Name That Torso #2

The winner of last week’s game was Mike with the correct answer of Catherine Zeta Jones!

And now the game continues with the second installment of NAME THAT TORSO!


The answer will be revealed next Monday. The winner will have bragging rights and garner international respect!

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54 thoughts on “Name That Torso #2

  1. Man, I’m about to get razzed, I know it, but…

    I remember seeing Brosnan topless in Mrs. Doubtfire, and his chest hair wasn’t that plentiful and curly. It was fairly straight and rather thin, but then again, it was wet in that scene…don’t think it’s him.

    Hoff was topless a ton on Baywatch, and this chest hair pattern(super dense in the middle) matches his. I’m going with the Hoff.

  2. Oh well I guess that’s JOHN himself, he just wants to hear that he looks like Brosnan or Ford or Connery

    Isnt that obvious“??

  3. I might’ve had to agree with Darbe as it makes a great guess, but I’m gonna have to say Daniel Baldwin.

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