya die.?

  11. I think that the original cast of Buffy reuniting for one last time is an amazing idea, certainly one of the best I’ve herd all year. I loved the TV show and I would like nothing more than to see a Buffy movie. Please try your hardest Joss Whedon to make that happen.

    All the best & good luck.

  12. i read that sarah michelle gellar is pregnant now so i dont think a Buffy movie is gonna happen :(

    and “rodney” i think you should stop judging other people’s comments, so what if they thought the creators name is Josh, doesnt mean they dont like buffy the vampire slayer does it? sorry, but it had to be said, and i found it hard to say this to a fellow buffy fan :) it is the BEST show ever!!!

    1. Rodney doesn’t need to be in quotes. Its not a title or pseudonym. Its my name.

      Furthermore if you read my comment about her misspelling of Joss’ name you would see the irony was that she claimed to know everything about Buffy and didn’t even know the creator’s name.

      Guess that wasn’t everything.

  13. Yer hey i think it would be a great idea i mean it was ended in like 2003-2004 watever n i am still a big fan of buffy the vampire slayer. n i like it alot, it would be great to have spike n angel xander, willow, giles, anya (as her n xander got married, n dawn if possible XD


  14. I would love more than anything to see what has happened to all the original cast members. I am an avid fan who owns every single season of Buffy and every time I start watching it from the beginning by the end I’m still itching for more! A Buffy movie has my vote!

  15. Hey hey now i think there is one possibility, does anyone remember Nancy holders unofficial book called queen of the slayers?, it was classed as the unofficial 8th season, and ive read it i think if josh and Nancy teamed up to use the storyline from queen of the slayers they might just have a big screen hit.
    It was a continuation from what happened after season 7 and i think it would make a good movie. I really do hope for a buffy movie as i loved the tv show.

    1. I love how people profess to be the biggest fan and know how this should be done right when they can’t even remember the damn creator’s name!

      Seriously JOSS. His name is not josh. JOSS!!!

      And the Unofficial “book” was just FANFIC. It was called that because Joss never approved it and the fans didn’t either.

  16. hey all you peaple out there who think that you can diss josh it is just wrong i loved the series plus firefly and serenity and if he made a new movie of buffy that is somewhere between the end of the tv show and the comics then it would be a good movie and if he does a new movie it is not going to be good unless he gets the original cast and everything so yeah that is wat i think if you dont like u can go srew yourself so yeah

  17. I’m not sure that this will even happen now although I would love for it to. It was just announced recently that Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant and that she is due this fall.

  18. It would be amazing if they did a buffy/angel movie! I think it would do really well at the theatre. There are so many different things they could do with movie, so many loose ends that could be cleared up. I would love to see angel & cordelia be together and buffy & spike. I know that money is the only thing holding them back but if they realize just how much their fans want it and just how successful it would be. We would could start a fund to help make it. I saw twilight and I know that the buffy movie ten times better!

  19. OMG!
    They have to turn the series into a film.
    Everyone saw the success of the Sex And The City movie, and with Twilight just released and fans warmed up for some vampire drama, love and action this is the PERFECT time to bring it out.
    It’s been seven years,
    the last season was season seven,
    seven’s the lucky number!

    M A K E I T H A P P E N!!!


  20. The series was fantastic! Start to finish. I’d love to see a movie of the show…however, now that most of the actors have become more accomplished, do you think there might be a money issue (as I’m sure their price tags have gone up since then)…if they can pay it…I say film it!

    1. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s biggest hit since Buffy has been Scooby Doo. Nicholas Brendan has disappeared, Anthony Head is minor supporting cast on a BBC series, and the only person off that show with a steady career is Allyson Hannigan.

      This would be a small tag. But that is not what is stopping it. So far the only people asking for this movie is the fans, so as much as I hope it will happen someday, I don’t predict it ever will.


