Justin Theroux Set To Scribe Iron Man 2

Justin-Theroux1It appears that Iron Man 2 will be written by the fledgeling author of the Tropic Thunder screenplay!? We get the following news from our friends at ropeofsilicon:

Justin Theroux’s work as a screenwriter is limited, limited to Tropic Thunder and nothing more. Now, he has been handed the keys to the 2010 castle as Paramount has hired him to write Iron Man 2, a follow-up to this year’s highest grossing film.

Theroux is best known as an actor in such films as Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Miami Vice, the HBO mini-series “John Adams” as John Hancock and he will also have a small part in Tropic Thunder. Last year he directed Mandy Moore and Billy Crudup in Dedication, marking his feature film directing debut just as Tropic Thunder marked his scripting debut.

Well, this seems so strange that I hope it’s false. I would like to see the original four man writing team back for the sequel. I think that having the same crew would be best for continuity and quality control. I will have a better opinion about this decision after I see Tropic Thunder, but even still, do you want to place a franchise with such strong prospects in the hands of a man with such little experience?

Who knows, Justin Theroux may already have a script written and was born to write Iron Man 2. On paper however, this certainly seems risky, and I hope that my apprehension will be proven wrong.

International Friends, what are your thoughts? Do you think hiring Justin Theroux is the right decision, or would you have preferred to see a tested veteran get the gig?

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9 thoughts on “Justin Theroux Set To Scribe Iron Man 2

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    well, Theroux has done all of the above, it’s true, but he’s best known from his paricipation in David Lynch’s films, also from Six feet under & other stuff you don’t mention at all. He has a double major in visual art and drama, his dad & his uncle are authors, his mother & cousin are journalists, so i guess it wouldn’t be out of the blue if the guy could write. let’s give him a break and wait until tropic thunder is released, which by the way he’s co-writing with Etan Cohen (Idiocracy).

  2. That’s disappointing news. At least the first one will always be good. It must be frustrating in hollywood with so many cooks in the kitchen (and in the bank). It’s a wonder any film is any good.

  3. Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway wrote the last one – no idea why they were not called back.

  4. hey i dont think theres anything wrong with it. this guy is a professional and maybe he has a kick ass story waiting to be written that everyone will love.
    we cant be certain about it well have to wait and see.

    what shocks me is that no one else was available- if hes as unexperienced as people say, how come they passed out on everyone else? maybe they already have a clue on what hell be writing and they like it.

    if theyre choosing him he better be good they wont just choose anyone

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