Wanted Sequel Already Underway?

Wanted is getting the buzz meter going hard. Anticipation seems to be all over the spectrum ranging from “That looks so cool” to “That’s the dumbest thing I have ever seen” and everywhere in between. Well Univseral is buzzing already and wasting no time getting a sequel underway.

FirstShowing says:

Universal is as confident in this film as I am excited and has already been working on sequels for quite some time. In fact, the writers, Derek Haas and Michael Brandt, first mentioned that they had already been hired for the sequel way back in September of last year. Now Terence Stamp also chimes in to confirm that he’s already planning on returning for more. Excited?

I mean I can only get so excited for a film that I haven’t seen let alone its sequels.

My head swims to see how fast they greenlight sequels on movies like this. Not even out of the gate, and they are planning a sequel? This is different from signing a three movie possibility deal like the XMen cast did. They are not saying that they signed on to a deal that says IF there is a sequel they will be involved. They have been told already its a done deal and to start writing.

Doesn’t that strike you as a little odd? They must have an insane amount of trust to want to get the ball rolling that fast.

Funny that the current trend seems to be adding sequels to long left behind franchises, but in reality they are trying to shorten the gap between sequels.

I know they can generate buzz for a movie, but are you really going to get buzzed about a sequel when you haven’t sampled the first?

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32 thoughts on “Wanted Sequel Already Underway?

  1. @790 You are limiting yourself with your prejudice against movies that you qualify as silly and you wont give it a chance because you have already made up your mind on the snippets (which can be right or wrong) in trailers.

    Don’t like a certain type of movie? Fine. But lots of people MIGHT like that type of movie. I hate the current trend of spoof movies (though I used to love them) but I wont automatically discard something because its a spoof movie even if I don’t have any anticipation for it.

    If enough buzz says its a good movie, even though I chose not to see it because of preference, I may still give it a shot after.

    But I still wont call something SHIT until I know for sure it is. I might choose not to see it, but I wont prejudge.

  2. Rodney, no basis ?
    What do you call viral information and movie trailers ? That’s all the basis i need.

    (If “I” have a problem) with casting, acting, overall story, way they treat original material, over the top law of physics violations, with the exceptions of the genre, and ANY other personal issues I MAY have, I’m gonna tell you… In My Opinion, Wanted falls into this catagory.

    The reason I write my “opinions” isn’t to piss off you or anyone that’s a Wanted fan, I’m targeting the MOVIE INDUSTRY itself.
    Reason……I want better movies! Sorry Jolie fans.

    One thing this sites allows is freedom of expression.
    TheMovieBlog, specifically ties into an industry that dosnt know what the people want most of the time.
    When they get it right they milk it like an oil-well.

    What I’m trying to say is that the MOVIE INDUSTRY is reading this site, use your opinion (READERS) to shape the direction it takes…!
    If fans like Wanted and make it a hit, then there gonna make another one. I am tryng to prevent that!

    Again sorry Morgan Freeman fans.

    I’m not into “Silly action shooters” and I still think “Wanted” looks like shit..;-)

    And its a 112 degrees outside so……… Stay cool!

  3. @790 you should read this site more then.

    There is a BIG difference between expectations and feelings about a movie as opposed to insisting upfront with no basis that it will irrevocably suck.

    There is no desperation, but clearly this movie is going to appeal to some and not others.

    It sounds like your “background in firearms” is interfering in the ability to enjoy a silly action shooter flick. Some people are serious to a fault and ruin things for themselves.

  4. I could have sworn predicting the films outcome and quality is standard operating procedure on this site.

    That’s what trailers are for. I’m really kinda surprised by some of the desperation I’m picking up from some here.
    This is clearly an average action film. Same ol same ol tomb raider fodder.