  21. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the best T.V show ever made in history in my opinion. I would LOVE to see a Buffy movie be made!! Everyone seems to be worried that it will be hard to create a movie if people watching had never seen the TV series or read the comic books. I disagree!! I only started watching Buffy in the UK when series 6 first aired on BBC2 and I didnt have to see the rest of the series to become hooked. Of course later I bought the others series on DVD and became hooked on them too!! My point is that Joss Whedon has the ability to create a movie that will not only appeal to current Buffy fans, but people that don’t realise they are soon to become a fan and do what I did and buy the whole series on DVD!!! Yeah, the original Buffy movie sucked, but that was because Joss Whedon was not as involved in it. Joss Whedon would be involved in this movie and if he can revive his original movie into an even better TV series then I have faith in him to revive the TV series into an even better movie!! Sarah Michelle Gellar said she would only star if the script was right, and seen as she does’nt seem to be doing anything at the moment and people are becoming hyped up with the Twilight movie, then I can see this movie working. Although, I do think it would have to be a BUFFY movie, and should’nt have any of the ANGEL cast (except Spike who joined Angel after Buffy ended) in the movie. David Boreanaz is doing really well in “Bones” and I think reprising his role as Angel would’nt be a good move. Plus characters in Angel that would do well in a Buffy movie are the characters that originated from Buffy to begin with i.e. Cordelia and Wesley, and they both died in Series 5 of Angel. So PLEASE Joss Whedon!!! DON’T LET ME DOWN!!! I hope a movie is made and I hope it is good. Because other wise the whole of the Buffy series would be a waste and would be ruined! :(

    1. What do you mean the original Buffy movie sucked? Because Joss wasn’t as involved?? Joss Whedon WROTE AND INVENTED the Buffy movie. All of it. How much more involved would you want him to be??

      He was LESS involved in his TV show as he guided the series, but he had a team of writers that would help him create new stories.

      You dish out a big long rant about how you think it should be and throw out inconsistencies that prove you don’t know how it should be.

      I am all for a Buffy movie, and even Angel involved would be fine too. But not making a movie or not making a good one would not make the whole of the Buffy franchise a waste.

  22. I totally think they should make a new Buffy movie!!! I’m such a huge fan and was so devistated when it went off the air. It would be great to see all the scoobies back together!! I say get with it already Joss before its too late!!!!

  23. hi you might know me from a the 6 th of dec and i said i would like a buffy film it has been a while so i think that joss should get his ass of the chair because i am so angery because i have to wait so long and i went to town and did not get a buffy onbus because it cost sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much money but i would love a film

  24. I think that it would be an awsome idea if they brought back Buffy…. It still holds alot of popularity I mean it has sold out in our stores where I am from…..That’s gotta say something for the shows popularity…….Some kind of Buffy continuation that involves actors (Sarah) would be kick a**…..

  25. I know this isnt exactly what the “forumn/blog/poll” or whatever is about but if he wanted to create a new tv series he already has a full script… He could re enact the season 8 comics – i havent read these but i would be sure to watch them if they were ever put onto the tv again…

  26. any valid sources on this rumor? just curious..
    as much as i would LOVE a movie, im not holding my breath. but should anyone hear anything solid on this, please post!

  27. I grew up with the buffy and angel shows and I would love to see a movie that is a continuation of the series. I dont know what the story would be about but im sure whedon will come up with something awesome as he always has. plus with a movie whedon will have more freedom to be as violent and vulgar as he wants compared to the show. I would also like to see a prequel movie that talks about angels origins and maybe spikes, they touched upon it a little in the show but i think that story has enough details for a whole movie. it would also be cool if they made a movie where blade met buffy. that would be dope!!

  28. I was so upset when fx stopped airing BVS, I still see angel on TNT which I still find entertaining, but to be honest I liked BVS better. I also agree I wish SCI-FI, or SPIKE TV would air BVS episodes. I think Sara Michelle Gellar is a great actress, and her career is not in the S*****. It is hard to be such a well known character known by all of america, and try to find another role with out people expecting to see their buffy. I think all the characters on the show are amazing actors. They all contributed in there own special way. Even if they don’t make a movie, I would still love to watch the episodes, it’s way better than that 70;s show, or all those stupid crime dramas, like law and order, so sick of it. Like america needs something more to be depressed about. At least Buffy the Vampire slayer was a fantasy escape from reality that provided humor. People who watch drauma, and violent movies like sopranos will reflect the shows depressive attitudes. We all need an escape rght now from reality, and one that provides humor. I hope it goes through any how.

