Keanu Reeves Talks Bill & Ted Sequel and Remake

Let me preface this post by reminding you that April Fools Day is over. I can’t make this shit up. Keanu Reeves was caught talking about a Bill and Ted Sequel, and he might even be serious.

/film quotes Keanu himself:

“I hear they’re doing a remake,” Reeves said of the movie that launched him to fame. “[Alex Winter and I spoke] on the phone the other day [about it]. We’re great friends.

“The most serious we ever got was a few years ago,” he confessed of a hitherto unknown third film. “I had once mentioned about doing it when we were 40. Now maybe the only shot we have is to do it when we’re 50.”

Now it looks like the guys at MovieHole have an update on the remake

The “phone” is “funkier.” I’m guessing this means cell phone > phone booth. (LAME.) The new Bill and Ted are 10th graders. They meet snooze-worthy historical figures like Ghandi and Calamity Jane. Remake has fewer “Whoa”’s. (LAME). “Cool and hip” references aplenty including a “we’re going to miss The Dark Knight!” scene. Wyld Stallions? No, this time it’s the “Atomic Gorillas.” (LAME.) Worthy? The site says it mostly depends on who they cast. Bummer.

Personally I would LOVE to see a movie with a grown up Bill and Ted acting less juvenile. A grown up rock idol comedy in this twisted world where their laid back attitude was to bring about world peace would actually be pretty funny.

Maybe I am just glossing over just how fromage the originals were, but I caught the less funny sequel on tv a month or so ago and I enjoyed it. Its silly, but the 80s can do no wrong by me no matter how bad they are.

Keanu. A Wyld Stallions reunion is overdue. Veto the direct to dvd project and do your own.

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8 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves Talks Bill & Ted Sequel and Remake

  1. You know, I think times are ripe for a movie like this. While it would undoubtedly be a shift in gears for Keanu at this point in his career, I don’t think it would be the catastrophe his agent seems to think it would be. We could see the guys, older and wiser, taking on almost zen-like personae. They could touch on modern societal issues like global warming, energy prices, the financial crisis and tackle them all with nothing but the old tag line, “be excellent to each other.” The movie could never take itself too seriously, but in an indirect, comical way, it could honestly deliver a pretty powerful message (kind of like the original).

  2. you don’t understand, slushie man…bill and ted is a classic, and forever will be. them filmin this is ridiculous. it dirives me up a fucking wall. bill s. preston, esquire, and ted theodore logan cannot be replaced. if they aren’t gonna use them, DON’T MAKE A NEW MOVIE!!!!!!

  3. @Slushie Man,
    Are you even a fan of the original or were you to young (or old) to appreciate the brillance of Bill & Ted’s entertainment value?
    Telling us to wake up for the valid disgruntled displeasures is not for lack of understanding. We understand. It’s an attempt to update something that doesn’t need to be updated.
    And really what’s the point? This flick is going straight to DVD where almost no one will watch it and even less will realize it’s a remake because of the lame changes.

    Personally, I refuse to recongize this bastard of a film.

    I would like to see a 3rd movie with Bill & Ted. A little more grown up and yes, as KC said, discouraged because they haven’t been resposible for World Peace. I can even see the title working too. :)

  4. Ok, I really don’t understand the people bitching about the changes. Wake the fuck up, it’s 2008, not the 1980’s. OBVIOUSLY there will have to be some changes to accommodate th current time.

    It’s like when people bitched about Transformers using modern cars instead of the ones from the 1980’s. And remake or second sequel…either way it can’t be any worse then the horrible first sequel.

  5. Oh come on, Rod! Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey was great from the start. Even if Bill Sadler stole the movie as a “Seventh Seal” Death. I loved it far better than the first.

    I agree, however, that it might be interesting to see a Bill and Ted grown up, and y’know what? KC called it! That’s a great title! I could not agree more. Bill & Ted’s Wonderful World. Got a ring to it.

    ‘Sides, Alex Winters needs a gig.

    As far as “remake” goes….I can sort of understand it, but I sort of…don’t. The Wyld Stallions must live on in the remake. Atomic Gorillas *is lame*. I’m not too botherd by the lack of whoas. I don’t want carbon copies of Reeves or Winters. I don’t want a carbon copy of George Carlin. They would have to do a fresh take on it.

    But they’d have to keep the Stallions. That omission is sacrilege.

    Also, why Ghandi? I’d try for John Lennon or Jimi Hendrix myself. Wouldn’t you?

  6. Ya know, if they did a third movie right it might be OK… I wouldn’t want them doing the lil air guitar thing, but yeah a grown up look at the characters might be cool. Maybe WS had broken up after not achieving world peace and all of a sudden Rufus shows up, gets the band back together and we’re off and running. And maybe Bill has actually gone to law school and earned the esquire… Bill and Ted’s Wonderful World.

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