Megan Fox Dishes About Transformers 2

Fox-1We have some news about Transformers 2 to share with you thanks to the following interview Fox had with our friends at MTV:

MTV talked to Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen star Megan Fox, who says that the sequel is “10 times as big, 10 times as many set pieces, explosions, and acrobatic stunts.” She added that “Shia and I make out a little bit; I don’t know if anyone wants to see that.”

Fox says that they have been reworking the script as it was written fast because of the writers strike, mainly to add character “stuff” for her and Shia amongst the giant robots. And what is Michael Bay’s main directorial input to Megan? “His main note to me is just to look hot; so I try my best.”

I am concerned that Bay’s sole purpose for Fox is to look “hot” in the film….and if that’s the case – why do we need to flesh out her dialogue at all? Just have her stretch for items and emerge from lots of water, soaking wet. At least she’ s honest about her role in the film, we suspected this was the case, so this admission is no surprise.

I am all for eye candy in films, but the giant robots should be enough shouldn’t they? Maybe Bay should worry less about giving people boners and start to concentrate on Decepticon and Autobot action/dialogue. If I wanted to be titillated by Fox, I would subscribe to Celebrity Skin.

The only news that excites me from the mouth of Fox is the amount of set pieces and explosions that she briefly mentions. With luck, we will see more of the robots this time out and have less human dialogue than the last – although it isn’t looking good.

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22 thoughts on “Megan Fox Dishes About Transformers 2

  1. I REALLY LIKE TRANSFORMERS but I hate stupid wannabe critics who dislike great directors like michael bay and if you ask me you all deserves to get a bitch slap because if you can’t enjoy a great movie then you should stay your stupid asses and watch extremely stupid movies that have an IQ of a penny just like you guys

  2. Just read that “Jazz” might return in T2.

    Subtitle “Revenge of the Fallen” might refer to Primus’ counterpart-turned-evil (and became Fallen), answering to Unicron.

  3. I saw Transformers twice at the movies and loved it, have it on dvd and have watched it another 2 or 3 times. The human characters were good, but the transformers were exceptionally excellent. Eg. when Bumble Bee saves Sam and Michela (Megan Fox) from Decepticon Ford Mustang Police Car. That chase i loved, Ford vs GMC. I would like to see more of the transformers characters/ dialogue and the same amount of the human characters/ dialogue in the first one. The story line is about Transformer robots, not two humans that make out for 1/3 of the film or getting to know more of the human characters for that 1/3 to 2/3 of the film.

  4. Why can’t we just have our hotness in the form of giant robots? Have a car that transforms into a giant naked robot chick. Big metal vag, the whole deal. I’d see that movie.

  5. Looking forward to seeing T2. Characters were okay in T1. The movie was one kick-ass thrillride, hope they can make the sequel of a similar level or even better.

    I hope as well that they do not introduce the dino-bots, and other transforming animals, etc. in this T2 movie… just stick to the most loved robots (cars and planes).

    That’s wait and see…

  6. @PADTHAI …”..What with all her over-done make-up, tan, hair, weird looking plastic face with stupid expression, over-puffy lips, everything about her screams fake to me….”

    May I suggest, Barbie Doll?

  7. am i the only noticing they only ever talk about developing the humans, and adding new human characters all the time?? Bay just seems to see the robots as special effects, and not the characters they actualy are.

  8. It takes a good director to see where their actors truly shine and get them to play it for all their worth. Michael Bay is now apparently one of those Great Directors. He sees where the talent is and focuses on that particular aspect. Personally, I didn’t find the character all that bad, and it doesn’t bother me that she is reprising her role. The continuity is nice.

  9. I saw the first Transformers a couple times and each time I came out of the theater I thought to myself what was megan fox’s characters name… I ask my friends as well and they all draw a blank. I know shia’s name Sam they repeated it like none other… If you ask me they really need to develop the characters especially megan fox.

  10. love how terrible it sounds. Megan Fox is so overrated too. Pics of her in only nip covers and her body is terrible….all saggy like she is skinny but completely out of shape anyway. Bay sux as well. Not seeing…done.

  11. I don’t think anything in the sequel could top that “Are you aliens or something” line in the first one. She’ll have dopey lines, but hell, she’ll look good saying them.

    As for the movie, yes, I’m all for bigger and better stuff.

  12. To be honest with you, Megan Fox looks a bit tranny sometimes. What with all her over-done make-up, tan, hair, weird looking plastic face with stupid expression, over-puffy lips, everything about her screams fake to me.

  13. I liked the Shia – Fox story in the first one and thought it was a good and necessary break from the action. The other sidestories were pretty stupid. So I am glad they are elaborating on Shia and her character in the second one. I completely agree that if it is all action you become desensatized to not only to the action but also to the characters and so then the movie loses suspense.

  14. If the strike were to happen that might a godsent gift for Transformers. If they want to make the June 26 2009 releasedate they can’t shut down filming so if we are lucky they might have less humans and more robots

  15. I also like the fact that they are working on the script as they film and are not locking themselves into a script which was rushed. that increases my confidence quite a bit. They may also have needed to draw out some of the scenes because of TOO much action. You can only have so much before you become desensatized to it. Perhaps they saw that in their script, so they added a few minutes in between for some character development.

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