    Having a background in firearms I felt the bullet gymnastics came accross as comical if not “Hidden Dragon,Crouching Tiger” ish..
    I pray for films like this to bomb! Lifes to short for Bad movies and gas is 5 bucks. :-p

  5. Here is what I don’t get about this flick. It’s supposed to be based off a graphic novel from Top Cow Comics. But here’s the thing……there is no tie in whatsoever in the movie to the comics except some minor details. And as far as I know the comic was about six issues long with no sequel made at all. I know I sound like a fanboy but I really have low expectations for this film. I don’t think it has to be an exact copy of the graphic novel, word for word, or panel to panel. Sigh, I don’t know but if they are thinking about making a sequel I doubt it will be any good.

  6. @ Rodney – you do know that the standard ;) emoticon is meant for playful jabs, right? To each their own with Shrek – I personally think it was written pretty okay, but the animation was subpar. Dreamworks has come along way in the animation department, so it amazes me that they still go to that dumpy clumpy animation style that they use for the Shrek films. It deserves an upgrade, if you ask me. But then you didn’t, you’d rather disregard my comments because you can’t understand what the ;) (wink) emoticon means. Maybe I’ll spell it out from now on.

  7. Rodney, are the scenes in the trailers in the movie?
    Has anyone here ever seen a trailer and said “that’s complete crap” Ok, well same thing.
    I can’t afford to step in crap to see if its crap.

  8. I don’t understand how some people can already be talking shit about this movie even though they haven’t seen it. Everyone at the screening i went to seemed to enjoy it. If your looking for a good action movie with a few laughs then you should definitely go see it and judge for yourself.

  9. I haven’t, but I typically try not to pass judgement on a film until I have seen it. I can express my level of anticipation or expectation, but I wont call it shit unless I see some shit.

    The trailers look like some over the top action fun. And Jolie looking hot with too much eyemakeup.

    Looked good to me. Maybe I am wrong. But I wont know until I see it.

  10. i felt a little excitement when i heard they were already thinking about a sequel and that was after i watched a few wanted trailers. i think the movie looks cool as hell.

    but this is coming from a guy on weekends who looks forward to his next sequel… i mean meal right after lunch.

  11. @790, It sounds like you are already prejudging this film you haven’t even seen. You already have decided its shit and if it turns out to be a decent flick you will already discredit it.

    @Jeremy, by your logic we should disregard anything YOU say if we disagree with your presumption that Shrek was “ugly animation”. I liked the first Shrek and consider it animation gold. So I guess everything you say is now wrong?

    Just sayin.

  12. “Only truly classic ones are the original Shrek, Finding Nemo & Ratatouille.”

    With that one statement, Sir Jig-A-Lot, I have to disregard everything else you’ve said. Shrek a classic? If you like ugly animation. ;)

    Anyway, This is a summer that’s completely overloaded with comic book/action movies, and a few of them are going to end up falling to the wayside. It’s a matter of logistics – movies are what, $10 average to go see? Factor in gas prices, people are going to be frugal, especially fanboys who are saving up for their weekly fix of the four color lady. (it’s the only lady most of them get…) As a fanboy with a family, I’m leaving Wanted in the rental pile, taking the kid to see Wall-E and saving the rest of my summer movie money for Dark Knight , Clone Wars and probably Hellboy. Wanted will bomb, but will be, to quote Curly Howard, a “victim of circumstance”

    The fact that a sequel is already greenlit makes total sense – studio execs are probably dying to lock down another movie where Angelina walks around wearing next to nothing.

  13. @probitionate, I appologize for my “limited view”. Here at the movie blog we only hire lowlife degenerates who instead of being entrenched in the hollywood machine like to talk about movies like a common everyday guy.

    I hope you eventually forgive us for being human and having an average joe outlook on hollywood instead of being pompous elitist journalists.

  14. Must be a great party.

    I wasn’t sure how this film would turn out because it’s sooo over the top and the Night Watch series didn’t do that much for me other than the visuals but I’ve read very positive reviews so now I’m excited.

  15. “They must have an insane amount of trust to want to get the ball rolling that fast.”

    Well, I wouldn’t use the word ‘trust’. There are entire divisions of studios geared for strategy and plans of action. Not that it’s a science, of course. If it was… Well, as Goldman said, ‘Nobody knows anything.’

    “Funny that the current trend seems to be adding sequels to long left behind franchises, but in reality they are trying to shorten the gap between sequels.”