  29. I am so excited to hear this news. It will be a hard thing to do, but I truly believe in that cast and production crew. And we will get some answers…

    And hopefully some Spike/Buffy :)

  30. O my god! I loved Buffy the series since I was 9 and I know alot of people who would love to see a remake of the movie with returning characters from the series….that cast was amazing and the movie would definitely be a big hit!!!!!!

  31. ok people that keep talking about the original movie… the reason it was a flop was because josh weadon was asked to leave the film set coz he had creative differences and therefore it didnt live up to his dream of it…. yes the show came from the idea of it and although i was a big fan of the flop movie it didnt even compaire to the tv show…

    Back when Buffy ended they were talking of making a movie but couldnt get the funding, even SMG said that she was scared it would flop. BUt come on if the sex and the city movie can be as big as it is now there is no reason at all that buffy wouldnt be!!!

    I no if it came out i would be there opening night to see it and prob the next day aswell!!! there are many buffy fans out there that have moved on… like myself… but buffy will always be my no.1 show and tbh i dont no a single buffy fan or even exfan that wouldnt want to know how things were gonna end… especially with angel!!!

    i do think the cast would haveto be in it which is hard now that wesley, anya and cordy are dead but u never no he may have some strange way of being the cast back together!!!

    The buffy movie would sell like hotcakes!!!! they should make it especially now there is a proven market for it!!!


  32. I think a movie would be unbelievably successful. The combination of the cult following that the tv show has had for the past decade and the recent popularity of comic books being transposed into movies. Wow, this would do great at the box office.

    I would also wait in line all week to see this movie. I love BTVS.


  34. I would love to see a Buffy movie..but it has to be done right and thought through,but what i want to know is,why has it taken Sarah all these years to suddenly be interested?.She has never to my knowledge been to any conventions..And one more thing..would Spike and Buffy finish what they started???

  35. i would love to see the buffy film so much it would be a dream come true i would be so happy and i think it would be good to se the cast back together please please please please please plaese make it. it would be good to make it soon because the dvd collection is out now it would make buffy so popular. thank you for reading .

  36. But if you look it up they talked about it at the reunion which also took place this year.

    They all said best place to pick up would be right at the ending of Season 7. when they go to a new hellmouth. (Why?) because everyone is in it. Angel was there everyone. Now i know angel went back to L.A and spike was reincarnated 19 days later and didn’t want to inform buffy because she would be upset but i could overlook that.

    Also They could even bring back Tara and Anya. If you read interview you will learn there was part of season 7 left out, due to scheduling conflicts. Apperently the “Powers at be” where suppose to reward buffy with anything she wanted because she saved the world from the first. This scene is suppose to have buffy telling willow. Then willow jokes you better not asked for shoes, and she steps aside and Tara is standing there alive and well.

    They could reincorperate this with Anya as well put everyone back together.

    this does hinder some parts of the comic book but really never mentions those characters but doesn’t mean there not there since the comic book universe is so global they could be in a different area helping. (A Stretch) but not imposable.

  37. I loved the buffy tv series. I never read the comics though, I think a movie would be awesome. Even if it wasn’t very good, it would still be worth seeing. It would kinda suck if it had much to do with the comics since i don’t think many people have read them. but then picking up where the tv series ended would proberly piss off people who had read the comics.

  38. I love when people use poor grammar to try and insult a film. Fail.

    The first movie was a stepping stone to the tv series. So this would be a feature film spinoff of a show that was a spinoff of a feature film.

  39. I would be very excited to see a return of Buffy even to the big screen. Though I must say that if Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t return to play the part I will want nothing to do with it. I hate it when movies take out a main character and replace it with someone who looks nothing like the original character. I’m a huge fan of the show and even watched Angel after Buffy ended. I would be glad to see that Mr. Whedon was going in that direction.

  40. What was all this about Giles being the last of the Watchers?

    What about Wesley Wyndham-Price? Sure he jumped to Angel but he was like Giles, a cast out from the Watchers’ Council.

    Here’s the lead in for the new Buffy series….

