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  1. :“what about hawkeye and scarlet witch and ant man? i wanna see their movies too”

    “hardly anyone else does”

    Speak for yourself, John. However, I see Scarlet Witch being in the ‘Magneto’ film (if it’s still on) and Hawkeye I suspect might be an Avenger,but I don’t see a solo film. My main beef here is Ant-Man.

    Ant-Man I suppose is no longer under the Pegg pen? And I would not mind seeing an Ant-Man film, although I’d be more excited if the character of Pym would be used instead of Scott Lang.

    AS for the list given- and I noticed there’s no Incredible Hulk 2 there…I’m not excited about this list. At this time, it’s nothing more than optimism. In fact, I actually think First Avenger Cap America might even be made before Thor…unless they lock a director for Thor soon.

  2. i know im sorry john :/
    i really do know your name but my head was miles away

    i think hawkeye can be an amazing movie hes a really cool character and a movie with him would be very entertaining. as for antman, hes got a horrible name but they were talking about making a movie of him AND scarlet witch.

    so far all marvel movies have been entertaining for me (yes, i liked daredevil, FF 1 and 2, 2003 hulk, ghost rider spiderman 3 AND the punisher) only one that sucked was electra

    shit i also liked v for vendetta (i know hes not marvel but i just like the dude)

    i can see why people wont like scarlet witch or antman but hawkeye is extremely cool.
    maybe get them all 3 in one movie and maybe show ironman at the end- and emphesize it all on hawkeye and have very little scenes with scarlet witch (hey its an idea! at least im comming up with solutions here people!))

  3. Hey Hazmat

    Actually, my name is Mr. Campea… but that’s ok.

    You said:

    “what about hawkeye and scarlet witch and ant man? i wanna see their movies too”

    Hardly anyone else does. Those would be box office bombs

  4. Paul Paul Paul Al gore never claimed that he invented the internet. you should put aside your right wing talking points for a minute and turn off your AM radio.

    Al Gore was highly instrumental in putting forth the inititative, funding and legislation that went into the creating of the internet. He never said that he himself invented the internet. Never said it. His claims were siomply that he was one of the driving forces behind allowing it to be created. and he was. that is a fact.

    but the right spun it into this ridiculous thing to be used as proof that gore is a liar and an idiot because as always the right want to debate nonsense like that rather than issues. Like at the moment its all about Obamas pastor and flag pins because if they were to talk about things thta actually matter like i dunno…the war and the tanking economy they lose every single time.

    and even if global warming alarm bells turn out to be wrong is it not better to err on the side of caution and act as if it is real rather than take a “it might not be so fuck it who cares” attitude.

    Is it really such a bad thing to y’know NOT WANT THE PLANET TO DIE??

  5. this really has nothing to do with the Marvel lineup but….

    yes its a theory Paul…but its a theory that 90% of the worlds scientists believe.

    Just because there are 2 sides to the argument doesn’t mean that they both are considered equal.

    It wont turned out like “The Happening ” or “Day after tomorrow” but it is a problem that we as a society has to address.

    ****oh yes really looking forward to all these flicks…heres hoping Favreau & Marvel reach a agreement on IM2 soon****

  6. Ahhh Jeez, The Happening is a subtle “Global Warming:” flick….Hello, its ONLY a THEORY folks! Many scientist have completely different views to Professor Emertus Al “I invented the Internet” Gore. I like M’NS’s films so I’ll go with tongue in cheek and my barometer up, excuse the pun.

  7. I was lucky to watch “The Happening” here in Lima Peru. It is an amazing story with a trouble ending, but worth seeing, specially if we think so much about global warming but don’t act on it.

  8. I’m actually the opposite. I’m sure I’ll see them all but really Iron Man to me was an okay movie that did everything by the numbers and I’m sure the rest of these will do the same. I seriously doubt Watchmen will do as well as any of these but at least it will be something different.

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