    They’d like to shorten the gap between EVERYTHING. (Including the theatrical release date and the DVD/rental release date. And as theatrical ticket sales make up less and less of the revenue pie, as peoples’ viewing habits shift all the more to non-cinema viewing, simultaneous releases are coming.) A more consistent revenue flow is the aim. Imagine being able to plan and harvest crops endlessly, no ‘fallow’ periods. A capitalist’s dream.

    “I know they can generate buzz for a movie, but are you really going to get buzzed about a sequel when you haven’t sampled the first?”

    You’re looking at this from a very limited point-of-view, that of someone who writes for/frequents a film site. That’s not the point-of-view at work in these decisions. Maybe you guys need to interview someone from a studio. To get a better grasp of how all of these inner machinations work. (And also allow you to loosen the proprietorial grip many have on the ‘biz’ as discussed here.)

  16. Lame = somebody who cannot spell divorce.

    I can see Wanted doing well overseas. Only in North America is it opening up against kids flick Wall*E. I picture a lot of dads going to see Wanted while they stick it to their wives/baby mamas to take the brats to see Wall*E.

    Personally, I find this whole animated schtick tired & corporately driven (due to product placement or tie-ins) . Also very tired are the “guest” celeb voices. I’m not saying Wall*E will suck, quite the contrary, but the whole cute CGI grates after a while. you have to wade through ten crap ones before you get one memorable one. Only truly classic ones are the original Shrek, Finding Nemo & Ratatouille.

  17. I agree with Vic on this one, and look forward to bashing this PoS “film”.
    (Havnt seen Vic use the WTF in months, ;-). )

    This looks like one of those “Scary Movie” scripts.
    Call it “Action Movie”

    And what’s with Jolie and that look she plays off. Is It all about her lips and tatts?
    I seriously think Pitt is retarded, he could have had anybody and he’s chained to that. Hahaha. (She’s gotta be so high maintenace).
    The divorse is going to sell alot of tabloids.
    (She’s so wicked fugly).

    I expect this to bomb hard. Maybe 20mil if its lucky..

    Sequel yeah right.

  18. No you can’t Rodney, and this really annoys me. Why do studios blab about sequels before the money has started to come in on the first film? They just look like idiots if and when the first one flops. All Universal had to do was wait another week and some and then they could shout it from the highest peak, if its a hit.

    Sounds like the film is going to split people right down the middle anyway.

  19. This movie is frenetic, ridiculous and awesome. Think Smoking Aces/Shoot ‘Em Up craziness combined with, naturally, Night Watch thrown in there. Matrix comparisons are easy because of the “bullet time”, but that’s the only similarity.

    Back to point, planning for a sequel isn’t surprising. It’s Hollywood. Everything is a genesis for a franchise.

  20. LOL, I can’t wait for my review to come out next week so people can go ballistic on me.

    I thought it was TRYING to be The Matrix, but except for the one scene towards the end where our hero is running through the factory, it didn’t cut it.

    If you like the camera being jarred and whipped around so fast that you can’t even tell WTF is going on during action scenes then this is the movie for you.


  21. I actually caught a screening of Wanted tonight in Manhattan and i have to say that this movie really stepped up the bar when it comes to action in movies. I got the same feeling watching the action in this movie as i did when i first saw The Matrix. It just felt new and fresh compared to other action movies that have come out in the past few years. The cast was great and i have to say that one of the best things about this movie was the pace of it. I would love to see a sequel to this movie and i recommend that everyone goes out to see it when it comes out next week.

  22. I saw it yesterday and was pretty disappointed.

    Went in looking for a kick-ass action flick but it was so high-energy extreme that it seemed to be trying way to hard to impress while acting like it wasn’t.


  23. I think we’re at a point where the public is so decision-lazy that they rely on others to dictate what is considered “quality entertainment”. Look at the indifference given to Hancock for the last few months, but lately they’ve started pushing the movie at Best Buy and heavy advertising and suddenly the buzz is that this movie looks great.

    So essentially, if they put enough into marketing Wanted 2 then people will watch it no matter how good or bad it is.

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