    Buffy did her thing making all potential slayers actual slayers but the spell only lasted 7 days and the potentials went back to being just that. Buffy grew a bit older but still dusting vampires and such but world tension kept getting worse and in the way. Ultimately, global armageddon ensued but in order to escape the ravages, Buffy and Scoobies move to Angel country and lodge with him until finally even LA starts to go down. In an effort to escape all of that, Willow casts a spell of protection over them that unfortunately goes awry. They wake up 1000 years into the future in a bleak post apocalyptic future in which humans are scarce, vamps and others are running amok and due to scientific advancement by the humans who have survived the war and built upon their knowledge, vamps have been able to steal a personal force field that was designed to stop the worst of the damaging sun on humans and unfortunately does the same on Vamps. The shields are hard to come by so not too many Vamps have them.

    The Scoobies and Angels decide that the Earth is now a lost cause but happen to find one of the last great scientific minds of the time who has built a ship that will travel just about anywhere and has 100s of survivors already frozen in suspended animation on it. He brings them onto the ship they all take off and Earth disappears behind a black veil as they move off, unaware that they have also attempted to deep freeze vamps who dont deep freeze but DO stay dormant long enough to wreak havoc on the ship. At the end of season 1 of this new Buffy, the ship appears to pop out of existence as Buffy and Angel, drifting near it using thrusters are battling the latest bad news. They dust the vamp and see the ship disappearing from the front backwards as it moves and you see the horror in their faces. The start of season 2 shows that what their ship had done was pass through a light deflection field, as they did, behind which is a HUGE derelict alien craft that bears investigating and upon which are mysterious ancient symbols that are of ancient Earth origin. Inside the ship are the survivors of the 3 alien races “Kraken, Olympus and Asgard”. They are awakened when human presence is detected after systems are powered on by the intruders and all are beings of immense power but are the benevolent?

    Anyway, that’s enough for the moment….

  41. I definitely agree with MYKIDS’MOM, that is the best comment on this damn page. That was on my mind and you put it out into words. I would love to see it hit the theaters even if it sucked. (hope not). whoever loves the Buffy show, well…. I hope our dreams come true.

  42. I’ve always been a huge fan of Buffy and personally, even if the movie was expected to bomb out and be the worst idea to come to the big screen, I would still pay the money to see it opening night. I’m also a huge Twilight fan, so I have to say that I’m thrilled the coming of Twilight may be the cause for the coming of more Buffy, I’ve been dying to see her and the Scoobies on the big screen for some time now. I’d also love to see Angel and Spike come back for this movie as well. I don’t think there’s anything hotter than a vamp with a soul.

  43. I’m homeless and I would panhandle for the money to go see this opening night dressed in character and I’ve never done anything like that in my life.

    A movie would make my crappy like have hope in it once more.


    I guarantee it will out sell Twilight!!!

  44. It seems typical of Whedon to jump on the vampire band wagon again as his recent stuff hasn’t done very well…All of a sudden he has a script for a new Buffy movie?.. When Angel finished he was all yes I want to make a Spike movie. James Marsters was all for it but it never materialised.Whedon wasn’t interested in Spike at all and just used it in interviews as an opening to talk about his ‘other projects’.

  45. Why would Joss necessarily have to call on Buffy characters – he’s created a relatively consistent universe where he could call upon any other Slayer or even old side characters that haven’t been used more than a few times. Heck, he has an entire multi-dimensional evil law firm!

  46. I think that Joss has enough talent and has had plenty of time to figure out an unbelievable script. I really just think that the whole saga kind of finally needs some closure. I know i would wait in line all night to get into a BTVS movie.

  47. The first movie was garbage, and has very little to do with the series. Really it shouldn’t even be discussed when considering making a new Buffy movie because the new movie will be leaps and bounds better than the first and that’s a sure thing.

    I never considered that a sexy chick who beats the shit out of vampires and demons to be very girly, but there were other elements of the show that did apply to girls. I don’t think it can be described as mellow either.

    I think one of the great things about the show was how it appealed to both sexes. There’s not too many shows that my wife and I can agree on but Buffy is certainly one of them that we both love.

  48. I agree with Tigerclaw and Mike, I don’t see what’s the big deal in this. The first movie wasn’t that great (seemed more like low a budget movie direct to dvd or vhs at the time) and the series was too freakin’ girlish, something for the girl audience to watch like Dawson’s Creek and other yellow mellow crap like that, I find it strange a bunch of guys watching it. You wanna see some real vampire shit? Read Anne Rice or watch Interview with the vampire, etc etc..

  49. The Buffy episodes still hold up. So many episodes and story arcs were a lot better than some of the cr@ppy movies that get released today. I’ve even recently pulled out my dvd sets and started re-watching the series from the beginning with my teen daughter – she LOVES them and is constantly asking me for more. Some posts have mentioned a remake of the original movie and that would be a huge mistake. They’d need to pick it up some time after Angel ended. Maybe they could partner with Sci Fi channel to rebroadcast the last seasons of both shows and time it so it leads up to the movie. Joss & the studios have a great opportunity to capture new fans and fire up the current ones!!!

  50. @Mike… The T.V. show was NOT based off of the movie! Joss actually got artistic license on T.V. that was ripped from his hands on the Movie. …So this wouldn’t be a remake! So, do your homework.


    What if he made the movie be between the end of the Final Season (7) of Buffy and the current canon Comics series…? It would be taking place during seasons either 4 or 5 of Angel. This could solve all of the problems. I don’t believe any of this rumor right now because SMG has stated she would never be Buffy again…. But since her career is in the SHITTER, she might reconsider now. I want to believe it and I want to see it happen, but my faith (no pun intended) in it happenning is very low.

  51. “rabid Whedonites” didn’t “let him down” with Firefly. It had higher ratings than the first season of either BtVS or Angel, all the Whedonites were watching. Fox wanted better ratings than the PEAK seasons of those shows immediately, and of course didn’t get them because the majority of the audience of those shows in later seasons weren’t “rabid Whedonites”, they were average folks. Lack of fan support isn’t what killed that show; unrealistic expectations and incompetent scheduling did.

  52. @Mike…. seriously man, are you 12? We are well aware of the movie that caused the TV Series to come into existance. But the TV series was far more popular than the movie, and another movie would be the only viable way to see Buffy on screen again.

    Seriously. Read the comments man.

  53. Actually – yeah – I could get on-board with this if they did remake the original movie with Whedon at the helm instead.

    I liked “Serenity.” I just blame most of it’s box office failure on simply being a space western with a complicated premise and less-than-marketable name. With more marketable subject matter, Joss Whedon could pull in some bigger numbers for once.

  54. I really don’t see the original cast returning in any way that’s not terrible. Imo the only way to do a successful Buffy movie would be a reboot. Which I would watch if it was Whedon’s.

  55. Is everyone here under 12? There was movie with Luke Perry (from 90210) and Kirsty Swanson. It was made in about 92/93! The Tv series is actually based on this movie. Hollywood is really scraping the barrel when they’re remaking films that are only like 15 yrs old.

    What next? A remake of Lethal Weapon with Zac Effron and Nic Cannon?

    1. Okay. First buffy the first movie…joss’ idea but the powers that be took control and made it campy. Paul reubens as the big bad. He was so happy when he was able to do the tv show because he got to do it his way. There is a world of difference between the two! I think it’s a huge opportunity to attract a whole new audience whom apparently has an appetite for an unnatural romance and an unquenchable thirst for special effects and a neutered vampire seeking redemption. Life and death, the love that is but cannot coexist. Who can’t identify with that? Yes to the movie but only if joss maintains creative control! The world can do without another Paul reuben death scene!
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  56. I wasn’t a bit Firefly fan, but I liked Serenity in the theatre and bought the DVD.

    I would love to see a movie continuation from the Buffy/Angel series. There were just too many awesome characters to not want to see any of them again. I wouldn’t put it past him to balance the characters either setting a good example for any future Xmen movies.

  57. I think Buffy has been played out, her time is over. It has been too long and must Buffy fans including myself have moved on. Would I see a Buffy movie? Not really and I will tell you why, it doesnt mean anything as the series is over and a mov ie now would just be a half hearted attempt to cash in on the Vampire popularity. Hasn’t Buffy already said and done everything we needed to see?

  58. Personally, I think BVS was the greatest thing ever on television and that Whedon is a genuis (I do think his ideas got a little threadbare when he was doing both Angel & Buffy at the same time, but maybe that’s inevitable). Personally, I’ll buy ten tickets to any Buffy movie or (stock in it to finance it) and would very much love to see one, or a series of movies. A good story is essential but I’m assuming, since he’s done it so many times, that he can come up with another one.

    There’s lots of loyal fans out there hoping for this [and for the love-of-God give Zander, and by extension the entire non-vampire side of the male universe, something important to do, please..]

  59. Tigerclaw…

    You can’t really mention the movie and show in one sentence, the movie was his idea but all control and ideas was ripped from him similar but worse than Kevin Smith with Mallrats…

    However a movie he has control over regarding Buffy would kick a–!!!

    It’s a shame hollywood and t.v. execs are blind on the brilliance this man can bring to the screen. I am hoping this happens in one way or another.

  60. The movie doesn’t have to be a continuation of the comics.

    Josh once said he would happily undo the comics if the actors of the series (and studios) were interested in reviving the series.

  61. Who knows what time frame they are setting the movie in, but it really wouldnt matter.

    The big screen version would have to be written with the assumption that people had not seen Buffy before. Its been too long since the series ended, and even casual viewers wouldnt recall what all happened when it ended.

    Let alone some of the canon about what happened to Buffy that was suggested in the still running Angel spinoff. Then Angel also ended (important assuming Angel would make an appearance) and lets not forget the comic books that are authorized as Canon too.

    There is a LOT of Canon that will have to fit in, but not directly impact the movie. I am sure this would be considered when writing the screenplay.

  62. If this is a continuation of the ongoing comic storylines then Angel would not be in the Buffy movie. Buffy was going to appear in the Angel series finale, but Whedon decided against it because she wasn’t part of the gang, and because in the end they had almost completely outgrown each other. Also, since the After the Fall comic is also canon, its doubtful that Angel would be there.

  63. Not Buffy she’s totally played out. Whedon did a fururistic continuation of the Buffy-verse in his Fary comic book.

    Joss can write it, but I think he need to get someone else to direct it, since I’m not sure the chops fpr big-screen action. (‘Serenity’ was a little bit of a disappontment.)

  64. @Tigerclaw, I am well aware of the original Buffy Movie, the TV Series picks up immediately after it, and they even make references to her moving to Sunnydale because she was expelled from her previous highschool for “burning down the school gym”

    Also, last summer I interviewed Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy. Very fun girl.

  65. I would be thrilled if the success of Twilight helped make another Buffy flick a reality. While the series have been continuing in comic book form, Joss has stated that he would happily throw those books out of canon if it meant getting a movie made.

    A Buffy movie would be quite different from the Twilight movie, considering the way the series went in the last couple of seasons. I would be happy to see how many more ways Joss can make the Scooby gang miserable!

  66. As far as a story goes, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to come up with a really great premise, I mean the possibilities are endless. I don’t see why a movie couldn’t just pick right up from some point in the comics; there’s no reason why the audience would have to be filled in on every detail, especially if it’s going to be a new, standalone story.

    There could be a few nods or inside homages to previous shows or comics but if the story is good enough there’s no reason why it can’t stand on it’s own.

    This could be really great if done right…

  67. Joss Whedon’s already expanded on his Buffyverse by continuing the Buffy and Angel story arcs with their own respective comic book series.

    As much as I want to see the Scoobies back together again with a big budget, it would be really awkward putting together the right story for it. You can’t make an immediate sequel without bringing the audience up to speed with the last seven years of her life, and you can’t start over at the beginning or with a prequel where she just fights vampires because then that would be a huge step backwards considering everything that happened after the first season.

    Then again, I was able to follow “Serenity” without ever having seen “Firefly,” so maybe Joss can pull another rabbit out of his hat.

  68. Rumours in Hollywood? I’m not sure that this story has any legs, but I hope that it does. I would love to see a Buffy movie with the return of the original TV cast! They’d better do it soon though as SMG isn’t getting any younger!!

    She’s still a smoking hot babe!

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